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Teemo Build Guide by Daevotion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daevotion

Daevotions AP Teemo

Daevotion Last updated on February 2, 2012
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Ok so iv been playing teemo for a while now and out of all the builds, this one is my favourite.

There is no better feeling then watching a little yordle take out enemy team members with a blow dart and mushrooms.

With this build, your mushrooms will be doing quarters of health at a time and your speed will be fantastic froim early till late game.

I hope you enjoy the build.

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The runes i picked are just for a bit of early game ability power + some to scale into late game.

I got the swiftness quints for early game speed, plus it is great throughout the whole game.

If you dont have swiftness quints then just swap them for more ap

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Masteries are pretty standard, taking all the ability power bonuses in the offense tree while taking some mana regen, speed and buff extension in the utility tree.

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So here is the main part.

I always start with boots of speed, having the boots as well as the movement speed quints helps so much early game.

The next items you buy depends greatly on how you are doing in lane. For example if im getting fed and the first time i go back i have 1600 + gold, i will buy a needlesly large rod and build straight into my deathcap, going for nashors tooth afterwards.

If im not doing to well and i have to go back early then i will just grab a dorans ring to try and compensate, grabbing the nashors tooth afterwards.

The next items depends on how the game is going, If you want to deal more damage and speed yourself up, go for lich bane. If you need more health but still want to get some damage, go for ryales. or for even more damge and a bit less survavability you can go for zhonyas.

Personally i think that the best way to go would be Ryales - lich bane - zhonyas. even though i didnt but it in that order at the top.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is pretty straight forward, i max the poison first for the harassment potential and take the blind second for the burst damage. taking 1 point in speed at level 4.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are really a preference more than anything. i take ignite because it synergises greatly with Teemos poison and flash just to escape and ititiate.

Another good idea would be teleport or ghost, teleporting to mushrooms is always a great way to gank and it never hurts to have more run speed on the already-fast Teemo.

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Team Work

So teemos roll is to plant mushrooms in all the key strategic points, put them anywhere you think the enemy is most likely to run though. mainly through the jungle.

During big team fights you need to hang back a bit and harrass with your Q and basic attack untill your team initiate or the enemy team unloads all their CC on someone else. After that your priority is to run straight for their carrys (especially the AD ones) teemos blind completlety shuts down AD carries.

I like to have most of my mushrooms planted in the enemy jungle, its ammazing how many kills i have had from the enemy escaping a team fight by running through their jungle, only to get taken down by one of my mushrooms.

And never forget that your mushrooms can also be used as wards, or prevent ganks.
If your in bottom lane, put a shroom in the river bush to stop that lee sin from running through and owning you. plant a shroom at dragon so you know that they are trying it, or better yet, barron.

I honestly think that shrooms are OP. ESPECIALLY with this build.

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I hope this build works for you as it does with me, i even use this build for ranked games, last one i played was 17/6/18 (mushrooms are also great for assists)

Up vote or downvote if you liked or dislike the build and comment to let me know how you went, or for any critisicm.