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Gangplank Build Guide by SakiwaV2

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SakiwaV2


SakiwaV2 Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Gangplank is my favorite champion in League of Legends. He is very good with critical strikes and does a lot of damage. I like to build attack damage so you can hit very high with Parrrley. In the beginning, I would recommend to not solo with Gangplank until level 6 when you get Cannon Barrage. This will help slow enemy champions and do a lot of damage making Gangplank able to solo. I do not recommend trying to tank with this build because you will get killed by a good melee or range attack. I like my teammates to use a tank like Rammus or a Pantheon tank build because they will take the damage. You can 3v1 if you have cannon barrage available and it is a rather high level.

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The runes i recommend are the runes i use but you can mix it up. If you believe that you should build more critical chance than critical damage then go head. These runes help me dominate in a 3v3 and 5v5. Gangplank can crit like crazy if you use these runes I recommend. The critical damage runes help you crit higher in game which add up when you get the entire build with the runes. Then critical chance you can get in game with items because you don't need them early on, you need them at level 6 or higher.

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Depending on the spells you use, you might switch a little of the masteries. These masteries give critical damage and attack speed, two factors that make Gangplank become one of the best champions in the game. He can run if he needs to with ghost but also exhaust can slow an enemy champion and lower their armor. This opens the opportunity to completely destroy the enemy team and most of the time, the enemy team will surrender in a 3v3. In a 5v5, they do not surrender often because they will try to gank you so beware and stick by a teammate later in the game. Armor penetration is a big key to hitting hard because if you are critting 850s without armor penetration, with armor penetration you could be hitting well over 1000. You can 3-4 hit everybody on the enemy team including tanks. This is why I love this mastery setup.

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These items help give attack damage and attack speed. I buy brawler gloves first because they help you with critical chance for early on. In the first 2 minutes in the game it helps get the kills. Then finish off and buy the Avarice Blade. Then i buy one Phantom Dancer and 2 Infinity Edges. The infinity edge help you get attack damage along with critical strike damage. You could choose to alternate between phantom dancer and infinity edge. This gives you great critical chance along with pretty good attack damage. You might want to buy a thornmail a little before the second phantom dancer if the enemy team is starting to hit hard. After you buy thornmail, maybe even before you buy your second infinity edge, I would buy a bloodthirster because you will gain a lot of health from your crits. I normally can 3v1 with a bloodthirster because i crit over 1000. I have crit up to 1200 so far with this build, and this is perfect for the 3v3. This helps you take more damage and return some back. With these items, you should destroy early and often.

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Skill Sequence

Parrrley is the best spell that Gangplank has because it crits almost every time. It hits very high and it takes little to no time to cool down. It is a great skill to get early and often because of the high damage. Raise morale helps you hit harder and higher. I like using raise morale right before using Parrrley because you crit high and also have a high chance. You can dominate with this combo and then use remove scurvy if you lose some health. If they start to run away use Cannon Barrage. Cannon Barrage is amazing because you can hit anybody on the entire map. If you pay attention look to see if you teammates need help or if someone has low health. If they do, then use it on their location and you will get a kill or an assist if you help your teammate. You should communicate with your team because cannon barrage can help slow enemies that are running away and also kill enemies that are on low health. Some people might consider this a kill steal but this helps you and your team because you all get exp, atleast the teammates that did damage to the enemy champion(s).

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust are the best spells to use with Gangplank. You can run after an enemy or run from a gank if needed using ghost. With Exhaust, you can use it on an enemy champion and slow them while you use Parrrley. Then if they still are getting away, use ghost and finish them off. The best combination possible for Gangplank. Another good spell to use with flash if you don't like ghost is ignite. I like to flash an enemy then use raise morale and then parrrley. If they start to get away use ignite and you should still hit them as long as you can to ensure you get the kill. This is a great combination for ganking in the first 2 minutes of the game. I normally get 2 kills in the beginning using this way and sometimes i get all 3 if my teammates do the same as me. Make sure to communicate with your team to get these early kills, too.

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If you follow this build with Gangplank, this ensures dominating victories often. If you are with a friend, they should use Rammus because his spells work perfect for ganking with Gangplank. Gangplank is my favorite champion and he will soon be yours if you follow this build!