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League of Legends Build Guide Author PPL

Cho'Gath- Too much hp, cant die

PPL Last updated on December 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, this is my first guide here and I'm doing it for Cho. This is a AP and Tank Hybrid build but mostly tank and our main goal is HP. Our Hp goal here is 6000!! Lets
get started.

1.Champ's Skill

This is your main skill for ganks, escaping, damaging, everything. But it cost alot so you might need to preserve mana

This is a good skill for silencing enemy. It can awesome deal damage.

This is a skill to increase your attack damage and it doesnt cost anything so its should be on ALL the time.

NUM NUM NUM NUM That should be the sound you should be hearing when you use this skill to eat your enemy. This is a major part of this build for HP as it stacks. This will make you tank like even if you go AP.

2. Summoner Skill

This is a good skill to have because as a tank, ur pretty slow and this could help you get out of lost team fight or ganks with . Or it could help land a on an enemy running away.

to get early kills

This is another escaping skill and one that help you get running enemy.

Help stay in lane longer.

Travel around faster but not really needed.

Stay away from:

Complete useless late game with all the HP you have already.


For runes, I pretty much runes for tank.
Marks: HP/lvl runes. Can also use flat HP or magic pen if you feel too tanky
Glyphs:Magic Resistant

4.Skill Order
For skill order, I would be pretty balance and then mid game, i would rush to help team fight. Then i would be pretty balance again. Some people would rush first which is a good idea considering it does massive damage but you would run out of mana super fast if you keep spaming it.


I would start off with a so I could rush

Then we need some boots so depend on the situation, you could get for pure dps team, Mercury's Threads for CC, and for speed.

Now for the third item and forth item, i rush tanky item like and so you can farm and get more HP for mid game ganks.

*I think something happen to like a nerfed so it might get you 300 less HP than what i plan.And you might not get all of this items effects but thats why i got it late game so more team fight and if you win then you get some. And late game you are either defending or pushing so you have time to farm.

For the fifth item and sixth item, i get and for HP and AP to deal more damage.

Now if you complete this build and keeping your stacks of both and and got max with you should get 6614.68 HP!!!! Goal Reached!!!

6.Other Items
If your having bad time staying alive and cant seem to stack or or then you should get some of these:

*Plz Note that even with out or , you still have 5074.68 (with to the max)which is still alot.

Magic Resistant

Some HP and MP as well as MR with awesome passive

MR with great HP regen and useful movement speed.


Gives some HP, Armor, HP regen, and chance to slow along with active to 100% slow movement speed and attack speed.

This is only for absolute dps team

Frozen Heart gives 99 armor along with some mana and cooldown reduction. Good items for any AP/Tank hybrid champs.

HP and Armor with passive but not a needed item for

Armor, HP regen, and chance to slow.


Early Game

For early game, Cho will have major mana problems considering that his spells cost alot. SO you shouldn't waste it much except its to fight. You might wanna grab blue buff if no one got it. But thx to 's passive, he can gain more HP and MP. If you save mana and with your teammate, you can scare them by dealing damage when you need to. Or you could wasted all mana very fast and now you cant deal much damage so you have to def.

Mid Game
This is where a lot of ganking happens and you will be a major help considering your a tank and is excellent for ganking as it knocks them in air and slows after they come down.

*Most likey one team or both will have a destroyed tower on side so dont forget,even if u destroy their turret or they destroyed yours, you should still def or push. You dont know how many time i seen people just abandoning their lanes when a turret is gone in their lane. The enemy could still push and backdoor.

Late Game

This is where team fights happen and your will help a lot. Your the tank with lots of HP so you shouldn't be afraid to take a hit but dont get too cocky and over extent.Late Game is mostly team fights.

*Since we get last, you will be forces to farm because if your defending, you need to kill minon to clear them. If your pushing, you still need to clear minon.

Tips and Tricks

If your enemy is low, use behind them and then use and eat them with . You will most likely kill them as they can either go back and get hit which you can then eat them or move closer to you to dodge and as they move closer, and to kill them

You can easily stop 's ult with to knock them up or to silence him. Even if he got , it only blocks one skill but you have two ways to stop him.

This is my build for Cho'Gath and this is my FIRST build so plz be nice. Thank you