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Jax Build Guide by dr.dylans game

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dr.dylans game

Cinderhulk tank jungle Jax

dr.dylans game Last updated on August 31, 2016
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Cinderhulk tank jungle jax

Jax Build

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Hello there my name is dylan and today I will be your assistant today in learning jungle jax with my special build. Note my spelling might be bad and the guide will look pretty bland but this is my first guide so I will give you all my knowledge and do my best.

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for runes I would recommend Nine attack damage marks Nine scaling armor seals Nine scaling magic resist glyphs and Three attack speed quints.

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for masteries I would recommend going 0/12/18 taking grasp of the undying as your keystone and going the other masteries as follows

5 into unyielding for late game armor and magic resist bonus
1 into tough skin for easier jungle clear
5 into veterans scars because its more efficient with this build
1 into perseverance because summoner cooldown wont be needed with this build
5 into legendary guardian for more tank stats late when in team fights
and one into grasp as I mentioned earlier now after putting those in the resolve tree we will now move onto cunning.

5 into savagery for easier jungle clear
1 into assassin for 1v1 situations
5 into merciless because mana regen wont be required and tank jax needs as much damage as he can get without buying to much of it
and finnaly 1 into dangerous game because it can save you and bandit is useless for this build.

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If you are jungle you want to start by going with hunters machete and refillable potion and this build can work top but there is a change and we will talk about that later then you want to build into skirmishers saber and rush that into cinder hulk after that turn your refillable into corrupting potion to use for now but sell later on then build ninja tabi followed by a negatron cloak that will be built into banshees veil after you build a randuins then after those are finished you should build into titanic hydra and after that finish it up with a warmogs armor if they have a balanced team you should be perfectly fine with tanking and doing damage late and even early for most part after three items.

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Items part two

Ok so now for the top build start with a corrupting potion and instead of smite bring tp first item you want is a frozen mallet rushed since your not building cinderhulk anymore then basically build the same build but instead of cinderhulk you will have frozen mallet rushed in its place and sell corrupting when needed.

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Skill Sequence

to start you want to grab w then after you first camp you want to grab e second then your q then level w twice after that then once you hit six grab your ult obviously and whenever you can then after that level q once then e once then max w then go evenly into q and e q first in the order of leveling at that point.

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Creeping / Jungling

in the jungle you just want to farm until you get cinderhulk then that's when you have power and probably want to wait until at least 4 to do a gank now the usual order I go in farming the jungle is starting krugs then since smite is down go raptors and I recommend taking out the little ones before the big one but when you engage go on the big one first to let your main damage out on it after that smite should almost be back up so go to red then you will go to wolves then blue then gromp I found this to be the most efficient path for jungling on jax.

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Pros / Cons

you have a better early game still pumping out damage like a regular jax however with more tankyness but late game you wont feel you do as much damage as a regular jax however you will feel more tanky then usual jax.

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Team Work

what you usual want to do for any fights in general whether it be a team fight or a small 2v2 or anything is use e then q in and stun them with e followed by a w during the middle of the process to get the max damage off in team fights however though if its something like you are going to tower dive then you should ult followed by the same combo and try to stun as many people as possible with the e.

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the reason it works

the main reason this build works is jaxs passive ult and e the e making you dodge autos and take reduced aoe damage as well as having a hefty stun afterwards his ult giving extra three hit proc damage as a passive and the active armor and magic resist it gives off and his passive makes him great for long term duels.