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Cho'Gath Build Guide by MadAsToast

Cholo top

By MadAsToast | Updated on April 5, 2012

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Ability Order


At first this built looks odd considering that all of chos abilities scale with ap however with chogaths epic tankyness from the start he makes the perfect tank. So this built generally insists on you being the tank who the enemy's don't expect for you to kill them. This build is entirely built to make you indestructible and for you to assist your team to win. so dont expect to go high kills But expect to go 0 or 1 deaths constantly :). Your health is also much higher than these stats make you believe as they don't take into account the many stacks of feast you'll gain.
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Also the runes I have picked also are a bit odd but they work towards you being tanky and taking as little damage as possible. The magic penetration helps against other solo tops as they will have magic resist and the mana regen quints help out greatly as cho is mana hungry :).
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once again the masteries look odd :) basically they are designed like the runes to make you tanky and to help you keep up mana from utility.
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chogaths items are expensive. no questions about it. Anyway to start i go for boots and 3 pots this gives me sustain in the lane and im able to kite some of the slower champions and avoid there skill shots however remember not to spam your health pot as his passive gives you back health if you farm giving you great sustain in the lane. The mana regen pots are really good for sustain untill you get the philo stone however you still cant spam your ablities. the second items that i go back for are the philo stone and the heart of gold. these items give the gold per five helping you get tanky faster and they help with mana and health giving you added tankyness(I also get the upgraded boots at this time these boots are the best for chogath as they allow you to get close and feast upon your enemy's. However you can upgrade your boots whilst your getting the glacial shroud if you like.) after this the build gets going you should be well on the way with your feast stacks by now and feeling pretty much untouchable. so next upgrade the heart of gold for the mana. then buy your self the force of nature for the health regen and the magic resist meaning that late game even a vieger will find it hard to scratch you. usually the games don't last this long but if you get the chance upgrade you philo stone to a shurelyas reverie and the heart of gold to a randuins omen. you should get the randuins fierst as your support shpould have the active from shurlys by now. warmogs last you may not get to this item but if you do youll be indestructble :)
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Skill Sequence

skill sequesnce get on point in each to start. pretty simple the vorpal spikes help alot with farming as they give you that smidgen more damage. the ferel scream does more damage than one would expect so i level that first the secound skill to level is rupture then vorpal spikes remembering to lace in your ulti :).
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Summoner Spells

simple im in the lane faster gaining more creeps saving towers n stuff and flash. And flah is for getting away in case you get snared or stunned and cant walk away quick enough flash outa there as you dont want to lose stacks of feast.
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when your jungler comes in for a gank the basic combo should be q then w remembering to chase if you have got this combo on the enemy after this the jungler and you should have a fun time ripping the champ apart. if you do turret dive and get a 1 for 1 this is good as it mean you can build more tanky as you have more money as cho is untouchable late game.
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Whilst jungle cho gath is possible i do not recomend trying it with thins build as the base damage out out you take on to creeps is shoking so yiou will have a slow jungle time then will not beable to gank quickly. When gankong as the jungler land rupture whilst hid in a bush then run out and ferel scream stopping them using abilities and escaping. the root you should take is Wolves,Blue(with a leash) wraiths, golems thn red buff.I personally wait for level 6 to gank because the damage from feast is very high.
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Cho gath completely rapes many things solo top because he is the terror from the void...
there are only a few people you should be weary of when playing chogath. these are people with stuns who can shut you down. Riven may be hard to lane against but generally you will come out top.
People who are hard to lane against:
Yorick: what you should do if faced against yorick is go for his ghouls as soon as he spawns them eat them down. you also get bonus health back from your passive when you kill them, also by killing them it negats there affect making yorick feel a bit useless.

Olaf: that base damage all the way through the game is a ***** as it negats you armour so what you want to do is ignnore him and farm. Many people when playing olaf throw the axe then run in to use the true damage ablitie so if you see him do that silence him.

fiora:( i have given her her own section below)

Garen: spin to win kids. garen has the health regen and the awsome sustain in the lane. which is like you so this should be a case of ignore him and farm if he comes close to you however knock him up in the air and ferel scream this does more damage than you wouldd think and it allows you to continue to farm.
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well if they have piked fiora. dont be worried play cautiously last hit when you can and silence her as well this will allow you to stop her using her abilities and closing gaps. you will generally need help from the jungler if fiora is picked nut make sure you help him. late game fiora should fall off for you because you have alot of amour but you still should be wary of her.
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overall your main goal is farming and harrasing the laner try not to use to many abilities tho as your mana will deplete. you should only go back if you know your tower is not gonna get pushed but dont be afraid if they are at your tower untill level six when you come back and kill them focus on creeps :) and be warry from a jungler. chogath is very easily killed if stunned so watch out for stuns and by wards. if you are facuing against an enemy trundle whom is jungleing have no fears just back off when you see him cos he cant do **** to cho :) this build was greatly helped by the people i beat with cho and my friend alex :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author MadAsToast
MadAsToast Cho'Gath Guide

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