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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrDominant

Cho'Gath: to Nom? or not to Nom?

DrDominant Last updated on April 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright, this is a fun Cho build for those who want to have fun nomming, yet also want to be beefy enough to stay in the fray. Don't treat it like you're a tank, and don't treat it like you're the ap carry. Its more of a beefy dps type build (like Renek or Garen).

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Runes & Masteries

Get magic pen, dodge will help your tanking, cd reduction will help your late game a lot with more feasting and more silencing for your teamfights. For the quints, I've been fooling around with movement speed or more magic pen instead of the health. They help more late game, but the health is very beneficial for early laning.

For masteries, the 15% magic pen wil be all the extra dmg you need, then just build tank masteries. Ardor isn't necessary, but I like any AP I can get.

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Start building your RoA, so many people don't get it on Cho, but I love it. People like Warmog's instead of it, but cmon, 600 less health for 80 ap and a chunk of mana? Once you get it you will CRUSH early game and NOM so hard. You will haz ur CaRoTz. You can get merc treads or Swiftness boots, I wouldnt get the magic pen, you don't need it. Build an aegis if your team isn't gonna have someone else build it. Buy a chainmail just to help you survive against the other teams phys carries. Get your BV after. At this point, with your feast stacks, you should be able to enter any fight, and get out if you know your in trouble. For your final 2 items, turn your chainmail into a frozen heart or a funfire, I personally don't like the new randuins, so I wouldn't bother. You can get it if you like it though. The final item is your choice, get a GA if u want more resist and be able to get back up (real fun when u get up and feast is back; you just wake up and NOMNOMNOM; theyre like wtf mate?). You could build a late game warmogs if u wanna have closer to 5k health. Abyssal scepter is fun if you want magic resist, pen, and more ap. Really up to how you're rolling in the game.

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So during laning phase, you can do whatever you want. You can duo lane (I prefer cause getting a nice rupture is almost always a kill with a good lanemate), or solo lane (great for farming early, and if they try to gank you a well placed rupture and flash will get you away from anything). Use rupture to harass, but try to only harass when the enemy is near minions in case you miss, missing a rupture and seeing your mana poof is disheartening :(. Last hit whenever you can, your passive will keep you in the lane almost as long as you want. Try not to go back your first time until you have at least enough gold for your catalyst, hopefully enough for your blasting wand also. If you did get your blasting wand, prepare to LOL hard at who's laning against you. 1:1 on rupture and its always 90 mana is a joke, you'll poke them twice and theyll hug theyre tower, and you can reap gold of minion farm. If your team has a jungler or a gank set up, try and get a surprise rupture from the brush to initiate, your teamates should fly in a kill a most likely have health enemy. If your level 6, hit the rupture, have your teammate land maybe one attack, (flash/ghost if needed) and just NOM. They will die, even if your bad, as long as your hungry cho will do the work.

Cho is also good for ganking if you have your lane won, or are duo laning. Hide in the brush, rupture, SURPRISE BUTTSECKS, they get knocked up, theyre slow, you can ghost, silence them, feast, anything you want, cause theyre gonna run, and your gonna NOM, easy.

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Rest of game

Now your meaty, still deal massive dmg, (almost 400 dmg per rupture), your knock-up and silence will win teamfights, and you can eliminate their carry with your feast (as long as your team doesn't focus their tank like nubs). USE YOUR SILENCE WISELY. If they have a champ with a very strong ult (kat, malz, fiddle, etc) get the silence in on them. 2-3 seconds that they cant cast is huge, and itll interrupt. These are also your prime knock-up targets, as it interrupts their casts. Keep initiating for your team if you don't have a stronger tank, don't doubt your beefiness. When you know your team is in trouble, don't let them ace you, get a rupture, flash out, start running to a tower/base, and keep rupturing when u can. As long as you land your ruptures they will not catch up to you, and you can save your team alot of damage.

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This build is great for getting out of elo hell, its easy to feel like you ARE YOUR TEAM. even with just one good teamate you can win games.

Early kills and assists are nice, but your farm is good enough to carry you through if your stuck in a tough lane.

Get that early AP, it really helps on cho, the health from RoA and feast makes you super beefy early, get them.

Armor and MR always help, getting them just makes you beefier.

RUPTURE-FEAST. Its really all you have to do, scream helps with a little more dmg and silence, and vorpal spikes helps farm low creeps if rupture doesn't kill.

THIS IS MY FIRST GUIDE, so I'm sorry if its tough to read, please post on things you would like clarified, or how I can improve. I hope this guide helps you Cho fans, fun character especially if your baked and like running around eating nubs xD.

GL to everyone see you out there!