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Build Guide by Brown Noise

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brown Noise

Crit-ish Mundo

Brown Noise Last updated on May 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Mundo is a tankish-dps champion. I've tried out full tank, half tank and thought I should give dps a go since his Masochism gives him uberwtf bonus dmg. This build is a mix between attack speed and critical dmg for Dr Mundo, since he doesn't really need any extra dmg.

Summoner Spells

Exhaust - Mundo already has his cleaver to slow, and with this build you get another slow with frozen mallet so the only useful part of this is the blind which doesn't stop spellcasters from hurting you.
Ghost - Absolutely essential, the faster you move, the more hits you can get in and the more kills you can get. It's also an excellent way of escaping if the enemy team attempts to gank you.
Heal - Useful spell, can be used to bait enemies into attacking you. Overall I think its a good spell, and if used should be instead of ignite.
Revive - More appropriate for 3v3 than for 5v5 but still not good enough to be used considering the cd.
Smite - Very useful, can be used instead of ignite. Smite helps to control the jungle a lot easier and can also help your team get the lizard buff in the beginning of the game.
Teleport - TT is a small map, and with 460 movement speed you don't really need this.
Cleanse - Depends on whether you think they're full of CCs/ignites. Again, replace with ignite if used since it gives a nice combo with ghost.
Fortify - Kinda useful, can make a difference if you've wiped and they're pushing, but other summoner spells would be preferred.
Clarity - No. Only if you're really ******ed would you even consider getting this summoner spell.
Ignite - Awesome spell for mid-end game, helps to get those f***ers who run away with 100 hp left, which happens more often than not.
Rally - A nice aoe buff for dmg, but since it's lost its heal it's not that useful, especially considering how much chasing occurs on TT.
Clairvoyance - Is useful when all enemy teams are mia and gives some map control which is essential for TT, but a few wards would be better than this.
Flash - I personally prefer ghost instead of flash for TT since flash tends to fail epicly when you need it, and it kinda sucks if you are slowed since they can easily just run close enough to attack you.


The runes I chose are different to this, and for the marks it doesn't matter if you choose crit %, crit dmg % or attack speed %, since either way you'll be getting more dmg output from them. I personally use attack speed since that's more useful for a wider variety of champs and I dont have enough IP to fill up a new rune page.
With seals you should either choose flat hp or hp/18, since you'll be getting 20% dodge from Phantom Dancer which is enough, and hp is essential for TT.
Glyphs, I prefer to keep to those that benefit the style most so CD reduc - either flat or /18 - since it gives you more cleavers + more ultis which overall benefits quite a lot.
Quints, either go for more flat HP or for attack speed. Either is fine and both work well.


With your masteries you should either go 21/9/0 or 9/21/0, utility isn't useful enough since it is mostly mana-related or random useless things which are pointless for Dr Mundo.
Offensive you want to concentrate on extra dmg and the 15% spell pen for your cleaver (sadly it isn't pure dmg :/), and then get 2 points each for armor/magic res and then 4 for dodge.
If you build defensive get pretty much everything that isnt mana/ap/hp related and then put 9 points in offensive for magic pen bonus.
I find that both builds work, but then I prefer to go defensive since people have got it into their mind that Mundo should be full tank.


Passive - Adrenaline Rush. That 0.3% health regen every second is useful for tank Mundos who build mass hp, not so much for crit-Mundo with only 3k HP, but still useful nonetheless.

Q - Infected Cleaver - This is Mundo's Main spell. For a small cost in HP you deal ****loads of dmg to them. This is Dr Mundo's only skillshot, although it has a ridiculously buggy hitbox so it's quite easy to hit with it. The cleaver lets you jungle very easily, making it possible to take out the dragon around level 7 if you are fed enough.

W - Burning Agony - Great AOE spell which deals dmg every second and reduces duration of CC. You could take this earlier than level 13 if you want, but not more than 1 level since it takes too much hp than its worth.

E - Masochism - This is basically Mundo's most awesome spell. At top level you get 100 dmg and then an extra 1 dmg per % hp you're missing. Early level with some lucky crits you could be taking off about 1/3 of the enemies hp in one hit, which is why this is awesome.

R - Sadism - Sadism is a pretty awesome ultimate. Regen 50% of total hp at the cost of 25% current hp, with a boost to movement speed. With this up you can also bait enemy teams, stay laning for much longer and escape easily when used with ghost.

Item Build

In the beginning of the game I tend to buy Brawler's Gloves and a hp pot, which isn't particularly good for the start. You should be last hitting mobs and building up quite a bit of gold, so when you need to b (hopefully for the first time) if you only have 1k gold, buy boots of swiftness, or if you have 1145 gold, finish buying zeal and buy the first boots. With either combo you should have around 390 movement speed.

After you finish making your boots of swiftness (427 movement speed ftw), you should start moving onto phage and then frozen mallet. Buying phage at this point is better than finishing Phantom Dancer since HP in Twisted Treeline means survival. Also, phage > giant's belt since you get the bonus slow chance.

A while later when Phantom Dancer and Frozen Mallet are all done, you should be thinking - are they more spell based (as in CCs), or phys-dmg based - which should influence the choice of your next item. If they have loads of spell casters like Ryze or Morgana I would suggest you start building Banshee's Veil now, but if they don't, then build Stark's Fervor.

Stark's Fervor is an awesome item for Mundo, because you hit like a truck and heal yourself a lot while you do so. You can essentially solo any champion at this point, unless they are extremely fed or just ridiculously OP champs (*cough Jax cough*). I've had a few games where my team sucked balls and we were with literally no towers left (just the nexus), and I turned it around by solo acing their team. This has actually happened about 4 times, though don't expect it to be possible all the time.

Now, this is supposedly a crit Mundo build, and atm I only really have ~40%, so lets build Infinity Edge, with the first part being the Cloak of Agility, since this brings you past 50% crit and is really nice. By the time you get past Cloak of Agility the game should have ended ages ago, or you will be about to win.


Crit Mundo can own any champ, when used correctly. This build is more useful for 3v3, since 5v5 you will be wanted as a full tank and you can only really single target damage well. 2 Things to remember:

  1. With your movement speed you can always just run in, crit for over 9000 dmg and run out again.
  2. Mundo goes where he pleases.