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Cho'Gath Build Guide by XxXSymbolicXxX

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxXSymbolicXxX

Cho'Gath, the King of Solo Top

XxXSymbolicXxX Last updated on July 28, 2011
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1. Introduction:

Welcome everyone, my name is XxXSymbolicXxX, a not well known player, but I’m here for now quite a while, and understand the mechanics of the game pretty well. I am writing this guide to share some thoughts about the champion, that I nowadays play the most on ranked games, and I think one of the most strongest tanks in the game. So, here is my Cho’Gath guide

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2. About Cho’Gath:

First of all, you must know, what is your goal with Cho’Gath and what you must do to be a successfull member of your team. Cho’Gath is played most of the times on TANK role, I also saw a few players, who plays him as an AP champ, but I think, if you play Cho on AP, you just ruin one of the strongest (if not the strongest) tank, that ever existed in the League of Legends. With AP build, you lose a LOT of HP, armor, magic resist and you will be easily killable. Maybe you will do a ton of damage, but you will also have a HUGE amount of damage if you play him as a tank. You will be unkillable, untouchable and you will be a HUGE threat to the enemy team. You just can’t ignore a 5k HP, 250 armor, 200 magic resist tank, who is actually dealing tons of damage, silences and „stuns”, and don’t forget the best part, the ultimate, which is a nuke, what deals TRUE DAMAGE. What does it takes to achieve all what I mentioned before? This is what this guide is all about.

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3. Runes:

Mostly you will need here tank runes, but as for Marks, it is pretty recommended to run Magic Penetration Marks, that will give your skills a nice penetrating bonus on the enemies. Although you can use also HP marks here if you want to be more tanky. As for Seals, I like to go with the Armor Seals, this will make you more tanky, and gives you a nice adventage early to reduce the amounts of damage you can receive from aggressive champions and of course, from minions. On Glyphs, I run flat Magic Resistance, this is very good vs Magic oriented champions, and also gives you a nice boost for the entire game, because Cho lacks a bit of magic resistance imo. For Quintessences, I run flat HP Quents, because they give you even more sustainability, 76 HP plus is very nice early on. I saw HP regen quents and even Speed quents on Cho, but you don’t need regeneration as long as you last hits well (and thats a crucial part of Cho’Gath), and HP is just better at early game than that little speed bonus.

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4. Masteries & Spells:

I run standard 0-21-9 AP/Tank runes on Cho’Gath taking up Nimbleness, Veteran Scars, Ardor and Tenacity on Defense, and 9 points on Utility including Spatual Accuracy, Awaraness (a MUST HAVE on solo lane) and 1 point on Utility Mastery. With these masteries you will be even tankier. 9 point on the offensive tree can also be charming, because it includes CD reduction and spell penetration, but don’t be fooled. Cho is an Ability Power tank, you need the utility tree much more than the offensive tree, and also don’t forget that you will play on solo lane, so the XP bonus masteries are a MUST HAVE.

I use Teleport and Flash as summoner Spells, Teleport helps you to travel quickly through the map and is a very good spell as a solo laner, while Flash is quite usefull for escaping hot situations or chase and ult down a low hp enemy for example. Other viable spells are Exhaust, Ghost or Fortify.

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5. Skill Sequence:

Start off with Rupture and max it out first, Scream stays on the second place and put 1 point on Vorpal Spikes at lvl 4. Rupture is your first spammable AoE dmg spell, you must learn to use this perfectly on moving targets (first of all on champions). With this, you will need to think with the enemy’s brain: What will happen if you cast a rupture BEHIND an enemy. The enemy will think this: „Oh my god, I must run!” Thats why you ALWAYS lands it behind the enemy, except if you need to escape, in that case you must use this UNDER you. This needs some training for proper using, but it’s not that hard to learn and master. At lvl 5, you can (and also recommended for better harassing and minion killing (cs)) start to land rupture under the caster minions, followed by a scream on them, this kills them nearly instantly, cost not that much mana and after that, you can focus more easily at the melee and cannon minions. With vorpal spikes u can farm minions even easier, or attack nasty enemy champions sometimes for a 70-80 dmg on them, what is pretty remarkable I think. Your ultimate, Feast, is the best part in Cho’Gath. Your primaly objective is to get this up at 6 stacks as fast as you can, THAN use it on champions first of all, but if it’s needed you can use it on the Dragon, on Baron Nashor or at the buffs. If you die, you must regain your stacks as fast as possible.

