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League of Legends Build Guide Author Temple_Knight

Crit Crit BOOM

Temple_Knight Last updated on May 28, 2010
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this build is based off of High crits and Damage out put, Lets get started !!!

This is my 3rd Build ... maybe one of my better ones :p but hey it's worth a shot , hope this Description helps out .

So when u start in the match , Buy the Brawlers gloves, they give you that Crit Chance in the beginging witch will help with ur Bloodlust. Buy 2 Heal pots as well, so u can lane a bit longer .

Next, when you go back and u have roughly 1100+ gold, buy ur first zeal and then head back to your lane.

after you fight a bit more , for how ever long ur out , come back and get some Ninja Tabi's, Yea i know .. why the tabi's ... well this build is also based on Dodge as well AS and AD.

ok, so you have ur tabis and your going back, try to Harras as much as possible, make the fight more intersting, its a bit risky, because ur a melee type, but thats fine, just play safe when needed.

so here comes the 2nd Zeal, dont upgrade the first one to a phantom dancer yet, buy your 2nd Zeal FIRST. It makes for Crit Dmg, and movement speed also AS. once you have both your zeals and your tabis, make sure to ingage when you can. With your bloodLust, ur crist chance should be roughly around 30-40% so ur still dealing DMG plus ur crit DMG.

Next when u have more gold, or if you can, but IE (inphinitys Edge) this item will INCRESE your Crit Damage by a tone load, and your Crit chance so this is a must in ur build.

now, u have ur IE. if it's not near the end of the match yet, Upgrade both zeals to Phantom dancers, once this is done, you will have 45 Dodge chance, 94% crit chance, and ur attack speed will be about 1.8.
Now if you ask me thats a pretty sweet deal,BUT !!! its not done there.

If you have time, this is just for extra. Buy 2 blood thirsters, with each one, stacking in DMG, when i makes them both out .. i had around 500AD, and was Critting for about 1300 a hit, and on the plus side, both LIFE STEAL items will give u a HUGE gain in life back, with every crit you gain around 500 HP per hit,

if you dont belive me =p give it a shot.

ok so thats the item description, i hope it helps , this is my first time ACTUALY typing out a description.

if you have any question'slet me know , i be glad to help out , or if you think something is wrong with my build i be glad to exsplain how it works to you .

P.S : as for runes and the mastery tree, it dosnt really matter. to me, i perfer the 18 armor pen over a little extra Crit chace at the begining, because by the end , ur still critting near 100% every time. But for now these are my runes i use.

P.P.S :hope you all enjoy this build, i hope to hear grate things about it =p , if not ... it's not the first time my builds have faild =p . well thx again ^.^

Temple Knight
OUT !!!