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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hebisuterusu

Cho'Gath... the real deal tank

Hebisuterusu Last updated on February 4, 2011
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This is how I play Cho'Gath first time guide don't be mean...

Now realize this is just for a situational perfectly balanced team, we're not talking about your team we're talking about the other team because you should easily be able to tank 3/5 of them, maybe even all of them.

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I play this way for 1 of 2 reasons, too many warmong rushers...

But... I thought warmong rushing was the best?!?!

In my opinion I think you should quit playing League of Legends if you rush warmongs on Cho'Gath.

Ult gives you natural hp don't take it as only a ko/ kill sealing mechanism
Yes, I said SEALING not STEALING I use ult to SEAL my kills to make sure I'm not KSED, that will be explained later on.

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This was literally my only rune page for a while just because I had no IP because I can't save well. I have champs that I purely suck with but if I need a win, you'll be going up against a Nightmare.

I do these runes for the reason of early game survivability, with his passive which gives him Hp and Mana I don't find the need for mana regen, and Dorans ring gives him mana regen anyways.

So, Hp quints got nerfed, sure that sucks but hey don't complain you're a cho'gath you can basically get a free warmongs at level 16.

Anyways about the runes:

Magic Pen. Red because all of his attacks besides ult are Magic Damage.

Flat Armor Yellows because runes in my opinion because runes are for early game and it follows my build style of stacking armor then hp.

Flat Magic Resist Blues because like I said before it's all about early game so you just have to get you extra MR.

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Summoner Spells

Well, theres a reason for Ignite and Ghost

Ignite = True Damage... when you're level 6 literally all that true damage catches people off guard once they've been silenced and tossed into the air, leading to early game kills.

Ghost = Escape or chase... theres always the Turret Dive Feast.. where u get as close as u can to the turret without it attacking, pop ghost and try and get your fast food... TBH do this with atleast Speed 1 boots+ just for the fact that if they're doing Speed 2 boots they might be able to out run you and taking 3-5 turret hits can turn around the 1 feast quickly.

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Yawn, Once I hit 30, these we're basically the core for all of my Champs, Yea I play tanks a lot because they're under appreciative and I decided to just prove the FACT that TANKS CARRY.

So, Grab the little ability power in Offense masteries, get 1 in the crit to let you go to the next rank, grab reduced cooldowns so you can get my FAVORITE OFFENSE MASTERY POINT OPTION THINGY! 15% Magic Pen... HOLY **** !! If you don't have this playing Cho'Gath you have a problem of realizing that all of your attacks are Magic.

Then I just do my Core Build Defense Masteries... 2 Resistance because it kind of keeps my balanced on the Armor : Magic Resistance ratio then 3 in the Hardiness so I can get Harden Skin then get the max in Evasion so you can get Nimbleness for that increased Dodge which is really good if your running past Creep waves escaping/chasing. Get your points in Vet. Scars for the extra HP, EARLY GAME SURVIVABILITY IS KEY!!!, then max Ardor, then get your point in the Tenacity to finish your 9 21 0 build.

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Well, because of the new update my items are now OBSOLETE.

Haha, just kidding :3
So this new update of the Doran Items being 475 is actually really really, really ... really great for Cho'Gath... But why Hebisu-Hebisute..?-Hebisuterus... HEBISUTERUSU...

Interesting you might ask me *GENERIC NAME*, Hahaha.

PASSSIVEEEE: Makes you still able to survive like 10x more then the Natural Champion.
Now enough about that Lets get to the BUILD.

Twisted Tree Line or Summoners Rift no matter what the case this build should be able to desolate... Remember this is the worst possible situation, being againsts a perfectly balanced team.

Start with Dorans Ring for the HP+AP+Mana Regen

Whenever you head back grab Basic Boots + Magic Null Mantle if you can and or some Pots..

(Pots whenever but I usually don't do the ELIXIRS. Just pots if you're feeling your passive isn't doing you justice or you're getting harassed too much or your laning partner, if you have one, is just never around.)

Anyways, build those into Merc Threads whenever, then you wanna rush G-Angel... for the shear fact that once you have it, you should be level 6+ and then you'll get natural HP and have more HP then most and a heck of a lot more Armor and Magic Resist making you an actual tank and not a "Survivable" noob.

After G-angel, you wanna go situation ... if they're more physically go Chain Vest, if they're more Magicy go Negatron Cloak, from there you will build them into situational items

If they're more AP heavy I'd do Banshee Veil over Force of Nature 99% of the time just because that 1 spell block and once you start piling MR and Armor the reduced % Damage doesn't help as much so you're leaning to more of the Passives.

If they're more Physical go for thorn-mail or Sunfire Cape... sunfire will give you the nice HP that most Cho' builds revolve around but I would 60% of the time go for Thornmail just because that passive seems more useful, even though people love the 40 damage.

Also, leading to the fact at this point you're probably almost or you are level 16 so you're about to get a nifty increase in natural ult hp. From your situational items then you get the Game Finisher. YES!! THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! the............................................. Dorans Shield!!! .. err Warmongs!!!

Yeah... this gives you nifty Hp and not as so nifty Hp regen.. but it works... It's just because once you have % of reduced dmg your going to need more HP to make that % more useful, from you're ult stacks it's still nice to have the end-game hp

Yes, sometimes you'll be in one of those close games where you're like 18/0/12 and your team is somehow losing.. mostly because they beat you at pushing game because your team is slightly moronic, and you have a bunch of extra money flowing around... this is known as the point where you become "God'Gath" and you but every ELIXIR, seriosuly you will freaking GLOW sooo much it's hilarous, you might actually die for the shear fact you can't see your hp bar. Other then that I really don't recommend buying any elixers.

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Skill Sequence

This is SIMPLE........ I play cho' as a bursty nuke and what does no Bursty nuke have.. correct pointless spikes doing up to like 60 +.2 per AP when maxed I forget, when you could be doing more BURSTY NUKE DAMAGE! So always keep your OP CC (toss up and silence) pretty even, Rupture always first, Keep you're ult HAPPY... (level everytime) and keep your ghetto +no damage farming spikes of tickling 1 point.

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Go fourth and RAPE... this build.. if used correctly will basically make hiding behind a turret pointless for people
-500 hp level 6
-800 hp level 11
- 1k hp level 16

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Random Games.

This is going to be wins and loses of my random games of this type of build structure... hopefully they're all good... first 2 I just did today before I go to bed

(like I'm about to go to bed so I'm making this section.)