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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author I Am merc

Crazy AD shaco

I Am merc Last updated on January 27, 2011
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Hi well this is my second guide in mobafire,I made an AP teemo build check it out.Ok well i'm not here to talk about my self.

I have started using this build the 2nd day i bought shaco until now its an amazing build it gives me a fair amount of health and amazing damage and don't even get me started with the criticals.

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Things to know how shaco

Pros and Cons


>He is a good harraser
>Does great damage
>Not easy to gank because of Jack O box
>Has invisible so you can spot enemies earsier
>Great pusher


>Squishy early game
>Number one target in ganks
>Not a great solo
>People use oracles to get you
>Low health

When the game starts try to get an early gank even if it means ks (Kill stealing) It doesn't matter your build isn't cheap so it doesn't matter.Put Jack in the box near the ganking place so they get feared and easy to kill if they are running away ignite them but not over your allies ignite because that would be a waste.

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Your allies and your Enemies

This build could be very effective on some champions than others if your playing tanks i Would recommend a lot of armor pen and if your playing mages its pretty easy since their armors are low but make sure.If your an aggresive ganker get Doran's blade first very helpful at begining of the game.If your playing against Jax never ever try to take him alone because he will kill you same goes for kennen and olaf.


Rammus:Get heavy armor pen because with defensive curl and thornmail you are as good as dead and try to fear him and MOST important thing is never to get taunted by him.

Jax:Never take him alone (unless his not good or low health) because with his combos ur dead for sure Pure AD will shut him down unless he gets some heavy armor then you will need Armor pen and and get more criticals

Kennen:Don't get close to him and avoid his stuns you will be fine but if his giving u trouble buy hexdrinker its passive will save you

Olaf:This guy has been a pain in the *** for me he slows me down and does his ult and the lighting **** and i'm dead.DONT!!! take him alone he just needs criticals to kill seriously damage and if he gets

Shaco:Well if your against yourself all i can say is try to level faster even jungle always gank so he doesn't level (try to make him rage quit)


Twitch:I just love doing the invis combo with my friend they usually rage or buy oracles doesn't matter just make sure you guys are bottom together and gank them bottom.Same goes for eve

Kennen:Let him stun,You take invis behind hit him and use two-shiv most probably dead but if alive use hextech so you don't waste ignite of if thats reloading chase if you can catch or ignite

Blitz:Decive,Attack,Shiva,Pull=Dead thats all i can say

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Begining,Mid and late


If you don't feel like getting boots get Doran's blade plant the Jack in the box in bushes and gank,If you want to jungle go ahead but make sure you keep on ganking them because your items are not cheap and try to level a bit faster than your allies.Try to get LS (Life steal) Asap (As soon as possible) so you can farm longer.If you can get BF sword first rather than Frozen mallet after cutlass get BF.

MID game

Ok so in mid game your probably level 13-15 (Thats if they don't rage quit,Or surrender) u got frozen mallet,Cutlass and last whisperer and destroyed a couple of enemy turrets u can jungle and always get the dragon buff no matter what keep a box there so you know when it respawn and when they are attacking it.Don't forget keep on ganking

Late game

I highley doubt they will survive that long they will most probably rage quit or surrender but anyways.Ok so now your level 18 full items if you don't have full items just jungle for them,When you have all your items your a killing machine gank all and push to win