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Jayce Build Guide by Hugginator

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hugginator

Comprehensive Jayce [In-Depth] [Updated]

Hugginator Last updated on July 9, 2012
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EVERYONE can benefit from the non-jungling sections of this guide, EVEN if you don't jungle with Jayce!

Use this to your advantage, as it will give everyone new to Jayce a good overview of how to use his skillset. So don't be rude: shaddup and pay attention!

I've been playing Jayce ever since he came out, and I've found that he is an excellent jungler in the right hands. This is not because he is a natural jungler, like Warwick for example. His sustain in the jungle is adequate (less than adequate if you use his skills improperly). But once you hit level 3 his ganks are amazing. The combos you can utilize are great once you get the hang of them. Dealing damage and establishing CC, Jayce is no jungler to take lightly.

The true secret of Jayce, irregardless of playing style, is in constantly switching from melee to ranged to take advantage of his movement bonuses, gaining defense, or reducing an opponents defense. His ability to be either ranged or melee is very unique and very useful. Capitalizing on his transform is what differentiates the great Jayce players from the rest!

Note: If you wanna downvote, please leave a constructive comment explaining why!

--Guide will be constantly updated in upcoming days. Feedback more than welcome, and I will likely incorporate your advice if I find it sound!

Will be updated once pentakill is acheived. ;)

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+ AMAZING skillset. Ranged + AD!
+ Large damage output
+ Decent CC
+ Great chasing
+ Decent escapes
+ Mana Regen Lightning Field / Hyper Charge + Lifesteal Wriggle's Lantern = Good Sustain
+ Your milkshake WILL bring all the boys to the yard


+ Little sustain till late game (in my build)
+ Not the most durable jungler early game
+ Importance of skillset makes ganks high risk, if you are out of position or miss something you will pay for it
+ Hard to master
+ Your milkshake WILL bring all the boys to the yard

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Hextech Capacitor

Great passive for a ganker! Will allow you to move through jungle speedily, close in on fleeing enemies, and escaping from impending death. When roaming, use it often. Your ganks will come often and your teammates will be grateful.

To The Skies! / Shock Blast

Cannon: Shock Blast

Best skill for initiating massive damage when combined with Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate. Mediocre alone, but the gate makes a HUGE difference. Use this guy to farm minions in one hit, harass enemies, and get that necessary range to kill your enemy in dramatic fashion.

You can also use this to check bushes for enemies. In trouble in mid? Use it to gain vision on some wraiths, switch to hammer (melee) stance, and jump to safety with "To the Skies!".

Hammer: To the Skies!

Very similar to Jax's Leap Strike. Great skill for positioning and inflicting damage on battlefield. You will also slow your enemies, which is crucial for chasing. Use this if your enemy is between you and his turret. Otherwise, use Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate.

Lightning Field / Hyper Charge

Cannon: Hyper Charge

Don't neglect this skill! This will allow you to get 3 quick hits off on an enemy, dealing a large amount of damage. It is more reliable than your Shock Blast, so use it to kill a fleeing enemy when you need range and minions/champions/flies on your screen are in the way.

Hammer: Lightning Field!

Active skill is alright. Deal some damage, it's all good. Drop it in teamfights or crowded situations. But the passive on this is great for sustain. Out of manna? No problemo. Don't recall, go farm some minions and your manna will restore quite quickly.

Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate

(This is primarily a utility spell. I level it last.)

Cannon: Acceleration Gate

There is never a time you don't want to use this skill in some manner. The most important usage is in giving a very (very!) noticeable boost to damage, range, and AOE on your Shock Blast. Set up the gate first and make your shot count. Additionally, you can use it to give you and your teammates a movement boost. Use it to chase and to flee. And DO NOT forget to help your teammates out by boosting them as well!

Hammer: Thundering Blow!

Very similar to Alistar's Headbutt (lolol it's like butthead but reversed...pardon my immaturity). Anyhow, use this to push enemies away from their turrets. Combine this with flash to ensure your enemies are pushed in the right direction...DEATH. AD melee chasing you? Use this skill. Somebody chasing your teammate? Use this skill. But don't use it in the jungle unless you know you won't be pushing a wraith through a wall, etc.

Mercury Cannon / Mercury Hammer

Mercury Cannon

This is your ranged stance. I like to initiate in this stance (more info in next section). Don't forget that your first attack will reduce an enemy's armor and magic resist! Try to save your first shot on the champion you are trying to kill to soften him up.

Mercury Hammer

This is your melee stance. I like to jump in with this stance after using all my skills on the mercury cannon. Whenever you are in a situation where an enemy is on top of you or you are closing in on an enemy, switch to this stance for the armor and magic resist.

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Here is where I talk about all the different ways you can use Jayce's abilities. There are many tactics and each situation calls for a different approach. Here, I address common situations you will encounter.

1: Ganking

This is my approach for ganking a lane as Jayce. I start off in the bushes in Cannon (ranged) stance. I make sure that I have my first attack lined up to take out my target's armor/magic resist. Once I have my target locked I drop an Acceleration Gate (E) ( Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate) and shoot my Shock Blast (Q) ( To The Skies! / Shock Blast) through it, dealing tons of damage. Then I Hyper Charge (W) Lightning Field / Hyper Charge and hit my target quickly about 3-4 times.

All this time I am trying to get between my target and his turret, cutting off his escape. At this point I switch to Mercury Hammer (R). If I am between him and his turret (optimal), I use my Thundering Blow (E) ( Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate) to knock him back. If I am behind him, I use To the Skies! (Q) ( To The Skies! / Shock Blast) to catch up. Whenever I begin the serious engagement (i.e. not like Kim Kardashian's engagements), I engage my Lightning Field (W) ( Lightning Field / Hyper Charge)

I stay in Hammer stance while I am in the midst of the fight. If my enemy drops low and is fleeing, I revert back to Cannon stance and use Hyper Charge (W) Lightning Field / Hyper Charge to add more damage/kill. If he gets out of range, I line up another Acceleration Gate (E) ( Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate) and shoot my Shock Blast (Q) ( To The Skies! / Shock Blast) through it. This is a great killshot as it's range far outmatches the turret's.

This will most likely not be the exact course you will follow. You may run out of manna, you may find yourself overwhelmed by your enemy, you may disconnect at the crucial moment and throw your computer out of the room to "accidentally" smash your neighbor's annoying poodle that never shuts up. Anything is possible, and you need to be flexible. But having an idea of what combos you typically utilize gives you the experience to react quickly.

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I don't have time to write this right now. Will be coming shortly/tomorrow methinks. Please be patient, you little brat.