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Tryndamere Build Guide by someguy1337

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League of Legends Build Guide Author someguy1337

Clickamere (3v3 Guide) [6.1]

someguy1337 Last updated on January 15, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

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6.1 Update

OK I think I'm done updating. Enjoy.

Note: Don't forget all the notes I have next to all the info up top.

Bug: Lord Van Damm's Pillager gives 30% crit not 25%. Runes are changed to reflect this.

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I really couldn't find any decent Twisted Treeline guides for my favorite champion.

So here is mine. Enjoy!

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Pros/Cons (6.1)


  • High damage.
  • Aggressive.
  • Mobile.
  • 5 seconds of pure invincible bliss.
  • Very hard to kill and instills fear into the hearts of every enemy faced.

  • Easily hard countered.
  • Easily shut down by focused CC.
  • Not-so-good sustain. Just my opinion personally but Trynd's sustain is not that good.
  • Hard to play. Many things must be timed right or death is certain.
  • Almost always focused due to infamous reputation of 2 shotting enemies.
  • "You're Trynd! Play a champ that takes skill!" - Any time you make a skillful play this will be the response. I actually had someone call me "clickamere" in a game and that's why I named this guide that.

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Team Work (6.1)

Don't be a chump. Be a champ. Read all of this and follow it to the core.

Do NOT engage multiple enemies alone unless you are have a significant item advantage over them. The more genius method is to constantly attack and back off forcing them to spend 66% of their team defending from you. That frees up your other 2 team mates to get objectives or farm more safely.

Turrets are deadly. Don't dive a turret anymore unless it's a couple hits away from being destroyed or your entire team is there with you and it looks like an easy kill. Killing the turret first is almost always the better strategy. Going for a not-so-sure kill (a sure kill would be a lone enemy with 10% hp and your flash up) is a great way to give your enemy a gold advantage over you and losing the game.

If you get out of a team fight with 20hp and the other guy gets out with 100hp. DON'T GO BACK IN. Just go back to base and heal / get items. 99% of the time going back to base and buying is better. Only if you know for sure they have no ranged move and would die with one spin then go back in. If another teammate does this (going back and dying), ignore them when they yell at you for not diving back in and dying to help their feeble attempt at a kill.

Play WITH your team. You will look like a nub scrub if you keep dying to 2v1's and then are under-powered the whole game. If you see a teammate in trouble and most likely dead, go put a Mocking Shout on them and keep your distance. If they are fighting WITH A CHANCE then join in. If they are clearly going to die fast, just stay back and don't give the enemy a double kill.

HOW TO WIN GAME: Don't die and farm. It seems like really obvious dumb advice but when you really think about it the winning team is always the one who followed this advice better.

With all this said, you are not perfect. Bad stuff (dumb plays) will happen and you might get an insult from others. That's OK because everyone reacts differently out of impulse BUT if they keep insulting.... >>MUTE<<. It will make you less frustrated all game and might lead to a win instead of a loss.

If they are extremely vile (oh and trust me, there are a lot of these folks out there), I encourage you to report them for Verbal Harassment. People like that do not need to be playing social games.

HOW TO WIN GAMES WITH TOXIC PLAYER(S): Mute them but... wait for it... don't tell them you muted them. This will make them feel super special because they think you are going into a alcoholic depression from reading all their super well thought out LCS insults / "advice" when in reality you have no idea they are even insulting you! Win win! (Ask for a report from others when the game is clearly over.)

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Farming (6.1)

Very important. More important than you would ever think.
Tryndamere if fully dependent on items to deal damage.
More farm = more gold and XP = more items and stats = more likely to get a kill = more kills = fed = gg.
If you don't farm properly, you lose. No objections.

On a super simple thought level: If everything is equal but you have ten more CS which gives you one more item (like a 300g dagger), who wins? You do.

Simple right?

Farm the jungle hard, it respawns insanely quick.
-Early game, kill the wraiths.
-Mid game, kill all jungle but start with wraiths.
-Late game, kill only golems and wolves.
-Leave farm if the enemy team is trying to take an objective.
-Share the jungle but also take lane creeps too.

(!) Unless you have a dedicated jungler which is definitely feasible. You should be able to farm a lane by yourself and they will need the jungle all to themselves. Late game it doesn't really matter much, just kill anything you see.

(!) Some people will whine about you "taking their lane creeps" but Twisted Treeline is a share zone. "Stealing creeps" is not report-able and no decent player would ever think it was. On the flip side, I can see how this is annoying so don't get into a cat fight if someone something about it. Just ignore them.

A thing that is not realized among many players, even me some games, is that dying is the single worst thing that denies you farm.

If there is ever a chance where you can get out of a situation alive, do so. It is much better to go back to farming and leave the enemy with 100 hp than it is to die even if you get the kill.

Twisted Treeline is such a snowball map it is really unbelievable. You'll quickly notice that the team with the most farm will win almost always hands down. Once your level 18 you can take turrets down in 10 seconds flat by yourself. A single ace can win a game with no turrets down at around the level 18 mark.

Focus less on kills and more on not dying. Kills will come naturally.

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Abilities / Skill Sequence (6.1)

First 3 skills:
1. Spinning Slash - Mobility: Use this to get away from focus, or bad fights. Don't use this for damage unless they intend to kill you. I have caught several people off guard with damage from spin when they go all in and won't back off.
2. Bloodlust - Start the madness. Unless your enemy won't stop attacking you (forcing an all in) then use this to sustain. Build 100 fury, heal, then keep attacking minions and build it back up. You can heal a lot with this. However, the heal isn't really useful until you have it leveled up twice (so don't use it until you are level 4+).
3. Mocking Shout - Apply this before you trade hits with the enemy. Don't "save" it for when they only turn their backs. It costs nothing. It's especially important on champs that can stun you. You can mitigate a lot of the damage they do when you are stunned by applying this before they engage. Then you can return fire with all of their abilities on cd.

1. Undying Rage (R)
2. Bloodlust (Q)
3. Spinning Slash (E)
4. Mocking Shout (W)

I used to argue UR -> B -> MS -> SS with no room to argue. This was because SS scaled only off of ability damage. They changed this to where it does AD and scales with AD a lot. So with that said both MS and SS are good. However the CD reduction on your mobility with a lot of increased damage makes SS the better ability to level up first.

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Summoner Spells (6.1)

I used to recommend Exhaust over Ignite but now not so much.

Exhaust does provide a slow and damage reduction but ignite has so much more kill potential. I have won literally countless fights due using ignite when we are both 25% hp and then spinning. The burst is just to much. God forbid you also crit them. It's just game over. Even if they flash the ignite will finish them off.

Flash is a no-brainer. Ghost is decent, but flash confuses the enemy as they do not know which way you will flash making certain death turn into a get away. Ghost will not usually save you from a bad situation as it still takes time to make a gap. Don't forget that you can flash over walls.

This is coming from a person who used Ghost in 90% of my games played so far.
So take Ghost if you are more comfortable with it, even on Summoner's Rift. Haters gonna hate.