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Gangplank Build Guide by B3zzkha

Assassin Counter jungler with Gangplank

By B3zzkha | Updated on October 20, 2012

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This build is basic for to counter enemy jungle.
Working progress...
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Creeping / Jungling

Get armor ward 2 pots, go ward RED if they jungler start blue. And the way around.
Start with blue then teleport to enemy's red and take only red(blue). Blue is harder because easy that they stand with it.
Go/recall back and go wolf and clear your own jungle. Get new ward and place at red when 3 min has pass. (repeat)
You can also ward blue.
At red, put the ward in bush at top of red so you see in to the red and lane. (same with blue)
If you have good team maybe you only need to ward red and they ward blue.
Enemy gets countered so hard.
Bot be safe so you don´t get countered yourself.
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Start with armor, 1 ward, 2 pots.
get boots
get long sword
upgrade to madred´s razors
upgrade boots to Mobility boots
uppgrade armor and long sword to Wriggle´s lantern
get Philiosopher´s stone
now get Trinity force, you can start with sheen, but thats up to you, all 3 works fine.
Get Phantom dancer for more crit, moveing speed and attack speed.
now get Eleisa´s miracle if they have alot of cc, for 35% less stun/slow/and that cc stuff
Get infinity eged, says it all.
if still not won then sell eleis´s miracle for atmas impaler for armor and crit or Banshee´s vail for magic resist and spell shield.

Get orcle if they ward your jungle.
League of Legends Build Guide Author B3zzkha
B3zzkha Gangplank Guide

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Counter jungler with Gangplank