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6. Items:

As for Cho’Gath you will need the bonus mana regeneration in early game, because your mana is pretty low here, the plus AP and Health is also very good, so a Doran’s Ring is a good start. After that your core items will be Catalyst the Protector and the Boots of Speed as well as 2 Wards. Catalyst helps you to regenerate mainly your mana, but also helps on your HP if you somehow gets low. After this, the Mercury Treads helps always to withstand any CC and gives some magic resist also. Rod of Ages or Banshee’s Veil is the next item builded from the Catalyst, situation dependant what you will need. Frozen Heart is a MUST HAVE item for Cho’Gath, it gives you 99 armor, what makes you really strong vs AD champions, gives you a nice 500 mana bonus pool, what is really good, because Cho’Gath is very mana hungry if you spamm your skills, and also the CD reduction comes very handy! Your next goal is to keep your stacks and you alive with some armor and magic resist buff, so a Guardian Angel is a perfect choice! At this point it also helps your team if you get an Oracle’s Elixir and clear the map from the enemy’s wards. Now you have 2 last items to pick (cause you can sell your Doran’s Ring) You must study the statistics window to determinate what is the strongest threat in the enemy team. AD? Go for Thornmail! AP? Get a Banshee's Veil if you haven't done yet! Both of them? Than the Aegis of the Legion is your best choice! You have to determinate this yourself.

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7. Laning with Cho’Gath:

Okay this is the most important phase as a Cho’Gath player. You MUST know what your goals are. As Cho’Gath, you REALLY NEED that solo top lane, because you outfarm 98% of the champions you can encounter and that is what you are capable off. Cho’Gath has the best survivalability in the game and you possess the best laning skills as possible as a farmer AND also a killer! You main part is to outfarm EVERYONE in the game, you HAVE TO do this if you want to be succesfull in the match. My best record was 400 minion in a 40 min long game and I also snatched in 10 kills with only 1 death. I was unkillable with this stats in the mid/late game.

Start off with a Doran’s Ring. This will give you more HP, mana regen, what Cho lacks a bit in early game and some AP, that boost your skills damage. It is really import to complettly ignore the enemy champion on your lane and focus only on the minions! Don’t care with the enemy, they CAN’T hurt you. If they do, your minions avenge it and on long terms he will lose cs, mana, and so on. They want to stop you farming. But they don’t have the power to do it, because your passive regenerates all the hp and mana you will need, just last hit well. After lvl 5 start using rupture and scream in combination on the caster minions, this helps you much in the farming. This will be also your core combination to harass the enemy champion.

Although, you will have most of the times a huge problem on the top, and that is why you would be very bad on the middle lane. Before lvl 6, it is REALLY likely that the enemy jungler will come for you to stop your farming and IN MOST OF THE TIMES TO KILL YOU. This is the phase, where it is the most possible you will die, IF you aren’t aware enough or your team doesn’t help you with constant cv-ing your river bush. But 7 times out of 10 you will die anyway. It’s truly not that hard to overextend yourself as an unkillable farming monster, and than suddenly comes a Udyr or a Xin Zhao pops up and you just die... That’s frustrating a bit. Even with constant cv-ing this event can happen and it’s very likely to happen. So be EXTREMELY carefull! On mid lane your chances would be 2 times higher to get ganked, that’s why you should NEVER play on mid lane. After shopping you SHOULDN’T die, because you will have WARDS, whose are your best friends vs Junglers.

