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Singed Build Guide by wRuBiks

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wRuBiks

Crazy as can be.

wRuBiks Last updated on February 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone. This is an Advanced Singed Guide, designed to helping those who already know a little on how to play Singed be even better. By the end of the guide, I hope you will be able to play a deadly strong Singed, dedicated to being a threat in a team fight but not the smartest target of focus at all.

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With Singed, you generally want a good mix between MResist and Armor while still being offensive. For this reason, I run Armor yellows, Magic resist blues, Movement Speed and HP Quints, and MPen Reds. If you feel as if you don't require the MPen reds, feel free to get Armor reds to help you out during laning phase. Remember, no build is set in stone, no runes are the correct ones.

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You will be tanking (for the most part) and generally supporting your allies in getting kills so running 0/21/9 would be the wisest choice. HP increases your natural tankiness while HP Regen helps sustain you a little longer in lane. Indomitable helps block minion damage, allowing you to be a little more aggressive then you normally would. Movement speed helps you get to lane faster in the beginning if you decide to do boots 4 pot opening.

Good hands is always a great mastery to get, even though Singed benefits very well from the extra mana. Recall improved recall shortens your backing downtime slightly but it does help a lot in the long run.

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Singed is strong in the way that he can build super tanky and still dish out decent amounts of damage assuming the enemy team doesn't build too much MR (Your AD bot thanks you). For this reason, we get the Rod of Ages first. The extra HP, Mana, and a good ammount of AP really help. Rylai's gives Singed one of his most unique traits; peeling an entire team by himself. By derping around with his poison trail on, he can slow the entire enemy team constantly, making it that much harder to get to the main threat on your team (Hopefully its not you). FoN gives Movespeed which is always nice for the guy people like to chase around, not too mention sick amounts of MR and even better amounts of HP Regen (Prepare to see +21 above you constantly). Randuin's slows the entire enemy team when activated and can really change the outcome of a battle (-35% AS and MS is nothing to be joking around with) along with some nice armor, and some more HP. Banshee's helps for your intiation run, when that pesky Morgana throws a snare on you and you miss your chance for a Fling (just kidding, Morg would just spellshield it). Seriously though, Hp, Mana which is Hp, and more MR. Very nice buy.

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Ghost - You're suppose to be chasing/running away from a chase. Ghost is your best friend.
Teleport - Very little downtime when you die or back from items, not to mention better dragon control and some other things.
Heal - Bait out a kill when you're low on hp or just use it as an emergency heal to save your carry in a teamfight.
Exhaust - Exhaust the enemy carry and screw him up with this.
Cleanse - If you're afraid of getting CC'd that hard, get this even though QSS is available.

Do not get

Ignite - You aren't trying to get kills here.
Revive - Just no.
Surge - Again. No.
Flash - Flash. In a 10 flash meta, this spell is everything people have known. Why not get it? Because you're Singed. You don't need Flash to escape (Or shouldn't). You sure as hell don't need it to initiate. There's nothing flash really does for you.
Clarity - Don't spam fling, Turn poison off when you're not farming, don't spam puddle.
Promote - Just no.
CV - Support should really be getting this if not heal.

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Early Game.

Your watching that one guy with the fisher price modem at 55% loading when everyone's been done for the past minute. You fiddle with your mouse and keyboard impatiently. Suddenly, the screen changes and you're at the summoners platform (or pool, w/e you wanna call it). You buy your starting items and start heading out to protect your jungler's camps (They love you for this). A voice on the screen calls out Thirty Seconds Before Minions Spawn and then, Minions have spawned. Depending on which side you're on, you help your jungler with his starting camp.

Now, when you hit your lane, Realize this. You're pretty weak at the moment. Fling just burns unnecessary mana at the moment. The first thing that should be on your mind is last hitting creeps. Last hit, don't just auto attack randomly and push the lane. Chances are, your enemy laner will do this, pressing you to under your turret where you can easily get CS. The main amount of trading starts at level 3 or 4. When you get your second rank of poison up, Punish your enemy laner for trying to get that one creep. Just turn on poison, flip and run ahead of him while auto attacking. You should be able to get at least a free 200-300 damage just from doing this (maybe not free but it does scare an enemy from trying to get a creep again). Abuse the fact that you are Singed, do not back down. If the enemy jungler ganks, just throw your puddle down and run to turret. If they turret dive you, PUNISH THEM. With your fling, you can easily get a free kill just by having them take 3-4 hits unless they burn flash (Yay!). If you're having a hard time just ask for some jungle pressure. Don't be mad if it doesn't come, solo top isn't an ideal lane for a jungler to gank or even pressure (Lack of dragon control, vulnerability to being counter jungled, etc. etc. etc.). If you die in your lane (Probably will happen but recovering from this is very very easy, don't be discouraged!). When you back, get catalyst if you can, and boots and a ward. Keep farming and punishing the enemy by flipping them into poison until you hit 8 or 9, when you truly will be a nightmare.

