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Warwick Build Guide by wilboss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wilboss

Clarity Warwick

wilboss Last updated on March 22, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 7

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DO YOU FIND THAT BRONZE IS TOO STRONG FOR YOU. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED CHEATING? Clarity Warick is basically cheating. Now in season 5 we find that the jungle is even harder and top is soo much easier for warwick.
Infinite sustain means that you will never die because you are always at full health which means cheating to win. We started with infinite sustain, now we have infinite possibility's

when laning with warwick you may find that you keep running out of mana this is due to the lack of clarity. Clarity is the most op summonor in the game and if you take it it probably means easy win. Pressing that sweet d button for clarity is like a instakill waiting to happen

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Why Clarity

Clarity is op(that is a straight up fact)

teleport - too long of a cooldown to be effective(and if you ever tp to minions for anything less than a penta then your a ****)
ignite - lame Warwick already has way too much damage you don't need to finish any enemy(even if it is a base dive easy)
ghost - only take this if you want to see Warwick super fast swagger walk
exhaust - Warwick is too fast already(and why would you need to lower someones damage when they can't do anything to you)
heal - absoulutly op helps warwick be completly op

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Pros / Cons

be able to stay in lane for as long as you like
never run out of mana
infinitely helpful to the team

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In lane

In lane what you want to do is freeze the lane just in front our your primary tower this will allow easy farming. when you take damage you use your q ability tha heals you you will eventully run out of mana then that is when it becomes op you use clarity and you gain a huge amount of mana. you will then have more mana you have more sustain, more sustain means more kills and more kills means easy win easy life. And if you want to disrespect the enemy laner take all the minion agro and just heal through it if he trys to do damage take his health bar away from him, with a side of flash and also the jungler.

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Warwick was once a man revered for his ability to track down human specimens for the darkest types of scientific research. When his ambitions exceeded his physical limits, he drank a dangerous elixir to transform himself into an unstoppable manhunter. His newfound strength bore a heavy price.
Before his transformation, Warwick found his calling in Zaun as a "procurer" of human test subjects. Known for his crafty methods and ruthless determination, people regarded him with a cautious mixture of fear and respect. As his reputation grew, so did the demands placed upon him. His clients wanted more rare and dangerous specimens, and they wanted them sooner. To meet their demands, Warwick needed the strength that transcended his limited human form. His longtime friend, Singed, devised a powerful formula. The recipe called for three critical components: silver from the Shadow Isles, the fang of a Balefire dire wolf, and the heart of a celestial being. Warwick tracked down the first two in short order, but the third proved a much greater challenge. He traveled to Ionia to trap Soraka, a creature believed to be a child of the stars, but she discovered his ploy and drove him away with powerful magic. Unable to tolerate his failure, Warwick returned to Singed disfigured and furious. He demanded the chemist's incomplete potion, but Singed warned him that the results would be unpredictable. Ignoring his friend's warning, Warwick drank the concoction. The brew transformed him into a creature both man and wolf, infusing him with raw strength and heightened senses. Exhilarated, he immediately began testing his newfound power. Each day his instincts became sharper, but his human half slipped further away. He could feel himself losing control: though he always got his prey, he often failed to bring them back alive. Now he seeks the blood of Soraka to stabilize his transformation before his mind gives way to the feral urges of the beast.

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real lore

what really happened is: Warwick was a hunter of man but he wanted more so he challenged the soraka but he ran out of mana. After this he ran away with shame and never showed himself for 3 years but he wss mastering a technique that would allow him to absorb soraka heart this would regain the honor of the brutal warwick. But when he attempted his plan, he murdered soraka easily but what he pulled out was too powerful it turn warwick insane. 300 years had passed and warwick had managed to gain the power of sorakas heart. it gave him mana when ever he summoned upon it. It was then renamed as clarity and became warwicks greatest weapon.Even to this day it is used by warwick when he ventures top lane so he can be invicible for as long as he wants. Even now in season 5 warwick keeps the mana ability even through soraka could not, just to show how broken op it is

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Ranked Play

You are Top even if you are last pick or don't call top what you need to do is insta lock and then carry your team to greater victory.

In the champion select screen you may be accused of being a troll and that it sucks people may even go as far as telling you that you are in the jungle. But it doesn't matter you are the greatest champ in the game and with clarity you are invincible. Ignore their hate and show them who is boss

people will add you after the game and ask you to duo Que with you because thye will want you to carry you in the next game.

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Because you are so op other campions may question your top lane and be there just to check it out, these are all toplane match ups but some of them are qestionable

Aatrox - demon from hell is scared of clarity. But everything is scared of Warwick. what you do is whenever aatrox dives at you, you need to use your q ability this will allow you to heal and aatrox to lose health. you also get to kill him twice, Lucky.

Ahri - warwick can't be charmed by such a weakling.Because he sees nothing in weakness. When you encounter her dodge all her abilitys with ur speed then eat her. even with her new found speed ahri is too slow

Akali - akali wants to try to dash towards warwick good luck. she thinks she is better once she gets her ult but really she is at her worse. Akali has been nerfed into the ground anyway so any chance she had has been thrown away.