On lvl 6, start feasting on the minions, that’s your primaly purpose with feast, if you see that your enemy goes under 600-500 HP, you can risk a full combo on him, but try this only if you are sure that this will kill him, or else it will be an ultimate what you have wasted. If the enemy used 1 or more better 2 summoner skills, the next time you will most likely kill him, in this case it’s worthed your ultimate, because it has a fairly low cooldown on it.

When you acquired 1825 gold you should port back and buy a Catalyst, Boots of Speed and 2 Wards, than teleport back at top instantly. Try to lose the least XP and gold as possible when you are doing this. Place down a ward at the river bend, NOT in the river bush, place it instead near the wall to the right (the wall of Baron Nashor). You place it there, because with this you will see when the enemy jungler comes to gank you from their jungle and you also see your Y shaped bush where the enemy can also invade you in some extreme situations. So place it between the 2 bushes and refresh it, when it goes off! With catalyst, you will never run out of mana so you can spam your combination of rupture and scream more confidently on the caster minions. When you are on 6 stacks of feast, it’s hightime to harass your opponent and in the most cases KILL HIM. When you killed him or just forced him to port home push the turret and win the lane. One more thing about soloing with top. You should NEVER leave your lane as long as you aren’t destroyed the enemy’s turret. Don’t GANK, this is the junglers job. You also don’t need ganks, only in some real specific cases (about these we will talk later). You should do everything on this lane alone. The farming, the killing, the tower pushing. There’s only 1 exception: If your team does the dragon and need you to secure it. Than port at a ward there and than hurry back to top.

Summarizing all together:

- Get the highest farm on the minions as possible.
- Survive with maximum 1 death and kill the enemy top laner or at least force him to leave his lane and destroy the tower.
- Ignore the enemy as long as you aren’t ready to fight him/her face to face. Don’t waste mana on him/her if it’s not needed.
- Help the team in dragon fight(s) if you are needed.

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8. Middle Game:

In this phase you should sit on approximately 170-200 minion kills, won the top and have at least 1-2 kills. Now you should build your catalyst into Rod of Ages which gives you more HP/Mana/AP, you’ll need all of these. If the enemy is really caster heavy (4-5 casters) you should build the catalyst into a Banshee’s Veil. Start building or if you are in a very good shape finish the building of the Frozen Heart, it is a very good item for a mana hungry champ, what Cho is. Even in this phase you should farm as much as you can, try to hold the top tower as long as you can and the most important from now on MOVE WITH YOUR TEAM, THEY NEED YOU! With such a farmed tank as you are, you should able to win almost any team fights. Land on any of the enemy champs a rupture and initiate to the team fight. If someone gets to low hp, Feast him! In the most cases your skills are just complettly destroying the enemy team, a knock up AoE „stun” and an AoE silence, that is just to much to handle. If they focus you, you should survive, and the team tears apart anyone. However in the most cases the enemy is not that stupid to focus you, so they will likely run away as long as they don’t have a clear adventage or just run by your side at your team. You CANNOT allow this. Now you need to lay down pinpoint accurate ruptures and screams at the enemy’s most dangerous targets: The champions with much CC effects, the AD and AP carries, or you should just simply focus out the support, this is really situation dependant. You should also buy an oracle’s elixir and start to clear off the enemy wards from the map. After Frozen Heart get a Guardian Angel. NOW the enemy will really fear from you and they really won’t like to attack you, because you are simply UNTOUCHABLE AND UNKILLABLE. If your team don’t f.cks up a team fight or you wont make a fatal mistake, you will most likely win this. You can easily tank out every team fight, take dragon and baron also. They will not have the power to kill you all five. Force Baron fights, get kills, get feed, that’s your and your team’s goal.

