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Shaco General Guide by ZOOMxTactic

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZOOMxTactic

Controversial AD Shaco

ZOOMxTactic Last updated on December 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shaco is a rather squishy champion and most people say he's terrible end game but who can blame em' with the current popular methods given by other guides. It just wasn't working for me so I invented my own guide and this works for me, it won't guarantee you victory, especially if I lose so often.

This guide is heavily based on teamwork, Shaco is no solo-carry and with this guide it's no wonder his DPS is so high and sure it may work with other characters but his skills really make them shine the most. I'll be teaching you how to make what I call a semi-jungle, pushing, carry Shaco.

I'm scared you guys will use my own build on me now, time to find a new character to play...

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Pros / Cons

Tricky, no need for flash.
Tons of ways to be played.
High damage output.
Can jungle quickly.
Can solo Baron.

Often targeted first.
Heavily reliant on jungling.
This guide does not support jungle Shaco so you can't get Dragon at lv. 6. Sorry.

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Summoner Spells

I tend to use ignite and smite. Shaco doesn't need smite to jungle but it sure does speed it up and the little bonus used on minions to instant kill them is nice too. Ignite makes sure you kill what you need to or get the edge in a fight you're not sure of.

Also, these combinations aren't bad...

EXHAUST: "Shiv isn't enough, so I brought a bigger pain in the arse."

FLASH: "Deceive isn't enough, so I prefer to run like a ... dog."

Not recommended:

CLARITY: "Who the Hell needs blue buff, I got this!"

HEAL: "Ha, I redefined arsehole."

CLEANSE: "Wax on, wax off."

TELEPORT: " .. You know what, I don't even have a comment for this one. I only use this with tanks and Shaco ain't no tank mayneeee."

Others you get the point.

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BACKSTAB: Bonus damage if an enemy champion takes damage from the back, useful for people who love running away but don't rely TOO heavily on it.

DECEIVE: It's like flash except you're invisible when used and it cancels out when you attack someone adding bonus damage. Very useful.

Jack in the Box (JITB): This is your favorite early game tool. Keeping these in bushes will save your life since the 0.5 fear is enough to discourage many to follow, keep those running away distracted for a bit, or making sure you don't get ganked. It's also very important to jungle with.

SHIV: Slows the target down when you use it dealing pretty nice damage early game with low cooldown. When unused, it has a passive to slow the champion down and when you attack minions with it on passive, they have a chance to miss. Useful on Baron.

HALLUCINATE: A twin you that takes more damage and dies as time goes on. "WHAT?" Well, look at the bright side, it's like doing 2x damage. Oh yeah, he explodes when he dies. But when someone dies it doesn't have to be you... See, it's not so bad being you.

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Man, when I started playing League of Legends, no one taught me squat about jungling! Thank god for Youtube. Anyways, Shaco is one of the best junglers in the game with his almighty [jack in the boxes].

[1] After buying your items, run to blue buff and plant 4-6 jack in the boxes, it's enough to do the job without smite. I'm able to plant 6, some people prefer to put 2 at wolves and 4 at blue buff but that's them. With that said, PLANT SIX AT BLUE BUFF and when they start attacking the golems move in. Keep a distance from the JITB's so it won't fear the stuff and they aim for you.

[2] Successfully killing blue buff, I rush to wolves. Instantly plant a JITB, SHIV the alpha wolf and then smite it. This should leave it with one hit to kill, after that keep shiving the extra wolves and that one JITB should help kill it fast.

[3] Run to red buff, plant FOUR JITB's in front of it and then SHIV it. You should be able to get the red golem extremely hurt with the JITB's but not kill it, just keep shiving it and you'll be fine. Notice I did not smite it here. You should have levelled up and put a point into deceive.

[4] Go to regular golems. Place a JITB, instantly smite and SHIV the main golem. When the JITB fears, deceive behind the main golem so it targets the JITB and start attacking.

[5] Start ganking helpless players. I call this guide a semi-jungle guide because I do not return to the jungle after this with the exception of blue buff (and occasionally red). There's just no point, focus on killing. Remember, blue buff spawns once every 5 minutes. (Blue dies 2 mins, next 7 mins, 12 mins, 17 mins, so on.) Keep track.

