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Hecarim Build Guide by bullitt17

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bullitt17

Crit Chance Hecarim

bullitt17 Last updated on April 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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1st off i should introduce myself, My name is Bullitt17 and this is my 1st guide. I thought i would make 1 because i have been playing the new champion Hecarim and i have been having some very very good games so i thought of sharing my tactics and builds with you guys. So i hope this build helps you win as many games as it has myself. Enjoy.

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Ok to start with my runes i have choosen most of these for late game sustainability and somewhat tanky. So here we go

For marks i choose attack speed marks for late game attack speed. These combine very nicely with the 2 Phantom Dancers that you will hve late game and your attack speed with b approximatly 2.341

So next is the Seals i have choosen the armor Seals for early and late game tankyness, 1 for early game to take more her*** in the lanes and 1 for late game to have that extra damage reduction from those AD carries

Next is for the Glyphs i have choosen these glyphs for the extra HP for more sustain while lanning early game

Last but not least the guintessences i have choosen these because they also go well with your 2 Phantom Dancers, and also with the 1 crit chance rune thisis only because late game so you will have 100% crit chance because if you don't take this 1 rune then it will leave you with 99% crit chance and im OCD so i need to have 100% and so i dont have to buy another item just to get 100% and take up 1 of my valuebal slots

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And now for the masteries. I have choosen these masteries to get a little piece of every cake going 13/9/8. The reason i am goign 13/9/8 is so i can get the extra damage in the offensive tree, get the extra armor/magic resist and extra 30 hp, and the utility tree so i can get the little bit still helpful movement speed.

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The reason that i have choosen these items is because this is a crit change guide and these are crit chance items. The way that i normally start is get boots for the movemnt speed and for Hecarim's passive then i rush Zeal and then finish my boots and by then you should have around 407 movement speed which is fairly good and with your passive it gives you about 14 extra damage. Then i get a cloak of agility frot he crit chance and work my way towards a Phantom Dancer. Afetr i get the Phantom Dnacer then i work my wat toward an Infinity Edge while getting a little life steal allong the way and then after i get my I.E. then i work for a Blood Thirster. Then after i get an Executioners Calling, then finallyi get 1 more Phantom Dancer for that 100% crit chance at that finished his build :D.

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Skill Sequence

Ok for his skill Sequence i start with my E for the movement speed to catch up to them and then use my W while chasing them and Q while casing if im close enough to have it hit htem and then Q and Q whenever you can can if they get to far away then ult so they run backwards and just beat on then with the standard E to knock then backwards and then Q for the extra damage and use your W for lifesteal. So his combo is E,Q,W,Q,R

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Summoner Spells

The reason why i have choosen these summoner spells is because the ghost to catch up to peaople and because of your passive for the extra damage. and flash to catch up to people,run away people,initiate a gank/team fight...and so on.

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Pros / Cons

VERY fast
High DPS
Isn't to mana dependant
Easily to escape as him

Slow start
not a team fighter

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When farming with himmake sure to ALWAYS last hit because you need a lot of money to finish the build if you dont end the game before *wink wink* noramally what i do is last hit with my Q and make sure to be somehat aggresive in lane while using your E and Q combo to get tghem low then at lvl 6 jump at them with your ult to get a kill and dont push to often because he can still be ganked even though he has a very high movement speedit only lasts about 2 or 3 seconds

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So in summary i believe that crit chance Hecarim is by FAR the best way to go with him i have had many many very good game with crit chance Hecarim i mean he just wreckes people so i hope that this build has helped to as much has it myself plzleave a like if this helped you or you enjoyed this build so farewell and have a nice day.