However! You are not invulnerable, if the enemy team catch you in a 5v1, you will die really fast, lose 3 Feast stacks (you must recover these fast) and your team loses the biggest adventage they have: CC and an untouchable tank. If you get in such a situation, that’s your fault. You are the tank. It is YOU who lead your team to fights, it is YOU, who must know when to strike AND to retreat! If your team dies, it’s in 90% YOUR fault. Tanking needs some responsibility and the ability to know WHEN to fight, recognize the best chance to initiate. WAIT for the enemy team to make a mistake than crush them with your adventage. You should not forget this. This is a very important rule, not only with Cho, with all the tanks.

Summarizing all together:

- Continue the minion killing and get fed in the team fights.
- Lead your team in team fights with confidence, don’t engage in fight, whats overcome is not clear, fight only with adventage. Focus out the most dangerous targets of the enemy team.
- Get all the Dragons and Barons.
- Clear off the map from enemy wards.

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9. Late Game:

In late game, your damage is not that great anymore, but you are still an unkillable tank with a very high threat lvl. Your ultimate is the best weapon what you have AND ITS WORST ENEMY IS THE BANSHEE’S VEIL. Keep this in mind, or else you can fail very hard. Remember, your ultimate damages insane amounts with TRUE DAMAGE. Also try not to fail your skillshots, your team needs all of these things. At this point you should be on full build, faster than anyone else, have 5-7 kills, have all of the dragons and barons, and you must lead the team to victory before the enemy can get a chance to get stronger and defeat you. Cho is not that worse in late game, but his prime time is in early and mid game, so try to finish the game as fast as you can in this phase.

Summarizing all together:

- Watch for team fights even more.
- Still get all the Dragons and Barons.
- Destroy the enemy as fast as you can, the stronger they become, the weaker you will be. (Remember? You are very good because of the feed you got in minions and champions, but this adventage shortly gets off in late game)

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10. Enemies you can encounter on top:

First of all, whose are your worse enemies: No cost champions and champions with heal. No cost champions can get you on low HP quick and mostly they will harass you (Remember? Their goal is to keep you off from farming!) These champions are really annoying but with a few tricks you can take them down. In 90% of the cases they are a threat until lvl 6 and until you have your Catalyst. Than they will be controllable. Champions with heal are even bigger threat. These champions wont die from minions or from constant harassment, and heal back themselves real fast, what can ruin your farming real bad and fast. Versus these champions will you need the JUNGLER’S HELP! This is really important or else you will be outplayed from the top, and that means that you have failed to achieve your goals! If this happens, your game will be in great danger, because if the tank is not strong, you cannot withstand the enemy’s damage in team fights. If the tank is weak, the whole team is vulnerable! Now lets see who can you encounter on the top lane:

- Akali: Annoying as hell, energy champion with extremelly high damage output. In the most cases when they first go home they will come back with a Hextech Revolver, what makes them almost unkillable. However, as a Cho’Gath you should kill her even with these conditions, 1 rupture – scream combination and after it SHORTLY another one of this combo with feast should finish her off. If you need, buy an early oracle or some vision wards vs her, and you can also build up Banshees instead of RoA if you can’t win. Another possibility is to get help from the jungler who has stun or a great slow effect, but if you can, don’t abuse the jungler with this, you should win by yourself.

- Alistar: The cow is nerfed in the previous patches, and it’s damage is not the old anymore, anyway, he still possess some threat. Watch out with his Pulverize and Headbutt, if you are unaware, you can find yourself pretty fast under the enemy tower, and that’s not the best thing for your HP bar. His heal is nearly no cost, but his other abilities eat up his mana quite fast, so don’t care with him and just farm, farm and farm. Watch out also with his ultimate, you can easily fail with Feast on him if he plays smart. Wait until he pops his ult, than finish him off when it goes off.

