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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alx Man

Cho'gath Meat Shield

Alx Man Last updated on February 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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How would you like to have 9,915 - 11,175 HP and do 326.3 - 351.5 damage per hit? If that sounds interesting to you then this is the guide to follow.

If you're looking for more magic resistance instead of strait Damage and HP, use my other Cho'gath build.

Cho'gath is a pretty simple champion to use, but still takes practice to perfect. Something I had to learn the hard way is that Cho isn't too impressive off the get go. You still need to play conservatively until you get a decent amount of health. About half way through the game your enemies will run from you if they are alone, every time.

It works, I promise. Even when I lost I still had a great kill/death spread. The one match I had with a negative, I had 11 assists.

Sorry for the bad quality, it was taken on my phone.

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Not too hard to figure out... As much health as possible. The runes that give you X amount of health per level are the best by far, so you should get them instead of the flat amount runes.

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All the masteries in my build are to help you be a better tank, they work pretty well for most meat shields but not all.

21 points will go into defense and 9 into offence. If you're not level 30 yet then this is the order I suggest getting your masteries.

Resistance (2/3)
Hardness (2/3)
Evasion (4/4)
Harden Skin (3/3)
Resistance (3/3)
Veteran's Scars (4/4)
Ardor (3/3)
Hardness (3/3)
Deadliness (3/3)
Archmage's Savvy
Sorcery (4/4)
Archaic Knowledge

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From the get go I suggest The Regrowth Pendant, it will give you a good amount of health regeneration to stay in the lane to get some gold. You'll have enough gold left to get a Heath Potion too, but Cho's passive gives him health and mana for everything he kills so you may not need it.

Heart of Gold is the next item you should acquire, it'll give you some health and armor but more importantly 5 extra gold every 10 seconds. This will help you get your other items faster. You will eventually sell this to get your last Warmog's Armor.

Boots of Swiftness will give you some much needed movement speed, not only will this help you escape bad situations but it will also help you run down fleeing enemies to Feast on.

Leviathan may not seem all that great based off of it's starting stats, but it stacks. You'll gain even more health for every kill (2 stacks) and assist (1 stack) and once you get to 20 stacks you'll take 15% less damage!

Atma's Impaler will give you armor and some critical chance, but the key here is the passive ability. This item will take 2% of your max health and add it to your damage!

Warmog's Armor (3) MASSIVE health boost and health regeneration. It will also stack with kills and assists, but I'm not sure if all of them will stack or just one. If you know the answer, please leave me a comment. :)

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Skill Sequence

Rupture will be your primary tool for pretty much anything. It knocks your enemies into the air and does pretty good damage too. It's essential to get really good about it's timing and placement, i can save your life, your allies, and even score you a couple kills. Get it first and level it as fast as possible.

Vorpal Spikes is a passive attack that you can toggle on and off. It does magical damage in a strait line in front of you while you attack. The only time I suggest turning it off is when you're taking down a tower. If an enemy champion is behind the tower and the Vorpal Spikes touch them the tower will automatically target you instead of the minions, causing you more damage than necessary. This should be leveled right behind Rupture as your number two spell. You will need to get Feral Scream at level four though, it does come in handy.

Feral Scream, like I said, should be learned at level four but shouldn't be leveled past that until you have nothing else to level. Feral Scream will deal magic damage to all enemies in a cone shape as well as silence them for a short time period. It's a handy tool, but doesn't do enough damage for me to set it as a priority.

Feast is amazing. It is what make Cho'gath feared. It does a large deal of damage to a unit or champion ignoring its magic resist. If the move kills the unit Cho'gath grows giving him additional health, stacks up to a max of six times. If you don't know when to use it on an enemy champion simply scroll over Feast to see how much damage it currently does and then click on the enemy champion to see their health. Obviously use Feast when the damage will exceed their current life. If you don't have that much time and you're close to death, just use it... It tends to send them running. :)

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Summoner Spells

Teleport and Ghost.

Teleport will help you aid your allies by being able to get closer to them, although you can't Teleport to them specifically you can port to any friendly minion or tower. If you ported to the nearest spot and still need to cover some ground faster, use Ghost too.

Ghost can be used as a get-a-way device or an attacking mechanism. Obviously just use it to run away faster or active it to sprint to near death enemies to Feast on. With the massive amount of health Cho'gath can have you can even tower dive on a near death champion to munch on and get out alive.

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Creeping / Jungling

I've never tried jungling with Cho'gath, but I can't imagine it's a good idea. Someone should let me know though. :p

I highly suggest getting blue buff as much as possible, because nothing in this build gives you more mana or mana regeneration to speak of and all Cho'gaths spells take quite a bit.

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My Cho'gath Strategy

From the start get your items and take your lane. As I mentioned earlier Cho'gath isn't too impressive to start, so don't be reckless. You can go in any lane with Cho'gath, even solo mid or a side lane if you have a jungle champion. Try to kill as many minions as possible without taking too much damage and save your mana for the champions. As soon as you reach level six start Feasting and minions and if possible champions, the faster you get your six stacks, the better. Keep in mind that if you die you will lose 1/3 of your stack on feast and your item stacks, so staying alive is essential.

After you get Leviathan start jumping in on some team fights, even assists with get you stacks. This is where Teleport comes in handy, you can stay in your lane and gain experiance and gold but pop into help your allies for a couple assists. You'll gain stacks fast in late game team fights, but you'll want to have as many as possible before you get there.

When it comes to rushing the enemy base, be the first one in. You will take damage, but with up to 10,000 HP who cares?? Late game there is no need to wait for minions to take tower damage for you. If you have the support of your team, you can take the hits from the towers so the team can tear them down.

In a team fight you'll need to focus on a couple things. First off if an ally is low on HP and trying to get away use Rupture to knock up and slow down pursuing enemies. If everyone is "fine" try to keep your enemies off balance. Use Rupture to knock up the enemy champions physical damage champions and use Feral Scream to silence the ability based ones. If you ever see an enemy champion with low HP, try to swallow them. Even if it doesn't kill them, they'll be hurting and probably trying to run away.

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When you finish the build with all the runes, skills, and items you should have 9,375 - 10,275 HP and 315.5 - 333.5 damage!!!

Just keep this in mind... You will be a meat shield for your team mates, you are meant to suck up the damage for your allies. You wont always get the kills, but you will be a BIG (no pun intended) part of your teams success.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me in a comment, and of course if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.