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Gangplank Build Guide by JustAStick

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JustAStick

Consume Plenty of Citrus

JustAStick Last updated on July 20, 2011
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This build will focus mainly on damage, critical chance, critical damage, and attack speed. Early on in the game you will focus mainly on getting a damage item or two. Then you will get some critical chance items, and critical damage items and then once you can deal a lot of damage you can increase your attack speed. To make sure you can get plenty of kills early on you should make sure to get Parrrley and Raise Moral leveled to 3 before getting Remove Scurvy.

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With Gangplank killing enemies quickly and without the cost of much mana is important so a high critical chance is important. Getting 6 Marks of Malice will increase you critical chance by 5.58%. Having a high critical chance is nice but you need to be able to deal damage when you get a critical hit so getting 3 Marks of Furor will increase you critical damage by 6.69%. Moving onto the Seal of Furor you will get a whopping 9 seals which will increase you critical damage by 7.02%. Moving onto Glyphs you will get 9 Glyphs of Focus which will decrease your ability cooldowns and allow you to use Parrrley more often. You ability cooldown will be decreased by 5.85%. Finally you will get the big daddies, the Quintessence of Furor which you will get 2 of to increase you critical damage by 8.92%. Over all after getting all of your runes your final stats will be +5.58 crit chance, +22.63% crit damage, -5.85% ability cooldown time.

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You will start out by getting a long sword to increase your damage. Then you will get a pair of brawlers gloves so you have increased crit chance. Once you have enough finish off your recipe for avarice blade which will increase your crit chance and give you extra gold. You should then finish the recipe for The Sword of the Occult which has a stack that increases your attack damage by 5 per stack and can stack 20 times. Once stacked all the way your damage will increase by 110. Next you'll need some boots to move around the battlefield faster. I recommend the Berserker's Greaves so you can have increased speed and attack speed. Next you'll work your way towards the Infinity Edge. For the first item in the recipe you'll get the B.F. Sword for increased attack damage, then the Pickaxe for more damage and then the Cloak of Agility for increased crit chance. Once you have all of these items you can get the Infinity Edge to finish the Recipe. The next item you need to work towards is the Phantom Dancer. This important item will increase you attack speed, crit chance, and movement speed. You will start the recipe by getting Zeal before finishing the recipe. Finally for an extra boost you will buy The Black Cleaver. This will give you a huge boost to your damage and your attack speed all while you are bringing down your enemies armor.

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Parrrley - This is your main damage output. It will be very important if you wish to snipe fleeing opponents. Getting this skill early on and increasing it before the late game is important.

Remove Scurvy - This is a very useful because not only does it get rid of crowd control effects but it can heal you as well. This is great for fleeing or getting health back so you can kill someone before they can kill you.

Raise Moral - This is a very useful skill for many reasons. It increases you attack damage and movement speed. The increased attack damage is very obviously important. Having an increased movement speed is useful for two things. Fleeing and chasing. You can flee opponents quickly or you can chase them down before they can run away.

Cannon Barrage - This skill is one of my favorite ultimates from any champion. Why? Because it is very very versatile. You can use it for its main purpose which is targeting a champion or a group of champions and killing them or you can be a little more strategic with it. What I like to use it for is firing it behind an opponent that is fleeing, keeping them near me so I can finish them off. You may also fire it in front of an opponent so you can escape death. Since it can be fired anywhere on the map some times I'll fire it at an enemy in a different lane and steal a kill from someone or save someone if they're near death.