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League of Legends Build Guide Author SephDx

Cry me a river // Updated - Pls Comment!

SephDx Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Please Comment!

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Welcome to my first team Guide!

Actually I'm looking for some Builds for the Champions and Teamfight Tactics, so don't instant Thumbdown - just wait a bit while I'm updating this Team!
You can send me some builds you think are nice for this team, I will check and include them

So, keep waiting and enjoy the Updates :)

Sorry for my worse English, it is not my main language..

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In this chapter I will show you who will play on which lane.

Top Lane:

Renekton, Doing solo lane and should dominate it, he's tanky and does well dmg. BUT you really have to ward the bush, anyways what ever happens, even if they are 2.
You can also place your ward at the entrance of the golem to see ganks earlier and be save.

Mid Lane:

Swain, play save or place some wards, but the wards the bot and top lane are placing are most time enough for you.
Swain has to farm as much as he can, because he will get mainly assists in teamfights, giving Ashe the kills.
Also you can harras as much you want and get early kills at your lane for some nice items.

Bot Lane:

Taric & Caitlyn, an epic combination: Opponent runs into Caits Trap, Cait attacks - Taric Stun - Cait attacks - profit!
Moreover Taric camps in the lower bush, just in Exp range and places his wards as I will show you in the next chapter.


Amumu, gank gank gank - Gank as much as you can, focus on one lane, I like the mid lane to underlevel their mage for being useless.
Try this Guide if you don't know how to jungle with the Mummy, I really like this Guide and I play Amumu like it is described there.

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Warding, a very, very useful topic in the most Guides.
There's not enough warding in this game and this should end, because wards are more needed than some items for your champion.
First thanks to Panglot who allowed me to use the pictures out of his warding guide.

The main wards were placed at the dragon

And at Nashor

These wards have the highest priority, never place a ward somewhere else if at Nashor or Dragon ist NO ward!
These wards help you winning the game, because the dragon gives a lot of gold to the enemy team if they kill it, you will find no high elo game in which the dragon is full game alive.. no there are really teamfights, because 190 gold and experience for all players around it gives your team a really good advantage.

Also Nashor gives the team who kills him a great buff which makes teamfights, if you let them kill Nashor they will have better chances in teamfights, even if you are feeded.

This is a map with the places you should ward, the highest priority (1) are dragon and Nashor.
Second priority are the buffs these buffs are giving really nice effects to the champion who got it, so your opponent will try to get them, thats perfect for ganking because you get a kill AND this nice buff.

For more depth in warding watch the guide of Panglot which helped me alot

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Positions in the Team

I'm going to tell you what job will be done from which character.


is the main tank, he initiates the Teamfights and runs out as the last person.
His Bandage Toss is great for chasing, but please stay in the Teamfight - the carries will get him without your help, you have to focus on the champs wich chase your carries so don't waste your time with ruin the Teamfight for your mates.


is the AP Carry of this team his ultimate is perfect in combination with the one of Amumu. Also he is a really good chaser with his nevermove!
With the slow of Ashe you will hit every opponent which is running away.
Your hob will mainly be to do much aoe damage in teamfights so that Ashe can kill them without problems.


is a great Support for Caitlyn, they should have the dominance on their bottom lane. With farm an kills for Cait and also much assists for Taric this should be easy endgame. Taric needs to focus his stuns on the initiating enemy, if your own team is initiating he will protect his Cait ;)


AD Carry - FARM FARM FARM - profit
For teamfights you have to get red, with this you should take down the opponents Support easily, after that focus their AD Carry :)


you are the semi tank, go carry but help Amumu.
Use your Q and E For doing high AoE damage on the enemies, which is also the reason for being tanky: you will run trough their full team and you will not survive without your items

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Teamfight Tactics


Amumus ganks are no real teamfights, but I don't want to make a new chapter only for this one.
This part of the chapter is about the early ganks of jungle Amumu.
Amumu should everytime gank on the same lane, it fears the opponent and underlevels him because he runs out of exp range everytime your teammate pushes, but to make this a realistic situation amumu has to GANK GANK GANK. Sometimes you can say that Amumu just is harrassing but thats enough to keep them out of Exp range.
I like this tactic because this underlevels and underfarms the opponent mage - if he goes mid, a underfarmed Veigar can be really nice ;)
Amumu should use his Bandage Toss to chase the running opponent and not to open the gank, it is not very helpful to have a stunned character which runs away after some dmg.
Do him your dmg and stun him after that and your kill chances will be higher.
If Amumu ganks mid, Swain has to cast his Nevermove under the opponent when Amumu's stun is nearly over and you will get a kill in 90% of situations.

GANKS (Midgame)

Because of warding you can get really nice chances to kill a champion e.g. the Blue Buff, when doing this, Swain snares him with his Nevermove and Cait attacks with her redbuff now its an easy kill..
Also it's an easy kill with Amumu and Renekton, you have 2 stuns and a lot of dmg. First stun is Renekton, because Amumu's stun is really nice if the opponent flashes away.
Woah that was short

Main Tactic

This needs the full team, Amumu runs into the opponents and snares them all with his ult, the same time Swain runs through them with his ult.
Renkton jumping through them also does really well damage.
Caitlyn focuses on their Support, then takes their Carries down
Taric protects Cait with all of his spells to keep the game safe

More coming soon...

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Text, Team and theory by me

Thanks to:

for his great pictures in his warding Guide

PSI Torrent for the Swain build

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17/04/11 Champs + Amumu Build
02/05/11 Positions in the Team, Lanes
03/05/11 Ashe + Swain Build
04/05/11 Soraka + Renekton Build; Teamfight Tactics
08/05/11 Another Teamfight tactic added
09/05/11 Warding Chapter & Credits added
16/05/11 Swain, Ashe Build update
14/01/12 Ashe and Soraka deleted, now Caitlyn and Swain :), Builds renewed


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