[xxx Baron xxx] I wouldn't solo Baron until you have two infinity + blood thirster along with lv. 3 hallucinate. Remember not to SHIV Baron because you'll lose your passive bonus to avoid hits from it. Also, at lv. 14 you can take Baron with a team of three pretty easily ... I think. But don't expect to solo until later game with your team posing as distractions in every lane.

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Skill Sequence

When you're attacking other players, or ganking, you should stick to hiding in bushes. "NO @*!), Alex!" Pssh, you want to ...
(1) use deceive to get as close as possible behind them to do your passive bonus damage along with the skill bonus damage.

(2) Use JITB on the ground in case they attempt to fight you, you don't want to lose but to scare. With this being done, if he agrees to fight you, you do bonus damage with the JITB on the ground or get the chance to fear him and run.

(3) SHIV them. The movement speed for the opposing champion will be slower and the bonus damage should be tear jerking.

After that, you're on your own. Pay close attention to cooldowns, deceive will help you get that extra kill or save your hide when it's not looking in your favor. Remember, deceive can jump walls AND juke by looking like you're running one way and then deceiving towards the other to make the idiot go that way.

As for hallucinate, don't use it unless you...
[1] Want to get away. Use the clone to trick by controlling it or making it attack them while you deceive.
[2] People are willing to kill you. Hallucinate is ABSOLUTELY useless when they're running away since it can't deceive like you.
[3] You want to tower dive but you need a tank. Cast hallucinate and charge it at the champion while following behind. The tower should prioritize minions over people unless one of you attacked the opposing champion. Usually this makes the coward I mean tower hugging ... The other champion run away from safety while you deceive and shiv him to death. Or they're just stupid and the thing blows up on em' resulting in fatal damage.
*** Speaking of which, you can control your minion by holding left-ALT and using right click. Also, it's useful to use to dodge ultis or attacks since your character will split for about a second making you invincible. USELESS YOU SAY? MORE LIKE USEFUL. I've dodged Karthus' global ULT, Caitlyn's ULT, I've even dodged Alistar's hulk smash.

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Item Sequence

As you can see, I do not buy any potions early in the game especially since they're unneeded. You shouldn't be taking ANY DAMAGE at all when you get out the jungle with this build. If you're badly hurt, you're doing it wrong.

Faerie Charm and Rejuvenation beads will give you slight mana regeneration where it's much needed (not noticeable with blue buff but it runs out) and health regeneration which is WAY better than armor if you're jungling properly.

After that, I aim for boots to get some ganking potential if I had to recall broke but if not, I'd aim for pickaxe first to ensure I kill my target.

Berserker greaves is there to add the extra DPS early game and make the Tiamat worthwhile.

Tiamat is HIGHLY FROWNED UPON by many LoL players and I don't blame them but then you go in threads with people saying, "SHACO IS ONE OF THE WORST PUSHERS." Maybe you're just not doing it right. Tiamat makes it MUCH easier to last hit minions, gives good early damage+regen, and makes mobbing easy end game. You can usually sell it end game though since minions will most likely be stuck in the enemy spawn.

I start to rush blood thirsters next since Tiamat is good but not all that great without some more damage and when it's completed, Tiamat makes farming gold and bloodthirsters a joke. Make sure not to get Vampiric Scepter first, the damage is way more useful.

Blood thirsters is nice and all but don't rely on the life steal yet, let's build more damage but do it right! Next comes the infinity edge, 29% crit chance when completed which is massive with the +50% crit damage bonus along with the +10% through the mastery tree.

Phantom dancers is next to complement everything else. Increase the DPS, increase the crit chance, and I don't mind the movement speed.

At this point, you're open to add whatever you want. I like another blood thirster because when I hit things, I get 400 health. Hehehehe. I remember Ashe once said to me, "WTFS SHACO, YOU HIT 1500 ON ME." Squishy *#!(#.

This setup will eat tanks alive in team fights especially if they can't find you in the chaos but if you want a little more armor penetration, it doesn't hurt to scrap your Tiamat for the Last Whisper to total a whopping 50% armor penetration along with your DPS to hit 800-1200 per hit with approximately 2.2 attack speed.

