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Viktor Build Guide by sixilli

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sixilli

Competitive Viktor

sixilli Last updated on May 11, 2012
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This is my first guide here on mobafire and I'd like to share my views on this wonderful underplayed character.

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Pros and Cons

+Strong burst damage
+Great ganks
+AoE stun
+Terrible mobility
+somewhat short range

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Skill explanations

I won't be covering what they do, just how they help you. Also here is a quote from jatt of riot. By Jatt
Viktor gets overlooked because he's actually really hard to play, and alot of his power is hard to notice.

Viktor actually trades really well in lane, the trick is that once you get in range to Q, your E can land 100% of the time if you place it properly. The way E works is it spawns instantly at the start of the draw point, so if you put it right on top of someone, it becomes undodgeable. As a bonus E doesn't have a cast time! so you get to trade 2 spells for 1 spell from the enemy (usually).

Movespeed quints help greatly in getting into Q range of a lanemate so you can pull off your combo.

Skill order wise, you can sometimes wait as long as level 10 or 14 to get a single point in W. That's not to say W isn't a good skill, it is completely gamechanging for zone-control in teamfights; it is just very difficult to use well in the lane.

Build wise I go pretty standard, Double Dorans rings, Sorc boots, Red augment (death) into deathcap. Tanky AP builds sans deathcap work quite well on VIktor too, as he has to get into quite close range to use his Q and E as I just described. The base damage of his spells is also very high so you can get away with lower AP builds.

As for bean spilling, we know that Viktor's augments didn't turn out quite right, and we're evaluating what to do with them next. I can't give an ETA on when or how his augments are going to get changed, but we want to make all 3 of them more dynamic choices.

Viktor is super strong, and I won't be shocked if we see him in some of the upcoming tournies.


SPACE Evolving Technology Some people claim this to be useless but the amount of extra damage and utility this can give you makes you even more annoying.

Power Transfer This is your main harassing tool up tell about level five. If you noticed it takes up about half as much mana as Death Ray

Gravity Field You might wonder why I don't take this tell level 7. Basically it's not really all that useful tell you have your ultimate or are team fighting. When you are facing high mobility champions like Ahri or Fizz you may want to take this earlier.

Death Ray This skill is your holy grail. The amount of damage it does is just insane. With an Augment: Death you will be making the enemies cry when this bad boy hits for well over 800 damage.

Chaos Storm The best part about viktor. This ult can really wreck an enemy team and paired up with Rylai's Crystal Scepter can prove even better results.

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Augments, which is right for you?

SPACE Augment: Death In my opinion this is the best one. 30% power increase on your Death Ray is much too good to pass up on

Augment: Power This has to be the next best one. I don't take it too much. The only reason you should take this is if you are getting focused hard and need the movement speed boost.

Augment: Gravity The only time you should ever buy this is if you got behind somewhere or got shut down. The added range on your group stun is very helpful to the team but not so much for you.

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SPACE Rylai's Crystal Scepter The reason this item is part of the core is because it makes your ult twice as effective. Adding a slow to your ult is just down right insane. Enemies won't be able to escape it and will take the full damage.

Zhonya's Hourglass I have way too many good things to say Zhonya's Hourglass. It bumps up your survivability and give a ton of ap. The fact you have no natural escape using this active will save your life more times than you can count.

Morello's Evil Tome This is kinda a place holder item. If I find I am becoming mana hungry I might just pick up the fiendish codex. I will usually sell this later down the road for a void staff.

Void Staff is pretty standard on AP carries late game because once they start getting MR your damage starts to fall off tell you get this bad boy. Some people say that if their MR is below a certain level go for the abyssal scepter. I still usually pick this

Abyssal Mask The only time I ever really get this item is if I'm getting stomped mid and need the magic resist. It's not very often but that added MR can make a huge difference.

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Laning Phase

Now that you have a grasp on what to get and when. It's a perfect time to talk about how to play in game. If you noticed I took Gravity Field very late. Some might say are you insane? In all honesty there is a good reason for this. Death Ray does 116 damage at level 3 while Power Transfer does 125 at level 2 and cost about half as much. You might be asking yourself why doesn't he max power transfer first? The reason behind rushing death ray is because of it's ability power percentage. Giving death ray a clear advantage once you have a little bit of ability power

When in the laning phase you want to make sure you are last hitting and do not harass with your death ray tell you get some ap. Power transfer will be your most reliable skill in early game damage. The best part about power transfer is the shield it gives you. You trade hits with enemies and if you are fast enough your shield will take a big portion of any harass coming your way.

Once you reach level 6 you are ready to get your first kill. If you have done a good job harassing my basic in for the kill combo is R>E>Q. Then past level seven it is W>R>E>Q. The reason you don't need to get your W is because Chaos Storm will silence your enemy preventing them from using flash for 0.5 seconds. It doesn't seem like much but with smart casting it should be more than enough time for you to land everything. This combo at level six with minimal ap will do roughly half health to full health depending how long they stay next to the chaos storm

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Champions that counter you.

I don't know where to start with ahri but she will run all over you with her ult. If you don't stop her quick there is a strong chance you won't be winning the lane. Out of the other counters I have listed so far I will say she is a bit easier to stop than talon and lb

Talon counters you so hard it's hard to explain all the reasons why. His silence + combo = your death. The best way to avoid talon is to just avoid him all together.

Leblanc will stomp you harder than almost any champ. She has mobility and burst over you. I recall playing a game against her and her two skills did 98% of my health. If you go mid against leblanc, you're going to have a bad time.

Now akali doesn't really sound that bad but once she hits six keep your distance. The only real way of killing her is dropping your stun at your feet when she uses her ult. Then use every one of your offensive abilities and pray to god that she is dead at the end of it.

Katarina has to be one of the easiest counters to deal with if you are quick. I really want to emphasize quick. She will Shunpo behind you and you will have to ult her to silence her then drop your stun. Again you are going to have to pray she doesn't get her ult off and that you can burst her down.

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Counter picking enemys

In my opinion viktor can go toe to toe with just about any mid that doesn't have a mobility advantage on him. This being said you don't really counter anyone just enemies you have a fair playing field with. Champions that fit this are Brand Cassiopeia Swain Ryze and even the dreaded Morgana the list really does go on and on to whom you have a fair fight mid with.

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I hope that I was able to help you guys with this build. Viktor can be pretty tricky to play but if you can get a handle on him I'm sure you'll like him. He is one fun champ to play and not a lot of people know exactly how to counter him.