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Gangplank Build Guide by H4xDefender

AD Offtank Competitive Solo Top Gangplank (S2)

AD Offtank Competitive Solo Top Gangplank (S2)

Updated on February 7, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author H4xDefender Build Guide By H4xDefender 57 14 233,153 Views 54 Comments
57 14 233,153 Views 54 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author H4xDefender Gangplank Build Guide By H4xDefender Updated on February 7, 2013
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Cpt Lozan (2) | March 23, 2013 6:40pm
Thank you so much for making a S3 rework of this guide.

GP is my favorite champ but I've been falling off recently with him and I don't feel that most of the other guides build him in a way to make him viable competitively.
Metal_Rex | November 21, 2012 9:46am

I don't know what i shall say about that Guide. You wrote it good and that much gold on GP synergizes him very well but I have problems doing damage with this build. I just came to Last Whisper but it seems i made very low damage and I don't know what to do cause everyone sayd its a good guide. Maybe I farm to little, just had about 300gold with Parrely at 30min i think but most gold in team.
Elwaffle | November 8, 2012 11:05am
Honestly I love this guide. I tried a couple of times and I have to say its funny how much gold you get by the end of the game. I feel like you are pretty durable cause i had 3 people dive me on turret and was able to live. I love The Idea of farming it is one the most important parts of the game if not thee most important part. I have done similar GP10 on Karthus and Nasus before Bankplank. I have always loved it cause when all you do is farm people will forget about you. SO when you enter that teamfight you are the unseen danger. I have a feeling this would really well on the lower elos to start moving up. Also I feel like it helps you learn how to last hit and teaches the importants of farming too.
Cpt Lozan (2) | November 7, 2012 3:53pm
I really love this guide, I've always wondered if getting the GP10 runes/ Masteries would be any good on Gangplank. But as this guide shows, it really compliments his natural ability to farm. I was just wondering, however, if you could go a little more in-depth about some of the match ups, Irelia and Yorik in particular. I always seem to loose my turret when I lane against them and DON'T get heavy jungle support.


~Cpt. Lozan
Janitsu (569) | November 3, 2012 2:41am
Hi, I'm Janitsu, and I'm here to review :)


  • The way you explain things
  • Telling most of the possible enemies you might get against you


Possible Improvements(?):

  • Maybe you could get boots earlier, dunno, I'm not so good with him :)
PexeD | October 29, 2012 1:18pm
Great guide, very well explained.
I'm at work soo didn't have time to test it yet, but i'm pretty sure it works fine.
I'm not good at managing mana soo i'm a little insecure about farming with Q and using W to stay alive without depleting your mana, especially when the other top is too dangerous for u to come close to auto attack the creeps.
I would appreciate if u post a video or a replay on how to act when this is happening and manage to keep ur mana and farm good!

That said, very good guide! :D
H4xDefender (123) | October 24, 2012 11:49pm
Maybe in 1200 elo, which is where the majority of my downvotes w/o comments are coming from, since people are too ***** to post a comment and say I downvoted.
Dotachan | October 24, 2012 9:15pm
Why not building crits?, in my opinion starting with crit chance and crit dmg runes makes you to easy farm and kill ._.
H4xDefender (123) | October 22, 2012 5:15pm
No problem, glad you enjoyed it. LW provides more outright damage for carrying, while Atma's is more a support bruiser item that still deals good damage. A lot of runes are great on GP, its just I like using this setup.

And to those 10 or so anonymous troll voters, hope you'll think twice about the effectiveness of this setup when I put up my replays of me beating 2k+ solo tops on their main champs X)
JohnWesleyX | October 22, 2012 2:15pm
Gangplank was my first champion i ever bought, he was so much fun when i was a noob/low leveled player. I always played glass cannon GP and destroyed the enemy team. But, ever since I've became a high level player (i don't play ranked much, but a lot of normals) solo top was to tanky for me to handle and i ended up losing the game for us.
But I came across your guide the other night and was really interested to try Tankplank/Farmplank because you made it easy to understand. And I went beserk late game, carrying hard and eating auto attacks. He is starting to become my main again.
Now there are a few things I do differently:
Flat Attack marks/ Armor seals/ Magic Resist glyphs/ Health Quints
The main reason i use these is because there all I have and Im poor Lol, but they work with all of my solo top champs. I so follow your item build except i get Atma's instead of Last Whisper. Because even after the nerf it provides around ~60 Ad and the rest of the stats are perfect for TankPlank especially after Infinity Edge.

Thank you for the guide +1
MrCookPL (1) | October 21, 2012 10:40pm
Really enjoyed that guide :)
My favourite build for that champ, +1 ofc.
Xeronn (75) | October 17, 2012 10:25pm

I'll add it, although there isn't much you can do in that lane except get iceballed. (which is pretty much what nunu does to anyone)

Dem snowballs.
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