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Item Sequence [ Continued ]

Why not trinity force?
Useless. The 150% bonus damage isn't as useful as you'd imagine, it's way better just stacking bonus damage from a second bloodthirster so you can crit double your base damage, now that's already better than +50%. It also doesn't stack with deceive. If you're doing it for the phage bonus + zeal bonus, might as well get a phantom dancer and use shiv. My opinion. Most Shacos that get trinity force are bad, if you don't believe me, we can vs each other. I've also heard the "Shaco is terrible end game" or "near useless." It's cause builds involving trinity force. 4K gold, come on man.

Why not maldred's razor?
I don't know. The attack damage is meh, and the attack speed is OOOOH. The +4% HP damage is useless though. What is 4% going to do... honestly. I've made this guide reliant on taking almost 15% HP on tanks per hit and 35% on squishies. Example: 4,000 HP. I do a bonus of 160 damage on hit. If I had another blood thirster, that's a bonus of 100 on hit with the crit chance I've built along with an infinity edge bonus meaning a damage of OVER 9,000.

Why not guardian angel?
It's useful, don't get me wrong, but I prefer damage and stealth. Why would I need something for dying if I don't plan on dying or taking damage? And if I do take damage, I need to make sure I hit something to get that +400 HP per hit. What can I say... I'm a hidden tanker. Let's see who lives longer and if I fail to tank, I die.

Banshee veil?
Useful but useless. If you get stunned, you're dead. So why not Banshee's? Usually when I see trouble, I deceive and get stunned while invisible. Besides, remember when you get defense you sacrifice damage output. I'm a strong believer in kill before being killed and in doing so you will survive.

Why is your guide missing Warmogs?
... *looks around. walks away.

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You want to gank people as hard as possible early game. If you don't have a kill within the first 10 minutes, something is seriously wrong. Shaco is dependent on early game kills so if this is happening to you, get to minion farming a solo lane or vacant lane and attempt to push as hard as possible with deceive ready to escape.

Additionally, team fights ... Three words: "Don't do it." People are all like, "u luky its 4v5 cuz our shako sucks." Hey, maybe they're right. Maybe I should give a hoot about what they're doing but nahhh, I don't. You're squishy as Hell and YOU WILL DIE. You wanna doubt me? Go buy a guardian angel. Good job, now the other team can send you to Hell twice in less than 10 seconds. What you want to do is hide and wait for a good opportunity. You'll play cleanup man with hurt champions. If the battle is looking uphill and your team is chasing, feel free to show yourself and shiv+deceive to harass and help but if it's a mess in there, don't jump in without hallucinate to give a little more survivability.

Meanwhile... ! If you're like me (an ***) and decide to push the entire game with the occasional fight-cause-I-have-to attitude, then you should easily end the game with around 250-300 minion kills. I don't fight mid-game, I leave it to the team. I usually push heavily and deceive when I need to get out of there, also don't be afraid to use hallucinate on towers. The team will blame you 90% of the time saying you're useless using this and that but what can I say ... "At least I got four towers... " Then they'll say, "STFU SHACO USELESSSSS." Story of my life and also, "WE DONT NEED A PUSHER." Funny story, I went back to the spawn because I HAD TO (no two towers guarding nexus) then we got overrun by minions. Then they're all like, "PUSH!" I was like, "This is what happens when I'm not there? Jeez."

Also while your team is doing whatever it is they're doing with the other team, it leaves you a golden opportunity to (1) backdoor inhibitors. (2) kill towers unguarded. (3) solo Baron. You become an AD Carry late game. With Baron you can crit 1200 on squishy targets and take 1 v 3 but avoid tanks, nukers, and silencers. Oh, I meant if they're multiple targets, 1v1 you should be fine. (Cockiness). Deceive to squishy targets, you should be able to 4-5 hit them and don't get me started about the hallucinate for twin massacre. It's useful when you get ganked, I've killed 3 people out of 5 end game before and hallucinated out of there with like 20-60 HP. My average damage done within a 52 minute game is approximately 488,000 damage.

Hope this guide helps you and maybe I'll modify it later when you guys comment it. Don't thumbs down too hard because it's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHER GUIDES.


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