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League of Legends Build Guide Author dohplay


dohplay Last updated on December 27, 2010
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Cho'Gath How to play a proper Tank

Lets get a few things straight. This is my first build so any constructive criticism is appreciated. Last thing I need is a bunch bunch of trolls so, here goes! I'll try my best.

Important Stuff

Now, a few details as to how my build works. I took flash and ghost cause they're both very useful mobility skills. Cho'Gath really isn't mana hungry for clarity nor should he be dying for health when his passive is already a perfect heal and mana potion. The real use of flash and ghost is to basically chase enemy heroes. If an enemy hero has one of those close calls basically you tower dive with ghost and just when you have enough range you flash in and eat them. Most summoners usually have atleast one mobility type of summoner spell whether its flash or ghost, but since you should have both then you should be fast no doubt about it unless the enemy is Yi/MF with ghost then its kind of hard to outrun them, but any hero without some kind of speed skill or teleporting skill then you should be able to move faster than them and take them out.

Also, during laning phase its vital that you are last hitting creeps or getting constant amount of creep kills. Healing and mana regeneration through your passive is a great way to keep laning. For example if you just killed the two opposing laning heroes and you basically have one tenth of your health left you can easily build it back up simply by killing enemy creeps.

Last and final important thing about Cho'Gath. For some reason the only way that I see any build thrive is if you eat creeps with your ultimate as soon as its ready. Building the six feast stacks A.S.A.P. is vital to Cho'Gath's survivability and tanking abilities. Eating as soon as you can should be applied to any build as well, until you hit six stacks.

Item Build

All of my items are seen as tank items. My build allows you to have a well balance between magic resistance and normal armor and as well as a nice amount of health.

Dorans Ring: Some might think why... why would you take this you aren't ap! Well you're dumb, I take doran's ring mainly for the reason of mana regeneration. It gives a small amount of ap and I did say that you can build all your mana and health back through your passive, but if you notice his passive's mana feedback isn't as high as his health. Your spells are also very costly at the start and can easily bring your mana to 0 through 3 or 4 spells.

Aegis of the Legion: This item is actually really optional. I choose it because its cheap and it supports well with your teammates and you. If you want you could also choose between warmogs, but the only reason I don't choose warmogs is that you become an easy subject to madreds blood razor. Having an excessive 4.5k health can have you take a tremendous amount of damage through blood razor. Even if you have a lot of magic resist it'll cause that "balance," of armor and magic resistance to fall. Where as Aegis of the Legion gives everything you and your team needs. Some health, armor, magic resist, and a tiny bit of damage to you and your surrounding teammates.

Guardian Angel: This item is extremely vital to Cho'Gath! Even though you're a beefed up tank that seems like you can never be brought down still has the chances of dying. You could actually switch Guardian Angel with Aegis of the Legion and have Guardian Angel your third item after mercury treads. It could go both ways depending on how you're doing. I say if you're dying a lot and you need to keep those stacks up, then rush Guardian Angel right after mercury treads. This way, you can build up your stacks as well as have a good balance of armor and magic resistance, but in the opposite case. Aegis of the Legion should be bought first as its a well support for your team.

Thornmail and Banshees Veil: Now, these two items are always swap worthy. Take a good look at your scoreboard and see if the opposing team is majority of magic damage or physical damage. Or if the enemy team is dealing major heavy magic damage or physical damage. Those of you who don't understand where I'm going with this then if the enemy team is dealing a majority of magical damage (usually the case), then its better to get banshees veil before thornmail. In the opposite case that the enemy has more physical damage I recommend getting thornmail first as it provides a heavy amount of armor. Either way, depends mostly on the opposing team.

Dorans Ring?: Usually I don't get that far, but you can sell your dorans ring in the end to exchange it for something better. Its purely optional as if you sell it or not, but I would recommend getting a Quicksilver Sash just to add a nice cleanse for you, or force of nature. Basically anything with some more magic resistance so you can fill in that missing gap. I personally would take force of nature.


Phase 1: Laning

So basically at the start you just want to build up some exp. Stay in the lane as much as possible so that you can hit level 6 A.S.A.P. so you can start those stacks. As I said in the "Important Stuff" topic its vital that you are getting creep kills. If you are good at last hitting it won't really matter if the enemy is auto attacking you because you can simply just heal yourself through your passive.

When you hit level 2 its smart to start harassing with the rupture and feral scream combo. Basically you hit them up in the air with rupture and you use feral scream while they're in mid air and you can hit them around a bit after they land and they are slowed. Try not to use all your mana at once. You should keep atleast enough mana for one rupture as its useful for ganking and useful for escaping as long as you have good timing. Keep hitting those creeps to regenerate your health and your mana so you can constantly harass.

Phase 2: Ganking/Farming

After you hit level 6 I recommend that you are still laning until you have atleast 2 or 3 stacks so you're pretty beefy. Usually if you have a jungler then they should be ganking by now and you should just be using the same rupture feral scream combo to help support the gank. If you want you can always last hit the enemy hero by eating them so that you gain a stack and money.

If you want to gank then theres really no problem to it. You just have to have a good timing with your rupture and the gank should be a success. Also try using the ghost tower dive and flash eating technique if they are ever in the situation that they are escaping.

Phase 3: Finale?

Basically by now laning phase is done so everyone is 5v5 down middle lane or something. You should have 6 stacks by now and well on your way to being a crazy tank. You're basically a very vital tank to your team. A good thing when you have 6 stacks is you make a good meatshield. I've been constantly ignited and exhausted by accident from many enemy heroes as I'm just too big and I block all of my squishy teamates view. You should be like any tank and be taking a lot of damage and denying access to the squishies because you should be in the front of the group.

I'm done?

Theres not much more to say on this build so thats pretty much it. I will edit it and change it as I get some constructive criticism.

Thanks for reading,