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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Yolo Swag Breh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yolo Swag Breh

Cho'Gath - The Troll Jungler

Yolo Swag Breh Last updated on August 8, 2012
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Chapter 1.) - Introduction

Hello everyone, this here is my first Mobafire guide, and in it, I will explain how, and why attack speed Cho'Gath works well, and is efficient. Anyways, there are many different builds you can go as an Attack Speed Cho, mainly depending on what the other team is building/who their champs are, so you can't go into any match expecting to have the exact same build every time :D.
If you don't like my build, you can go right ahead and change it to fit your play style, it seems to me that most summoners have their own unique style of play on this game, so remember that!

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Chapter 2.) - the Jungle

So, the first time I ever went Jungle as Cho'Gath, it was meant to be a "Troll" like match, in which I was to build Attack Speed Cho'Gath. I was suprised to see how quickly Cho'Gath cleared the jungle, as well as how I didn't need to pop any of my Potions until golems, in which I was to gank top lane right after (I didn't want to go into a 2v2 with low health, no one ever wants too). The route I took was pretty standard, Started Wolves, light leash on blue, Wraiths, Red, then Golems+Gank, and honestly, that is one of the easiest routes to go. Ganking as Cho is quite simple, however, if you have trouble landing your Rupture ability, you might have a little bit of trouble. My advice to you on this is (with the new changes to Cho) aim the rupture a full circle behind your target, because for the most part, the enemy will run when they see your scary *** running at them. After that, hope your top lane is somewhat competent and can help dish out the damage, even at the low levels. Here's another tip, DON'T AVOID MID LANE. If you don't help your mid get ahead, it could end up to being a quick match in favor of the other team, and the best way to get your mid ahead, is setting theirs behind, even if all you do is put in some scare tactics on the enemy champ, such as running in his direction when moving from jungle to jungle or gank to gank, or even throw in a Rupture to do a small, but decent amount of damage. Since, on my build, I ignored Wriggles, if you plan on being a decent Jungler, don't ignore Wards, they really help! I promise :D And also, you may have noticed I don't purchase my Boots 2 until after I get Madreds, it is all a preference. You can even buy boots 1 early on in the match before you even buy MRazor.

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Chapter 3.) Ganking

Ganking isn't very hard with Cho'Gath, especially mid game levels. I would reccomend you attempt your first gank at around level 4, or if someone of the other team is pushing extremely early on. There are many good positions to gank from >> Top = River Bush, don't rush the charge out, let the enemy push up a bit so you can definately land your rupture, it is the key to ganking with Gath. Mid = Either river bush (obviously), once again wait until you know you can hit rupture, or if your mid player has a snare/stun, have him start the fight. Bot = I would reccomend following the same strategy as top here, only if your bottom lane is a support lane and not a kill lane. If the lane is a kill lane, you can gank which ever way your heart desires, even if it is going in balls deep, try not to derp it though, and feed the enemy ADC.

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Chapter 4.) Outro

Thanks for reading my Attack Speed Cho'Gath jungle guide, this is my first Guide EVER so don't be too harsh. Any Gath who follows this build will definitely see he his stronger late game than early-mid game, but that is like many Champs in the league. You need your attack Speed, even if that means sacrificing BT or VS, but MR will kill your MBR, so be sure to keep VS if they do build Magic Resist. This is a fun way to play Cho, and it may not be the best, however his damage output end game is CRAZY, and I would reccomend trying this at least once before you neglect it. OMM NOMM NOMM!