- Anivia: Most of the time, she is sitting on mid, but there are circumstances, when she comes top. CARE, she is a VERY dangerous champion with very high burst damage. Avoid her Flash Frost balls as much as you can and if she beginn to channel her ultimate under you, run out of it IMMEDIATELY, because it hurts quite much. Anivia’s mana pool is not that great however, so if she spamms you, you have to farm and avoid the Flash Frosts, get an early negatron cloak too if it’s needed, and REALLY IMPORTANT: Don’t let her get the blue buff!! Ward the enemy jungle at the golem, because if she gets the buff she just spamm you out of the lane. If she somehow gets it, call immediately for help from the jungler and take she down as fast as you can, or you will find yourself in trouble! A very annoying enemy to have.

- Annie: She is also a champion who plays on mid, but well, she can play at top too. With Cho’Gath however she isn’t a big problem, cause you can soak up every combe she gets on you, and can be easily outplayed after her full combo on lvl 6-7-8. An easy opponent. If needed buy negatron cloak.

- Blitzcrank: Also an easy enemy, but watch out for his grab near his tower, it can be painfull. His magic damage can’t match your HP and your damage. Care with Feast, wait ’till his shield is off.

- Brand: Again, a mid champion. Proceed as you did vs Annie. He can’t cause any problems, his damage is not enough. 1 note: When he cast his ult, go as far away as you can from any friendly targets!

- Caitlyn: Easy opponent, just don’t allow her to harass you from the bushes with headshot. Can be painfull if you don’t care with this little thing. Purchase chain vest if needed.

- Cassiopeia: This can be dangerous, but she runs out of mana after some time. Your goal is to survive ’till that time. After lvl 6 a fast 2 combo play kill she very fast.

- Corki: Now this champion is a bit strong. This guy deals true damage, what is the greatest enemy of any tanks, AND saddly, most of the time, Corki players run Armor Penetration Marks and Quents and those can hurt quite much as a tank. Try to avoid him as much as you can until you can safely kill him. Because he has Valkyrie, the killing on him will not be that easy, just try again and again, until he makes a fatal mistake, or call for help from then jungler.

- Dr. Mundo: Nerfed as hell, Mundo isn’t the old anymore. He’s annoying tho, he is one of the „I won’t die from you as long as I want it” champs and plus a no cost hero. Annoying as ****, but can be outplayed easily after he popped his ult, but you need to land your combos precise after each other. Other possibility is the Ignite, but I dont prefer it on Cho.

- Ezreal: Easy opponent, if he spamms you, his mana pool will be out after some time and if you are carefull he will rarely hit you with his Q. He is rather squishy, so 2 good timed combo will finish him off quite fast.

- Fiddlesticks: Eww, THIS is a bit annoying. Fiddle is buffed in the latest patches, he is now a really strong laner with his Birds and that ultimate, but if you last hits correctly it’s even the odds and he won’t be able to hurt you with the Dark Wind. Easy target after lvl 6.

- Galio: Also an easy target, last hitting gets you all the HP back what you need, although Galio players often have unimaginable high magic resist values, what can stop you from killing them, it’s no problem however, just land more skillshots on him as usual and you will slowly kill him or force him to leave the lane.

- Gangplank: One of my favorite enemy is the pirate. He is very good on solo lane, however he don’t have a chance vs Cho. You must watch out until you reach lvl 6, because his crits can finish you off quite fast and surprisingly, but if you get on lvl 6 and have a few stacks on feast he will not possess any danger anymore. And a pirate who isn’t fed worths nothing.

- Garen: Oh god I hate this moron. No cost hero with self heal and brutal damage, he is really kickin’ ***. Well... You must hold on ’till lvl 6, and watch out not to go on too low on HP, because his ultimate can finish you off quite fast. If you manage not to die and grab Catalyst, you are secured your win though, because a few high dmg skill shot on lvl 7-8-9 can kill him really fast, just don’t let him getting lazy on lane and chilling in the bush, otherwise he will gets his HP back quite fast.

