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League of Legends Build Guide Author patsoundz

Cho'Gath no warmogs, but speed to feast

patsoundz Last updated on September 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is simple but terribly effective. You'll get to roughly 4k health with lots of both magic ang physical armor and a little AP to boost your spells. They are always one inch from being feasted.... not with this build cuz the Force of Nature item will give you that little extra speed you need to EAT THEM ALL! I'll explain how to easy 2vs 1 when needed, how to manage your ultimate and believe it or not, i regularly do 0 deaths many kills ranked games with it. My elo isnt more then 1400, but hey!!! it's always because of the noobs! lol

The first feasts dont necessarly need to be on ennemy champions. The goal is to get 6 feasts for your health will increase a lot. Since it's a low cooldown spell, dont hesitate feasting minions for your stacks but it's very important u have the spell ready when ganking or engaging. It's a major true damage spell ( 300, 500 and 800 damage).

Q, W, R. The Q will throw ennemies in the air and slow them so they can better feel you. The W is my favorite spell and the 1st I take. It does good damage but it's major advantage is silencing the ennemy. It's fun seeing someone running at you, but then doesnt know what to do since he's silenced. It's also a great spell to interrupt others like Miss Fortune's ult or Nunu's one. So dont be scared as your a tank.... jump in and silence them so u can cancel a deadly ennemy ultimate. Your team maybe wont thank you but you'll know you saved their ***. The R is deadly. Specially at last level doing 800 true damage + approximatly half of your AP. Usually if u engage someone who's like half health with the Q then the W, when comes to the R you'll see your name on the top saying you just did a kill and you'll probably hear something like RAMPAGE, G-G-God like or even LLLLLEGENDARY.

Do never forget that Cho restores life and a little mana when killing anything. That is very important specially early game to get minion kills and it will have an effect similar as lifestealing. This is why as a second spell i take the vorpal spikes "E" to get easier minion kills. And... a little gold out of every minion kill aint bad 2!

2 vs 1 EASY...
First of all, when laning 2 vs 1, the goal aint to get ennemy kills, it's to get over XP while your bro does jungle XP. SO TOWER HUG! Don't even leave that tower for a minion kill, wait for them to come. The Q,W combo instantly kills the last 3 minions. So you wait for the minions to come to the tower and you use all your spells to quickly kill all minions so your tower doesnt take damage.Don't wate spells on ennemy champions... you'll just get oom faster. When there's a minion wave with the 7th stronger minion.... feast (R) eats him one shot. Doing 2vs 1 is great for Cho cuz you'll get to 6 feasts and roughly 3k gold after like 15-20 minutes. Then you simply tell your jungling friend that soon enough you'll need to go buying. Doing that, you'll get to more XP then your mid partner, you'll have a clear advantage both on gold and level ups.

Depending on if your facing heavy magic damage or heavy physical damage, the sequence will be modified. Your inventory should be MERCURY BOOTS, for it's 30% less time snared or stunned, FORCE OF NATURE to complete your 1st regrowth pendant, for it's magic resist and please... the speed boost remember! SUNFIRE CAPE, facing heavy physical go for it first and a RYLAI'S SCEPTER for it's health, AP bosst on your spells and slowing effect. The rest is yours, i usually go for a second CAPE or a BANSHHE'S VEIL for it's GREAT negative spell block every 30 sec (blocks Karthus ultimate or anything every 30 sec... think about this... how many 30 sec are there in a 50 minute game?

I start with the scream "W" then the "E" for easier minion kills, then "Q" and then i always boost the Scream "W" because without AP it's the strongest spell after your ultimate feast.

People tend to think only noobs use clarity. I only take it as Cho Gath. It gives you extra time on the field as you'll always be oom (out of mana) with Cho Gath. Specially when laning 2 vs 1, clarity will be more then welcomed.

Probably my favorite overall spell. I dont use it to retreat, I use it to attack! Some dumb ennemy is staying by his turret low life... hit ghost and go feast him EASY. I'll just repeat it.... use ghost offensivly, hopefully not defensivly. It can also be useful to run and save your feast stacks but let's hope you never need it that way.

So my summoner name is Patsoundz, if you see me as Cho on the field... RUN... ohhh... I forgot... i run faster then you!