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Other Climbing ELO in Bronze & Silver

Other Climbing ELO in Bronze & Silver

Updated on July 29, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zernez Build Guide By Zernez 6,849 Views 2 Comments
6,849 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zernez Build Guide By Zernez Updated on July 29, 2015
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GOLD is the name of the game!

I'm currently Platinum and I'm going to make a guide that helps Lower ELO players understand how to climb the ranked ladder. This guide is filled with things I have figured out as I've played.

I've had to climb myself and understand its frustrations, especially playing with 4 other teammates. But understand YOU are the key to your Win-Loss ratio being above or below 50%. Stay above 50% and you'll climb your way out of these ELOs and beyond.

Let's look at some easy things to do outside the actual game to help you improve:

1. Runes/Masteries
- Everyone should have 2 basic pages at least of Flat AD/AP Marks and Quints, flat armor Glyphs, and scaling magic resist Seals.
- For masteries it's a bit different. This is where you want to look up guides and read about your individual champion and his role to find what works best.

2. Summoner Spells
-FLASH! This is the only spell that matters and the most important spell in the game and most used for good reason. Unlke other spells its the most simple to use properly to flash away from spells that could cc or kill you in an instant, get over walls, or secure kills. Always keep this in the same spot so the key is always the same on your keyboard.
-Your 2nd spell can be whatever is necessary as it does change and very but standard is TOP: Teleport. Jungle: Smite, ADC: Heal, Support: Exhaust, Mid: Ignite

3.Learning the Game
-Watch the PROs : This teaches you the game in ways no guide can.
-Read guides: These inform you on tips and tricks for your champ, spells sequence, optimal runes and masteries, and the best spells. There is a lot to learn from reading these. Remember too that different people feel or think differently about things, so read more than one and make decisions for yourself on the inbetweens.

4.Mastering Champions and Roles
- This means you know his matchups, builds, skills, strategy, tips & tricks. This is something you learn to do both outside and inside the game.
- I suggest you be able to master at least 2-3 champions that you can also play in more than 1 lane(or role) if need be if your looking to climb the rank ladder.
-For many people, myself included, there are just some champions and roles you can never truly master.(Remember this is OK because not all of us are meant to be PROs, and FUN is priceless when playing LOL) You need to be able to figure out for yourself what roles and champions you can succeed at best. Some champions make it easier for you to play a role such as ADC(Bot) or APC(Mid) too, so you can still play at a high level in a role even if it isn't your main role.
-The hardest role to master is AD Carry. Why? Because to truly master it you need to have the mechanics down to constantly move and do damage constantly in fights while trying to remain alive. Mastering skills such as the attack move, while constantly repositioning yourself in fights is easier said then done. If you die right away or don't do enough damage in a fight there is a good chance your team looses.
-Mid or AP carry is the second hardest because these champions normally take a lot of skill to play at a high level of play, and being a lane in the center of the map your expected to win your lane and spread your advantage to both lanes and the jungle surrounding you more than any other lane in the game is.
-I'm going to leave the other three roles all tied for third, and suggest that people who want to go as far as they can main one of these three roles.

Lets now look at what you need to improve in game to get better and climb:
1. Understanding the Game Itself
-This game is all about GOLD! The team with the most gold wins most of the time. How do you get gold? Kills, Farm, and Towers. Remember that the other team is out for the same things to gain the gold advantage, so you need to defend and deny those things at the same time your looking to gain them.

-15 CS is equal to 1 Kill!!!! That's Gold and Experience for your champ. Those things translate over to items or levels which give you advantages when your fighting. Fighting an item up on your opponent makes you stronger, and fighting a level up with the extra base stats and spell level also makes you stronger then them. Farming is a lot easier to do then to safely get a kill without giving one up yourself. And with a huge farm lead over your opponent you can gain a lot of gold and advantages for your team.
- This means you need to practice CSing so you miss as little gold gain as possible. Check out this video for tips:
- Easiest way to dent your opponent CS is push the waves under the tower(especially when they back) or zone them out when your stronger and they know they can't fight you without dying.
* Note: Anytime your opponent backs its a good idea to push the wave under tower to deny CS and back to buy and get back to lane before you miss too much CS yourself. You want to back and buy around the same time buy so that they don't have an item advantage on in lane.

2. Towers/Objectives
-This give you more individual gold for being near them when they are destroyed and your team gold. If you want to carry your team, take towers and put gold in their pockets so they can use an item advantage in their own lanes.
-Knowing when to take towers is important. Anytime your team gets a kill look to take an objective that give your team gold or an advantage. Killed the guy in your lane or ganked and got a kill? Push the wave and take the tower in that lane. If you and your teammates are all top and you notice they have people bottom? Push and take a tower. Your teams stronger in a fight? Siege up and try to take a tower.
-One mistake people make is they go for dragon or barron right after a few kills and take no towers. WRONG CHOICE!!! These things help and give you stats that can technically be given a gold value, but you can have towers and one of these objectives!!!! Rush down towers right after the kills, get your team all that gold. And once they are about to respawn run away from their base to one of these objectives, then take it and back. It will take them longer to get to dragon then it would their base tower once they respawn.

2. Kills/Deaths
-Trading Kills is only good if you think your the better player, or you get 1st blood or a shutdown. This means you want to get kills without giving any up. How do you best do that?
Wait for ganks, know the matchup, create a lvl or item advantage. The level and item advantage is the easiest one for you to do on your own.
-Ganking gives you guys an advantage that should allow you to get a kill without giving up any. When do you want to gank? Your wave of minions is going into their tower, or your ally is sitting under his.
-Team Fights are a time when the most kills and deaths will happen. So how do you come out ahead? If your team has a good gold advantage, or when you don't have that then you want to focus on 2 thing! First kill their carries and second protect yours, these are the guys who are meant to the most damage in a fight.

*Remember there are lots of other things important needed to continue improving your League of Legends play that I haven't talked about like warding and map awareness. So be sure to keep learning.

Other useful League Websites I find myself using are:
For Champion related things:
For looking up sommoners: or
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zernez
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