- Gragas: This guy is funny. He will try to harass you anyway he can, however he won’t have the damage to take you down even with fast Rabadons, because when he will get Rabadon you will have Banshee’s or at least some magic resist. Easy opponent to deal with.

- Heimerdinger: Old Heimer isn’t the same as he was before, therefore he’s quite weak. Always focus down his towers, they give you extra gold and stop him from farming. He has a very low mana pool so he will run off again and again and the damage he causes is ignorable.

- Irelia: She is a hard opponent to deal with because she deals true damage with Hiten Style, but that’s not enough to take you down. In this battle your best friends will be the minions who will damage her and her low mana pool, that stops her after some time to harass you. If you play properly she doesn’t have a chance.

- Jarvan IV: Very easy opponent to deal with. He tries to be aggressive but his efforts are worthless, because he has low mana pool and weak damage to do any bigger damage to Cho. Easily killable after lvl 6.

- Jax: Now HE is one of Cho’s arch enemies. This moron like Akali likes to start with Hextech Revolver, so you won’t be able to do any harm to him at a point, AND he will attack you constantly, because all of your minions will attack him, giving him TONS of chance to get a dodge. This means for you 1 or even 2 stuns after each other combined with some serious damage on you, what you simply can’t heal back. You will REALLY need help vs him, he’s simply to much to handle as a Cho. Oh and: DO NOT FEED HIM, OR HE ALONE WINS THE GAME!!

- Kassadin: Champion with very low mana pool, you must tank every damage he does to you and there won’t be any problems, he doesn’t have the power to kill you.

- Katarina: Blah, no cost „ranged” hero. She is only annoying but if you play well she can’t kill you. After lvl 7-8 she is an easy 2 combo target.

- Kayle: The new Kayle is still not able do take down Cho, just follow the same process as always and ignore her, than overkill her when you gets strong enough.

- Kennen: Another „no cost” hero, but if he plays well, his energy pool will never goes off. He is a very strong enemy, got tons of damage in his pockets, but rather squishy, so you have to hold out untill you reach lvl 7-8, and then finish him off with 2 well placed combo. Care with his all-in skill combination, it deals TONS of damage, maybe enough to take you down, so be carefull!

- Lee Sin: Another energy champ, but he is only annoying and not strong. Jumps back and forth until you are able to combo him down. Easy target, just hard to hit, but if you succeed once...

- Leona: Very easy no damage character, ignore she complettly and kill her at with the well known process.

- Lux: Also easy, if she hits you with some skillshots however you can get low very easy, so care, or she will execute you with a full combo. Has a low mana pool, so it should be easy to you.

- Malphite: Quite an easy target, he tries to be strong, but he has a low mana pool, so after lvl 7-8 he goes down pretty fast.

- Malzahar: The Prophet can be a dangerous enemy if he can land some skills on you early, than full-combo you, so care with him. He is rather squishy though. If needed, buy a Quicksilver Sash vs him, that works most of the time, but anyway, you have VERY MUCH HP, so even a full combo shouldn’t take you down.

- Maokai: The tree is quite annoying with his skills, but he isn’t able to kill you, he doesn’t have the damage to take you down and although he is mostly on tank build, he goes down pretty fast.

- Miss Fortune: Armor Penetration hero, that means she will damage you quite hard, BUT she is easily outplayable after lvl 6 if you manage to catch her with a full combo, because she is VERY squishy.

- Mordekaiser: This guy is such a baller... Hate him really much. Damages you insane, no cost hero, can stop your farming and can eventually kill you. If he is on tank. In this case you will need help to kill him. If he is AP, haha that’s easy. Catch him when he doesn’t have his shield bar up and he will go down pretty easily. Tank Morde ALWAYS has his shield fully up, and you can’t hurt him so... It’s a very hard enemy.

- Morgana: She isn’t strong, but farm well and has her shield, what’s a bit tricky as a Cho to get off. She has a low mana pool although, so force her to spamm her skills, and so it’s an easy lane.

