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League of Legends Build Guide Author archeuss

Comprehensive Guide on Speed Learning

archeuss Last updated on July 12, 2014
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Tips, Programs, Everything

First the programs I recommend getting are Natural Reader and Enounce MySpeed.

Enounce MySpeed - you can watch videos up to 5X speed with this slider bar program. You can watch youtube videos and twitch past broadcasts at a much faster rate. This program does NOT chipmunk at high speeds and neither does HTML5 Player on youtube.

Natural Reader - allows you to multi task reading and gaming - or reading and anything else. You can gradually increase the slider on Natural Reader so that you get used to speed reading as well. Natural Reader can also be played or stopped using a hotkey when you highlight words on web pages.

Youtube Tips - You can spam spacebar when you are wanting to slow down the pace of a video to be frame by frame. This makes it much easier to understand plays. You can activate HTML5 player as well (google this, it's pretty straightforward). When you do this you can actually increase youtube video speed now from 5X to 10X. (Useful for seeing the big picture). You will be able to adjust speed on youtube videos by clicking gear icon. (This is the same icon used to change quality. You can also 'search' through youtube videos by using left and right arrow keys. Another trick is that with some videos you can hold down the left mouse key and drag the slider and get 'preview images' of the video.

Sites I recommend are lolwiki, opgg, probuilds, lolnexus,, and mobafire.

(Note: OPGG; you can download videos of player from any region here. If you're curious of seeing replays of the best players with the best winrates in any region, you can download their matches here.)

Tips for VLC Player and Windows Media Player:

You can increase the speed of both VLC Player and Windows Media Player. VLC player can be sped up by going to Playback > Speed or using a hotkey. Windows Media Player can be sped up as well. If you have an Anker Mouse and use the Anker Precision Gaming Mouse program, you can program your mouse a hotkey for play/pause. (This is a special hotkey you can use while gaming). Another tip is that I recommend using playlists of Youtube users - It's much faster than searching for individual videos that you are trying to find on a related topic.

Playing Info on an MP3:

I recommend using a fast YouTube to mp3 Converter to download guides, commentaries, etc. from youtube, as well as Natural Reader's ability to download text in MP3 form.

Extensions that are useful for Speed Learning:

Firefox - Adblock, Youtube High Definition.

Chrome - Adblock, Magic Actions for Youtube, Spreed.


I want you to know these techniques can be applied to any kind of online learning. You can use these techniques for Khan Academy, online learning, playing other video games, anime and even watching let's plays.

If you like this guide please give me a thumbs up as it means a lot; it will give me incentive to improve the guide and add more info as I learn new things and see ways to improve the guide. If you have any suggestions feel free to share. I plan to add pictures, improve guide readability, and attractiveness in the near future.


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