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Shaco Build Guide by Blackpantha101

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blackpantha101

crit hit shaco

Blackpantha101 Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone and anyone, in each the chapters im basically going to write what i do and why...

I use these runes on shaco because he has a crit strike chance of 100% when ever he uses his deceive, laining someone with little to no armor at level 1 it is possible to hit 200+ keeping in mind his back stab bonus as a pasive. Also i use the health because it just gives him that little bit extra health not to be so squishy target at the start.

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deceive - a great gap closer and get away spell for shaco, this spell is like having a flash and going stealthed afterwards for a few seconds depending on the level of the ability his also has a 100% crit chance after it being used for a few seconds. Although this does not hit 200% like a normal crit does it does work in conjunction with crit damage runes.

Jack in the box - Shaco puts down a box and when an enemy champ runs towards they get feared and shot by the box, this is a great way to disable the enemy and is also great for a get way. but because this spell stacks off ability power this will not do much damage with this build.

Two shiv - This spell scales a lot better off attack damage then ability power, this throws a shiv at an enemy slowing them and dealing damage, this is great to use when chasing someone and trying to catch up or help your team catch up to the enemy. Also because of this ability being ranged it is great to get the last hit on an enemy.

Hallucinate - Shaco makes 2 of himself, a real on and a fake one, the fake one can only right click ( hold Alt and right click to control it ) note if this fake shaco goes to far away from the real one it will automatically teleport back to him. This fake shaco takes increased damage and lasts for a limited time or until killed. When this shaco is killed it explodes dealing damage to the enemies around it. this does a flat rate of damage + scales of the ability power. This fake shaco can be used for many things pushing towers, luring or if your very skillful you can kill with it, also tanking towers and dragon is a very useful way to use it.

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Pros and cons

Pros- Very fast champ can be anywhere and everywhere on the map very quickly
- If shaco ult he takes towers down really fast and even if they get there they wont know which shaco to attack and if they do all you have to do is hit q
- very easy to go over walls and get places
- Can place jack in the box to disable ememeys and save him self and team mates

Cons-Weakness is cc (because he is squishy when he is stunned people can unload lots of damage on him)
- people hate you for being too damn awesome

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These masterys are to reach down the offence tree and gain the maximum amount of damage whilst also reaching down utility this is so that shaco is able to gain a increased movement speed and buffs last longer. this is great because this way he will be able to be a massive threat to the opposition by running from lane to lane picking up buffs and ganking as much as possible.

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shaco is played as a glass canon as such and dealing heaps of damage and running in and out of fights is what he does best and this build really does give him that ability to do so, his still able to use his box's as a fear and you are able to do a nice damage out put burst and then able to get away and help your team mates escape. Also this items brought do vary a lot on the opposition for exampled versing a Dr Mundo stacking health you would defiantly get the blood razor but vsing a vayne stacking ad you would want an infinity edge.

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this is to max deceive as a priority and 2shiv, this is great because deceive does more and more crit damage the more you level it up and 2 shiv just bases of ad pretty well, this is pretty straight forward if your playing a crit hit shaco but i have to state again that you HAVE to attack from behind to activate his back stab bonus and maximums your damage out put.

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I am just showing you the way i use shaco as a crit hit champion just a few tips , i take flash and ignite with him this is mainly because when running in and out of battle i like to bait and flash and deceive way trying to give my team kills. give this build a try and let me know how it works for you, id like to know. also the other thing is if i am around a dragon at all i do build wriggle's lantern because shaco is then about to solo it with his ult. ( use ult, keep dragon rage on real shaco and then when you feel the need to deceive and this will give dragon rage to clone and you should have dragon ) If using this build for ranked do not use the rune page up the top, you would need some armor and magic resist, also for items build armor pen when they try counter you.
Thank you guys leave any comments below