- Nasus: The doggy is a very easy enemy, he can’t hurt you, although if he farms too much, he will be in late game very strong. Try to prevent his farming with constantly hitting him with rupture – scream and vorpal sikes combination, force him to use his escape spells and ultimate, than finish him off.

- Nidalee: Another nemesis of Cho’Gath. She is quite powerfull in Cougar form, her skills are no cost abilities, and if you damage her, she just heals herself up. This is very annoying and stops you easily from farming. Your only chance is to constantly hit her with your combo until she makes a mistake and you can kill her. Ask help if you cannot deal with the cat lady, she is one of the most powerfull enemies of Cho’Gath.

- Nocturne: Lane Nocturne isn’t that big threat, but can be tricky to kill with his shield. Be carefull not to waste an ultimate on that thing, or you will wasted COMPLETTLY an important skill of yours for nothing. However, his damage is not enough to deal with you, use the normal process on him.

- Nunu: Rare sight to see at top, but sometimes the Yeti Rider shows up as a laning enemy. Well... He is a b.tch... If he isn’t noob, he will only cast spells when he have his passive, so he doesn’t waste mana. He is a durable champion cause of this, he won’t go down that easy, but try again and again and you will win at the end. AND watch out for the strange SLOWING near a bush or you will get a ton of damage from his ultimate! That’s a common Nunu trick.

- Orianna: Another enemy from the stronger ones, she can harass you quite well with The Ball, but she runs off pretty fast from mana and she is really squishy, so a few combos will help here aswell.

- Pantheon: Very easy opponent, he can’t do anything with you, finish him off when you are ready.

- Poppy: Champion with low mana pool, but with a quite good damage, so be carefull with her damage. Her speed buff can make the fight hard to lay down your skillshots properly on her, but in the end she will be defeated.

- Renekton: The croc is a no cost hero with very good damage output, so he will cause you some pain on the lane. Saddly he can heal himself back with his Cull the Meek skill, so you have to wait patiently until he makes a mistake, than combo him down as fast as you can. This fight will be hard, call for teammates if you have problems, he is a very hard enemy.

- Rumble: Once it was my main, so I know pretty well, that his worst enemy is the damage what he takes from minions and retalation attacks when his shield goes off. There are 2 ways to play Rumble: First, the „normal” Rumble: He will max out Flamespitter first followed by the shield, and he will always harass you with this combination. The shield stays on him although only for 2 secs, so after it goes off tear him apart with skills and basic attacks. The Electric Harpoon Rumble is an extreme way to build Rumble. With this, he will harass from the distance, but his skill will hit quite hard if he spamms you and CONSTANTLY hit you with it. Avoid this simply with good micro or using your minions as a wall. You should be able to take the yordle down.

- Ryze: Spamms you like hell, and after some time he will damage you pretty hard. But even pure mana builded Ryze will run out of mana, IF he not gets a blue buff! Ward the blue and don’t let this happen, or else you will have some problems. A few combos should quickly take care of this guy.

- Shen: Surprising or not, he is a nemesis also... Shen is the game’s greatest basic attack-damage tank, as for a tank he has really strong basic attacks with Ki Strike and Vorpal Blade, that even regenerate health for him... Healer Energy champion. I am able to take him down, but need a lot of patience, and you can’t make any mistakes or he just kills you with his strong attacks. Caution is advised.

- Singed: Many people hate this guy, but he’s not that great danger as a Cho’Gath. Ignore him complettly, let him spamm his sh.ts constantly and he will run off from mana. It is most likely that this lane will take much time to win as Cho but he is not able to kill you. Farm Farm Farm, and deny him as much as you can from farming.

