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Corki Build Guide by SaborFlash

Corki Too OP (5.1 Guide)

Corki Too OP (5.1 Guide)

Updated on January 26, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaborFlash Build Guide By SaborFlash 6,447 Views 0 Comments
6,447 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SaborFlash Corki Build Guide By SaborFlash Updated on January 26, 2015
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Hello there, my name is SaborFlash.

Hey there, my name is SaborFlash, and this is my very first build on Mobafire. I am a very experienced Corki player, and he is my main on my ranked team. I am in Gold 5, and have been playing League of Legends for about two years. I just wanted to spread my knowledge of Corki with all you friendly people. Enjoy the guide :).
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Summoner Spells

Pretty basic spells. It is very important to have Flash and Heal, and there is really no other option for him in terms of summoner spells.
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Basic start for the items w/ a Dorans blade. Then, you have an infinity edge and a Tri Force. You can start with either one, but if you do not have enough on your first back for a BF sword, then I would highly recommend rushing Tri Force. If you have enough for a bf sword, then rush IE into a tri force. IE is the strongest ADC item at the moment with the nerfs coming onto BT, so it is a no brainer to go for this. Trinity force gives you a decent amount of health, and is extremely good if used properly with the Sheen. Then, going Last whisper is huge, as you will get a lot of pen and a decent amount of AD. Then, going for a black cleaver is always nice, as it will give you that much more health and armor pen. Lastly, I always reccomend the GA, as it helps you stay alive in team fights, and doesn't allow you to be focused. Lastly, I recommend going Sorc shoes if the enemy team has a lot of MR, as you Q deals magic damage, even though it scales off of AD. But, if they mainly have a lot of armor, I would recommend going for Zerkers Greaves.
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Make sure to focus on maxing that Q as fast as you possibly can. It does a ton of base damage, and is really hard to build against as it scales off of AD, but actually ends up doing magic damage. Take your W at level 4, but don't max it. Its important to have it just for the utility. Then, continue on to max your E, and taking you ult at level 6,11,and 16.
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Runes and Masteries

I recommend just going the standard runes and masteries that I showed above.
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Team Fighting And Positioning

The thing that you must always remember as an ADC, is that you are the focus of the entire enemy team, and that you are extremely squishy. Always try to position yourself behind your team, and if you are focused, try as hard as you can to kite the enemy. It's important to let you team mates know when you need peel, and always stay in the back. You just want to AA the closest enemy to you, as you do not want to go to deep. When you do pick up a GA, you can be less careless about your positiong, as you do have an "extra life". When your GA active is up, try to focus on the squishie people in the back line.
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Ability Combo

Corki has an extremely high amount of burst. Start off by hitting the enemy with your Q, while activating your E at the same time. Then, just spam your ult as much as you possibly can. This should leave the enemy at low health, and possibly even dead. If they flash away, and you know you can chase, just use your W to get into position again.
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