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League of Legends Build Guide Author Turbobabe

Crit Shaco (Best way)

Turbobabe Last updated on April 25, 2011
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Hello, here is my second guide. This guide ill show you how to play Shaco the best way!

Shaco is a very fun and difficult champion to play. He can be played MANY different ways, but i think this is best way.

The thing about this which makes him crazy is ofc the crits from his deceive. Ive tried many games where i got full items and therefore = crits 2.5k+ damage :)

Btw i suck at english, hope you will undestand it though ;) Good Luck & Have Fun!

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For runes you should have FULL crit dmg which is by far best way, but if you dont like to use 10k IP on rune build for one single champion you should aim for, Quintessence HP, Red armor pen, and then random dmg, crit dmg or crit chance for blue/yellow.

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Pros / Cons

- Hits very hard and can onehit some champions if played well
- Very hard to catch because of Deceive which is the BEST escape skill in game
- Ultimate which deals decent damage and can trick enemies in combats/teamfights
- Very good ganker, jungler and farmer

-Pretty squishy and if deceive isn't ready = Shaco is dead
-Hard to play and requires MUCH practice
-Oracle/ward can counter his Deceive

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Lane / start

I wouldnt recommend you for the jungle with Crit-Shaco because i think it will slow you down, and you would be better on lanes. Hes good at jungle (Look my other guide), but with this build you'd better stay at lanes ;)

So start at a lane (NOT MID). Buy the long sword and aim for kill in start with your mate, deceive - ignite - exhaust and boom they are dead. If you aren't available to get kill in early game - FOCUS farming!

Get your occult and start ganking - mid - junglers - other lanes. The best way to do that is to deceive, hit them from back which means you will crit for 20% more because of his passive ability "Backstab". Then you fire a "Two-shiv poison" and then hit them to the death. You should easily be able to get 10+ stacks for occult within first 30min.

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In teamfights Shaco should come in the middle or end of the fight, picking up easy kills Ranged or Spellcaster like Ryze, Ashe so on ... Try use ulti to dodge spells or to do even more damage.

Placing Jack in the Box'es some where on map to spot people switching lanes or gank junglers at Golem, Lizard or Dragon.

You should usually go farm, gank and jungle for sometime to get alot of gold since you will need items for doing some epic damage on deceive. The thing my build shows is massive damage and lots of bonus percentage % for your deceive spell.

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You should now be 18 and have almost all items.
The good thing about these items is:
-250% crit Infinity Edge
-When you deceive you will hit 150% harder (Trinity force)
-You will well get 50% of your crit in HP if you got both Bloodthirsters
-With 20stacks and full bonus on Bloodthirsters you will have around 600dmg

So all together 600damage - deceive so trinity force makes your damage increase by 150% which means 1500 damage - Deceive makes you crit 120% by a 100% chance which means 1800 damage - Infinity edge makes your deceive crit even more so now your on 2000+ damage - Hitting from behind gives last 20% damage which end you up on 2500 damage - oh and a small extra thing 10% crit dmg from masteries turns you on 2750dmg (+Crit dmg runes %).

So at all you should be able to crit over 3000 which deceive (-enemies armor). So you would be able to one-hit a champion like Ashe, trust me it's fun :) !

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Please comment + rate and tell me what you think. This build can be a bit tricky so you shouldnt expect a 20-0 score first time you try it ;)

Here's some examples of my games.. (I had many good games, but these are my most resents)