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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crunked Up

CritPlank, The Saltwater Carry

Crunked Up Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build so feedback will be greatly appreciated! Hope you guys like it!
Also check out Item Build Sequence if you are confused about the item squence in Item Purchases.

Note: YOU WILL NEVER LOSE if you purchase Ghostly Gangplank :D

Good Summoner Spells for Gangplank

Ghost is all around very effective. You can chase, run, or even get to lanes faster. Whats more to want?

Ignite has to be one of my favorite summoner spells. when you cast it on an enemy champion it does 50 damage + 20 dmg depending on their level. It also reduces the enemy's hp regeneration 50%. This is perfect to cast after you ult to do that much more extra damage.

Flash is a decent spell for gp because it gives him survivability. Although, I prefer ghost over flash because its better for chasing and you will be doing a lot of chasing early game.

Exhaust is also a great spell for Gangplank. After you use your ultimate you can cast exhaust to get more slow and more damage (your ultimate hits more)

You should only use heal if you find yourself dying a lot when you play Gangplank. But its an all around decent spell when you need to be overly aggressive and or tower dive.

Bad Summoner Spells for Gangplank

Revive- sort of a useless skill, doesn't really bring any benefit to Gangplank.

Smite- all around useless for non jungling heroes.

Teleport- decent, but there are much better spells.

Cleanse- I see many people get this spell but your remove scurvy already does the job of this spell. So its pretty much useless.

Fortify- Doesn't help damage output and isn't very useful late game (which is where this Gangplank will shine)

Clairvoyance- Mostly a spell for support or tank heroes and Gangplank is neither

Clarity- Some people use this, but i find it better to just carry around a few mana potions at all times

Main Build Sequence

Couldn't explain how the order of items works in Item Purchases so here we go!

Start off with a , a Health potion and a Mana potion

After make an and if you can buy a pair of .

farm up again then finish your and buy another .

At this point you will have an extra 24% critical hit chance and an additional 10 gold per second

Now we need damage. Farm up again and finish an .

After this you can go two paths. If you need life steal (The team battles are picking up and you have low survivability) make a then pick up a Then when you can finish .

If you don't need immediate life steal then Just go straight to .

This is when late game should be picking up. You need to be ready to farm lanes and stay alive while getting kills.

make a and be ready to sell your averice's for beter items.

This is another point where you can go two paths. If they have a lot of tanks youre going to want sell an averice and pick up a Uploaded with

If not, (only one tank and a lot of squishy champions) sell an averice and buy another .

We need MORE DAMAGE and some armor penetration so sell the other averice and pick up a .

Finally make the zeal into another .

When all your items are full, don't forget to fill up on all 3 elixirs when ever possible.

Your Critplank should have very close to 100% critical chance (with runes), about 500 base damage, and close to 300% critical damage (with runes as well).

This item build is very gold heavy and isn't easy to finish. Normally by the end of the game i have 350+ creep kills and at least 15 kills.

Gangplank Gameplay

Early Game

Try and grab a side lane. That way you can easily farm with your normal attack and harass the enemy champions with parrley (without wasting mana on early parrley creep kills, which only gives you 4 gold at level one) and only use parrley to last hit when absolutely needed. If you are stuck soloing mid lane (playing in a pub and your teamates dont listen) see Chineseflame's build on denying Denying is great when laning mid because you can be one to two levels higher than the other solo. If you get your side lane (which you should strive for) you want to try and lane with a ranged hero or a tank. While laning, you want to use your normal attack to last hit the creeps and use your parrley to harass. Early game (with crit damage and crit chance runes) you can crit for almost half the enemy's health (being somewhat squishy)! Last point is, farm it up. Early game is crucial for this build.

Mid Game

Basically all you want to do now is look for ganks (preferably squishy champions), if there isnt any try and stay in a lane to farm more. If you can pull it off try and have a blue buff with you at all times. It allows for more harassing and constant scurvy heal. You should have Infinity edge finished by now and should be starting on your phantom dancer. Again, try to rack in as many creep and champion kills as you can.

Late Game

This is where your Critplank is going to shine. If built right and farmed enough, you should be able to pop your ult in a team fight, allow the tank to go in first, then run through the fight and pick off their squishies. After you get full items everyone should be scared of you and back when they see you come in. You should be able to run in to a team fight and destroy all the enemy champions without a scratch on you.

I really hope you guys liked this build! if you give a -1 please tell me why so i can fix it. Thanks!