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Brand Build Guide by Bigfaplp

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Clg status

Updated on July 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bigfaplp Build Guide By Bigfaplp 5 4 5,454 Views 7 Comments
5 4 5,454 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bigfaplp Brand Build Guide By Bigfaplp Updated on July 19, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Im brand. brand is a very good damage dealer throughout the whole game. early game he hits hard. mid game he hits harder and late game he contributes so much to teamfights. One thing you should know about brand or actually any type of carry is that they are really squishy. Now in ranked, the most important thing is sustainability and survivability. Feel free to look up what they mean in the dictionary. Other then that carry's are what hit the hardest in the game and they are very important in teams. because what is a bunch of tanks without any damage. now brand probably has the quickest burst and the best counter to a lot of middle characters. I have completely dominated Annie's despite her being op atm and a lot of anivias. remember if you can harass and totally zone the opponent in mid. outfarm, ect. then you are doing an amazing job and handicapping the other team . and they will be scared of you. now there are 3 situations with brand or almost any type of ap carry. you hit really hard but you have cooldown's. 1 you either burst and kill. then snowball. 2 you either get ganked because of no map control and then you fall behind. 3 you burst and fail to kill your enemy and then die or lose summoners / ults because of this and then are forced to sit back and get kinda zoned. you probably want option 1 or 3 , because 2 will always make you feel bad about yourself. getting jungler ganked is probably the most demoralizing thing. now im just talking so i can actually make this a guide and not a ****ing build.
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Harass with e and w. early game. then w only if sure land. W E to farm if you have blue. also E into a q stun then a pillar is pretty much a netted kill. dont die for anything. only kill if sure to kill.


As a RANGED character, you really wanna avoid tanks/bruisers that are coming to you. IF YOU have to run away from the team fight for a short moment and run back in when sure about not being targetted. for example. there is a fight at dragon. and you guys down it. then udyr comes in with bear stance and stuns you. just run away till he runes back to fight. as soon as he does turn back around and go ult or w the enemy team so that you can atleast contribute without dieing. any ad / ap carry should be doing this. yeah dude
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make sure to duo lane with taric bot or just mid / solo top.why i say duo lane with taric is that it allows u to w e q really easily over stun. so mega harass.

also moonflair / will can be replaced by rylais and any other item of your choice. i like moonflair because cc teams are very strong lately and there are no other alternatives to stopping cc. unless you can dodge ashe arrows 2 feet away from you or in a 5 on 5 team fight there is no way of getting out of a 153025803295 second stun. anyways banshees is pretty good on any type of damage dealer so i recommend it strongly after v staff and d cap.

remember with rabadons you become very powerful, but don't get cocky as it can lead to your demise. just play smart and avoid dieing. my stats with brand are amazing and the win ratio is above 65 %. which is actually pretty good. as it is hard to win ranked games with "idiots"
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this is serious. brand is really strong anywhere on the map. he can literally burst a jungler gank by just either stunning or turning around and just ulting over a W AND E . this combo is ******ed when two people are beside each other. trust me brand is not very popular among low elo and mid elo players but he is a very powerful ap caster. and he fits right in with the new European playstyle. and by that i mean the double ap CC team. many NA players think this is weak but it's not. because of europeans new heroes are being played such as cass / brand / gragas. and it works amazingly well. anyways have fun . and please be good and respectful at all times.

yeah i know my name is funny. kinda
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Chapter 5

extra conclude YO. hmm yeah I will be making other guides in the future and I really want to point out that 5000 letters isn't ALOT but it is a good time out of your day. I know there it is a requirement but it is taking me a lot of time just to complete a guide. And what I really wanted to say was that this was a fun experience and that hopefully people will listen to this guide and give me positive feedback. the success rate for this build has always been good to me and as long as you are a decent and good player then this build will do you great. also a couple more things. in ranked games please always carry a sight ward and ward appropriate "Choke" spots. where someone has to walk by to get to somewhere . this makes the ward a lot more usefull and better for everyone. be map aware. when you see something happen at top or bot please get there and help your team out. this will make a 2 for 0 for the enemy team into a 2 for 2 for your team as you can probably clean everything up. HAVE FUn and have fun.
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i need to make this a guide zzzzzz

Yo so if anyone wants to tell me any suggestions or how you play brand please leave some feedback and if a pro player watches this then please leave a comment / vote I really want to know how to get better because 1414 elo isn't fun . there are so much "idiots" and people who are brainless. ok so love the mobafire community and keep it up i guess ?

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