At this point, Your enemy solo top should be extremely wary of you, and you should have around 1.6-1.8k HP. PUSH YOUR ADVANTAGE. Lane normally as you would and when they hit around 1/4 HP you have 2 options.
1. Tower dive. You're Singed with ultimate. Go Crazy.
2. Go behind the tower and kill off the enemy creeps before they even get to the tower forcing your creeps to be super pushed up.

This forces the enemy jungler to waste his time dealing with you because the solo top obviously can't anymore and if the jungler comes, you can just kill him. Yea, you're that crazy at this point. Keep pressing your advantage. If the solo mid comes to gank also, ULT AND GHOST IMMEDIATELY. Run the hell out of there and go to your own tower. You do not want to be dying at the moment and giving enemy team a kill and 2 assists is not on your high list of things either. Keep farming up, and push down your enemy T1 turret.

Ending Items - RoA, Merc Trends, A component for Rylai's.
Ending Level - 11-14
Ending Time - 13:00 - 17:00

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Mid Game.

This is where the action starts heating up for you. Right now, your main focus is to be pressing your advantage. Farm that top lane, never leave it alone, force the enemy team to waste a guy or 2 to make sure the T2 turret doesn't fall as well. Bot lane should actually be in laning phase still but you good sir, will be one tanky dude dedicated to one thing right now. Pushing and farming out the enemy top lane in anyway possible. You will be ganked multiple times but every single time, you will make it out alive and laughing in your enemies face because you are Singed and Singed doesn't die here. You're team will tell you to be careful, and all that other stuff but you won't of course. You have to give off the feeling to everyone in the game that nothing you can do can stop me but I can stop you with ease. Hyper aggression here, fling enemy champions whenever you please (just try not to oom, or at least try to keep 150 mana on you at all times so you can use Insanity Potion). With luck, the enemy will be so disheartened right now that they may attempt a 20 minute surrender. You shouldn't expect to kill the enemy turret however but expect a severely under farmed enemy solo top and gimped enemy jungler from dealing with your *** all the time and getting almost nothing out of it. When you have enough for Rylai's, back and then start killing off other lanes. A very easy way to do this is to force a dragon fight. With a RoA, and Rylai's, you can make it impossible for the enemy team to do anything but focus you unless they all want to die at your poison in a very slow and painful manner (They die anyway). If they do engage a dragon fight, RUSH FOR THE ENEMY CARRY. Ignore all the pain the AP mid may stick on your *** and just get to that AD carry. Once you have him in your grasp, the fight will be decided. Just let your team clean up and go kill your desired turret. Continue doing this and wait for a surrender. If it doesn't come, keep farming and forcing fights. Remember, Singed with his ult is a tower diving beast.

Ending Items - FoN, HoG
Ending Level - 17/18
Ending Time - 22:00 - 27:00

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Late Game.

This is where teams will group up in one lane and start duking it out. Your job is to peel and initiate here. If your on defensive, always look for a guy who stepped out too far for an attempt to poke and instagib his arse. Same thing with the offensive. Remember, do not be afraid of just going in balls deep, the enemy team will probably be a little frightened of you at the moment. Tell your team before hand, ping a target, and run on in like a Singed. Poison active. Puddle released. Insanity Potion running. Preparing for a Fling. With ghost, and Insanity, you should have around 520 MS. Just running around the enemy team, look at how they are moving during a teamfight and make sure to peel them. Your slow is powerful as all hell and poison is a great zoning technique also. If you drop to low HP you know you did your job as a tanky disruptor. Feel proud of yourself. The teamfight will be decided if the enemy decided to mark you as the main target. If you want to really force a fight, start baroning when the enemy team has an idea your doing it. Remove the vision of the area and scare them into checking. If you win a baron fight, that's a free baron, turret, inhib, maybe even nexus. Remember, don't be afraid to initiate 2v3 or even 1v3's. You can do what ever the hell you feel like and it's the best feeling in the world. Take a sigh, award yourself with a snickers or milkey way candy bar, you earned it. Especially when that Enemy nexus explodes and you hear the words Victory. Gratz, GG WP.

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End Game.

Common Courtesy. Always say GG WP at the end of a game. If you want, give some tips out to the enemy solo top so they can understand what they did wrong and how to adjust their play style to counter you a little better.

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Closing Remarks.

This is the very first build guide I've ever done so please comment, vote, and other such things. I plan on updating this guide frequently with a lot fun stuff.

Soon to come: Video's on basically everything, counterpicking, counterbuilding, and some other jolly good things.

Thanks for the read.