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Renekton Build Guide by harvilt

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author harvilt

Cutting top into pieces with Renekton

harvilt Last updated on June 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to Renekton's build guide hope you enjoy and understand it. Please vote and comment, feel free to leave a question or recommendation.

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Why 9/21 and not 21/9 or 16/14? Renekton is much more based on his abilities than in the amount of ad you put on him if your able to spam your "Q" and "W" contantly you'll get to outmatched almost every champion at top. That's why I choose to go more tanky, and you also get the CD with the extra armor, mr, and health you're sustainable enough to get a couple minion hits while you stun your opponent and slice him into pieces also with your "Q" your recover every point of HP lost. And why not pick the sorcery instead of the AS? Because the 10% extyra armor pen. will allow you to do huge amounts of damage plus you get all the cd you need from the items.

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Why I'm focused on the armor pen? Well its quite simple at early game if you have this 18 plus 10% armor pen your "W" and "Q" combo will deal about a 1/3 or 1/2 (with squishy ones like GP, Akali) opponents Hp if spammed good enough. The early armor boost from your glyph and masteries is great for not to take big amounts of damage from abilities such as wukong's crushing blow, or garen's silence and spinning for example. The mr per level is as always the best glyph you could get to become a Huge unstoppable alligator. The 2 movement speed quintessence will give you that extra boost you might need if your slice and dice dont get you close enough to stun that akali or irelia.

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Starting with boots and 3 Hp potions. When you go top you will commonly go against another melee ad, so why the boots? because you can get ganked easily early game due to the fact that oyu have no wards and plus the movemen speed bonus from runes you'll be uncatchable for the other team and you will still be able to get him when your jungler comes in and he flashes away in a desperate attempt to run. Wether you got the first blood or not you must have got enough cs by the time you go back to base in order to buy your doran's blade and a couple or wards (note: always buy 2 wards if possible top lane is very important and you cant afford to lose it because you got ganked due to the fact you had no wards) if you have a couple orins of gold left buy potions.Sometimes you will harras ytour lane and dominate that poor guys who dared to go against a mighty alligator with a huge "sword" and you will be able to intantly buy your brutalizer, if you have no money left for wards after that brutalizer dont worry you should still be able to scape a gank or even better make a double kill if you're skilled enough. After that you buy your Ionian boots for the cd becuase oyu dont need the mr or armor, unless your getting raped on a double top lane and you net to get more tanky than usual early game or your team is getting rape by a fed kass if so get your mercurys or those ninja tabi. Kindlegem will give you just the enought cd you needed to never let scape that squishy corki who jumped away on that teamfight o that ahri whose always jumping away with ult. After all these you want to get your sunfire cape that way you have mor health and armor to tank all those guys on the teamfights while you cut and slice everybody in your way. Ok so you're already tanky enough and now oyu want to get even better at doing damage so go get a MoM it also gives you a bit of mr. FoN is your bext item if your team has no other tank or off-tank, you might want to get it before MaM if you are dying due to a mage on the other team. If these are not the cases then go and finisht Zeke's or Youmuu's. If your in late game and you need to get even more resilient to attacks you can sell zeke's and go for a frozen mallet instead or get a frozen heart or omen's.