Alistar - mmmm maccas. he is whenever you encounter him just ult q until death, he is actually too slow to do anything to you.
Amumu - already sad enough before had to lane against warwick. any champion with a gap closer will be murdered instantly by the powerful warwick
Anivia - too slow, seriously if there is ever a point in the game where anivia is below half health, easy kill.
Annie - Warwick beats little girls for breakfast
Ashe - nothing can slow Warwick
Azir - Rulers are nothing to the power of Clarity warwick
Bard - His ult only lasts so long
Blitzcrank - if Warwick is pulled then pentakill(blitz team all dies)
Brand - warwick can't be burnt due to his constant inviciblity
Caitlyn - warwick can't be tamed
Cassiopeia - wolves eat snakes. even a stun isn't enough to stop the mighty warwick
Cho'Gath - Warwick eats chogath
Corki - turns out warwick can eat metal to
Darius - can't dunk something as invicible as warwick
Diana - easy lane warwick is that op
Dr. Mundo - where did he get his degree
Draven - draven respects only warwick
Elise - wolves eat spiders
Evelynn - no one can hide from warwick
Ezreal - he stopped exploring after he met warwick
Fiddlesticks - warwick eats the birds as well
Fiora - easily the worst champ as it is
Fizz - playful trickster only fun until he dies
Galio - giant bird man dies quick
Gangplank - don't think pirates have even seen a wolf before
Garen - Dies for DAMACIA
Gragas - to drunk to run from warwick
Graves - pffft not even close babey
Hecarim - mmmmm bk
Heimerdinger - turrets mean more sustain
Irelia - warwick is tank killer
Janna - what is janner doing top lane
Jarvan IV - not enough swag
Jax - he couldn't hurt him even with a real weapon
Jayce - hammer time isn't enough
Jinx - jinx became a law abiding citezin after she laned with warwick-
Karma - is this really a question
Karthus - not fast enough
Kassadin - he ult has too long of a cool down
Katarina - assassins just don't have any luck against a unkillable target
Kayle - angels aren't good against warwick
Kennen - should be a adc
Kha'Zix - not a good enough hunter
Kog'Maw - wolves eat monsters from the void
LeBlanc - doesn't have the chance to go back
Lee Sin - if he dashes he dies
Leona - can't cc him forever
Lissandra - turns out warwicks claws destroy ice
Lucian - not black enough
Lulu - only good on warwick team
Lux - sounds like a va***m cleaner
Malphite - lets just say malphite doen't say you will lose to warwick
Malzahar - suppresion op ( on warwick)
Maokai - would rather pretend to be a normal tree
Master Yi - even his ult with swifty and ghost and ghost blade isn't fast enough to get away from warwick
Miss Fortune - still a pirate
Mordekaiser - is that sion under that armour
Morgana - devils aren't as evil as warwick
Nami - wolves eat fish
Nasus - nasus once tried to get infinite stacks in his q still couldn't kill warwick
Nautilus - too much time underwater to understand how op warwick is
Nidalee - wolves eat cats
Nocturne - nocturne can only ult away from warwick
Nunu - just useless
Olaf - even true damage doesn't matter
Orianna - robots are lame
Pantheon - not manly enough
Poppy - trololol
Quinn - bird yum
Rammus - just shocking
Renekton - mmmm lizard
Rengar - not a very good hunter
Riven - meh
Rumble - This is one of the easiest lanes that warwick can go up against I'm not even going to give you information on how to do it. xkaneizorz is a noob and shouldn't be allowed to play this
Ryze - no magic is powerful enough to contain the beast
Sejuani - mmm two for one
Shaco - joked about laning against warwick, never again
Shen - double kill
Shyvana - wolves eat dragons
Singed - no-one can run not even singed ulted and ghost
Sion - isn't this just Mordekaiser without armour
Sivir - obviously australian lame
Skarner - pokemon respect warwick and surrender pre 20 mins by afking
Sona - warwicks dance is op anyway
Soraka - able to stop warwick for a second but it is never enough
Swain - wolves eat birds thought i already said that
Syndra - warwick eats the balls as well
Talon - blades don't hurt warwick
Taric - taric is scared of warwick
Teemo - warwick eats teemos for breakfast
Thresh - ghosts have no effect here
Tristana - jumps to her death
Trundle - wolves eat trolls
Tryndamere - lets warwick heal for 6 seconds before his death
Twisted Fate - can teleport anywhere on the map to his death
Twitch - wolves eat rats
Udyr - not fast enough
Urgot - not a real boy
Varus - can't corrupt warwick
Vayne - can slay dragons but wolves eat dragons
Veigar - tiny bit sized evil
Vel'koz - hasn't learned to be scared yet
Vi - have nothing to say here
Viktor - lazers cook mah food

Vladimir - try's to kill him self before warwick comes. warwicks into bloodlust hmm mabye playing the blood mage wasn't a good idea

Volibear - mmm electric fried bear, when qing voli you stun him so badly that his own ult hurts him making him cooked and killed by himself

Warwick - if both warwicks use clarity at the same time game will crash giving both teams the victory

Wukong - wolves eat monkeys easy lane,espeically when he has 2 to munch and they dash to him easy lunch delivery

Xerath - clarity is more op than a being of pure energy. inface clarity is pure energy warwick munches xerath because of his lack of movement and when he is low it is quite a easy kill for him.

Xin Zhao - warwick gave up hunting humans years ago due to how easy it was

Yasuo - sheild gives warwick more health to steal from him easy lane, and even with infinite dashes he can't escape. When laning against him just ingnore his moving around then it should be a easy lane.

Yorick - basically gives warwick more stuff to heal off. and if that isn't op i don't know what is. it also give free gold which is nice.

Zac - the only champion to have just as good sustain but can't use clarity so not as good
Zed - can't assassinate something as op as warwick
Ziggs - only can run for so long

Zilean - more like practice for killing him. old men are allegic to wolves and getting their faces ripped off and that is what warwick specializes in.

Zyra - plants get ripped up by warwicks claws not even worth fighting her. the main reason is that no warwick would touch plants because he only consumes meat. this shows his might and majestic prowess in lane