- Sion: He has quite hard dmg, but he has a major weakness: One of his main damage abilities (as AP Sion) can be shut down pretty easily, this is his shield. He combines this with the stun, when he forms the shield around himself, you MUST hit him with the rupture-scream combination or he will do you a ton of damage with the shield blowing up near you. AD Sion is bigger threat, his ultimate is really painfull, spamm your skills at him until he finally goes down. Not the easiest enemy.

- Sivir: Yuck... She is strong as hell, a fairly dangerous enemy. His ricochets will always hit you, so health regen is only a short term solution, and she have her spell shield. A VERY nasty enemy to deal with, get some armor early to withstand her attacks and try to force her to use her shield when she doesn’t need it. For example use your skills but don’t target her or else she will only gets her mana back. Miss your spells intentionally or ask the jungler to help. She is a hard enemy to beat.

- Swain: Hard enemy with great damage output. Normaly he max out Nevermove first, catch you with it and then spamm all of his abilities, and these together hurts quite hard. He has a fairly low mana pool, use this at your adventage, and if needed call for your team mates to help you kill the Master Tactician. A little more magic resist can also help you here.

- Tristana: Has a lot of escape abilities, but the champion itself is not strong, only annoying. She goes down pretty easily, IF you manages somehow to hit him with a few combos...

- Twisted Fate: This is a hard enemy, but not for Cho. He does great damage, but you can keep on it with last hitting, and after lvl 7-8 he dies as any other champs who can’t withstand the power of Cho’Gath.

- Udyr: Ok. This animal is really annoying until you hit him a few times with your abilities and wipe his face off the lane. Pretty hard to deal with him if he’s on tank build (and mostly he is), he isn’t strong, but have a lot of defensive abilities. Difficulty: Moderate.

- Urgot: On low levels he is quite dangerous, above lvl 6 he doesn’t have a chance. Watch out though with his burst damage, he can cause some surprise sometimes if you underestimate him too much. If he doesn’t gets a single kill he will be really weak in the late game.

- Vayne: Ohh I hate this girl. She has a really absurd long range, very much annoying skills and can outplay you easily on early levels. However later on, she is starting to get weaker. Watch out for her burst damage, don’t stand near walls and you should have this. Fortunately, she is a rare sight on solo top.

- Veigar: Just like Nasus but in mage. Easy opponent, he doesn’t have the damage to take you down, and he is really squishy. Wait the opportunity when he misses with his fence, than attack. Carefull though on lvl 5 and 6, that is the point when he can take you fairly easy!

- Vladimir: Also a rare sight, he belonged to the arch enemies, but now he’s nerfed so hard, that he doesn’t even have the chance to win. Simply outplay him, after some time you will win the lane, it’s dependant when, though. If you need, get a negatron near lvl 9.

- Warwick: Lanewick... Bahh, this champion is super annoying. Pro WW-s on lane have enough mana to be a threat constantly, but on lvl 10-11 you should be able to fight the dog and eventually win vs him. I like to use Wit’s End vs him, helps you really much to stay alive and also good when you hitting the puppy.

- Wukong: The monkey doesn’t possess the strength to defeat you, he is far too weak (for now, I hope he doesn’t get buffed too hard) to hold your march off.

- Xin Zhao: Poor Xin don’t have the chance. Strategy is similar as it was by Jarvan IV. Easy lane most of the times.

- Yorick: Annoying guy. Doesn’t played too much vs him at top, but you HAVE to focus him at lvl 7-8. He doesn’t has much hp, so comboing him constantly will kill him after some time, but it will take some time! If needed, the jungler can help here very much.

- Zilean: A good grandpa is quite annoying and painfull to fight off. You will probably need more magic resist vs him as usual, but in the end you must win this. It will be a LONG fight, but you can’t lose it.

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11. Outro:

And this will be the end of my super detailed Cho’Gath Guide. If you have questions or any observations, please feel free to comment underneath the guide and I try to answer. I welcome every feedback also! Thank you for reading all of this, took me much time and work, but I’m happy to be able to finish it! :)