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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EroSanin

Dance with the clone

EroSanin Last updated on October 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my version of mine favourite character from Legue of Legends.

10.08.2010 --> runes update
26.09.2010 --> items update (core is the same), skill sequence, added TIPS
05.10.2010 --> Malady vs Stark's Fever

Attention!!! After couple of nerfs, clone of shaco, cant be revived by guardian angel and also have lost on hit effects of items. Dance with the clone build is no longer as effective as it was.


Boots of Speed

As you can see first of all i prefer getting boots of speed. Didn't paste potions of health or mana becouse this should be clear. If you prefer staing in line and getting exp, buy 2 health and 1 mana drinks. On this with patient playing you can achieve 6 lv without abandon your line.

Boots are your way to escape. Shaco is assasin who quick appear on battlefield and quick dissapear. Decive with high movement speed is necessery for this.

Of course defensive playing isn't good for Shaco so if you have any situation to kill, do it. Getting Bloodrazor as soon as possible is your main target.

My way of playing is moving fast to get more action but it costs my damage. Good choice insted "Switness boots" are Sorcerer's Shoes. They are boosting magic damage from Bloodrazor. It is up to you.

Madred's Bloodrazor parts.

First of all, when you start making Bloodrazor, you must buy Razor. 15% chance to one hit kill of minion is necessery to gaining gold, next should be recourve bow to speed up killing minions (and champions). Picaxe as you can see, is the last one.

Madred's Bloodrazor

Now you can go and kill some of champs. Bloodrazor gives you magic damage 4% of Max hp of the enemy. If they have armor tank, now you have Attack speed and damage to kill him.

Boots of Switness

Why this instead of Moblity or Berserkers? Becouse you must be quick and sometimes you must go after some heroes (Nidale with her jump sometimes can't be get with decive only).

Stark's Favor

Stark's Favor is your last "must have" item. With Boots, Bloodrazor and this you can win almost all situations one on one. Your clone have 75% of orginal strength but have same on hit effects. So with copy we can deal damage from 4 sources in one second (base dmg of orginal and copy + bloodrazor from base and copy character).

Now you have 150%+ Attack speed, 20 armor penetration, health regen, lifesteal, high movement speed. It is time to kill. Next items just makes you kill much faster.

Using Abilities

On a battlefield first of all you need to get control. Getting informations is first step.

Jack in the box. (magic damage)

Place this boxes in every grass you can in your area. You must know where are safe places and where are not. Going for kill will force you to be defensless for couple of seconds. It must be on your terms, not enemy.

Decive. (base damage)

This skill is used only to get on the battlefield . Forget about attacking from the back. This isn't good build for that. If you will attacking someones back in decive it will be only in situation when your victim tried run away.

Remember. Decive teleports you on battlefield only in one reason. Getting good place to use ulti....

Hallucinate. (base and magic damage)

Your killing ability. Summoning your clone which is having the same items as you and same abilites. After jumping in decive on battleifeild and get position near backs of the victim, there is only one thing that you must do. Cast this ability and right click to kill.


Two-Shiv Poison. (magic damage)

Active and passive ability.


Don't cast this after using Hallucinate. Base of this build is this skill. On passive, after hit, it slows down your victim. As you and your clone are the same, you slowing down opponent couple of times in this 2 seconds. So there is no way that he can escape. If you use it on start, your prey just run away after 2 seconds.
Additional to this, when target is slowed down, he have chance to miss on hit (30% on 5 level, with dogde hitting just don't work). So he can't defend and he can't run away if he don't have abilites for one or another.

You can activate this for good steal kill (200 + 50% of base damage + some AP on 5 lv) or just to finish someone near tower without risk. Very effective in early game (which will give you first kills with ignite).

Misses don't stack with dodge, that's why there are runes for dogde.( 10% movement speed gives more chances to escape after killing). I know that about 9% dogde isn't much, but minions will trigger it anyway as they can when it have only 2%. In the end dodge is bonus for misses, i don't relay on him as my main source of survival.

Summoner's Spells

Why those? It is simple. Exhaust with masteries is your way to kill. Slows down enemy, blind him, decrease armor and magic resist which is boost for your magic and phisical damage.

Ignite sometimes is good finisher or good counter abbility for any healing which can be cast on your target. Also good for early game kills when you are getting cash for bloodrazor.

First kills
First you should wait to level 3 to get all skill on 1st level. Then it is up to you and your partner how you will use boxes, knives and decive.

When you have 5 lv, Two-Shiv poison is on 3rd lv which is quite good dmg skill in this moment. Try use it with ignite and exhaust. Should get some kills on melee characters or tanks (exhaust).

After 6 lv there is only one tactic. Decive behind enemy, hallucinate and attack. If you havent got bloodrazor you can try this only when you will have razor with recourve bow. In the other way it can be difficult to soloing someone.

Bloodrazor is your point when everything is going easier.

How it is working? (update)

Why using core items is so effective? Bloodrazor is item which is generating on hit effect. If Shaco hits, then bonus damage is triggered.

4% of max health of the target. It is about 80 damage if victim has 2000 health. Ofcourse her magic resist will decrese this number.

So, on one hit we have something like double damage. From magic and from phisical attack. This have 2 advantage for us.

1. It is very rare to see that someone is improving armor and magic resist in the same time. So if one of source damage is reduced, second will strike in high amount instead.

2. Your clone hits for 75% of your base damage ONLY. It don't reducing your on hit bonus damage.


Master Yi have 20% base(armor penetration from Stark's counted) and 30% magic reduction. He has 1500 Hit points.
Bloodrazor bonus magic damage will be: 70% of 60 = 42 magic damage

Let's take that base damage is 100 points, after reduction it will be about 80 for original and about 60 for copy.

So what is a big deal??? On one hit it is about 122 damage and 102 damage from copy.
Big deal is when you have about 1,5 attack per second (3 attacks in 2 seconds), used with clone.

Orginal and clone attacks in the same time. In 2 seconds they will deal to master Yi 3*122 + 3*102 = 672 damage. After 6 seconds it will be about 2016 points. Far more then he can stand when he is slowed down and make misses.

With Exhaust (10 armor and magic resist reduction) he will die much quicker.

With core items you have everything you need to survive those 6 seconds. Health regen and lifesteal from Stark's make you and your copy stay much longer in fight.

Attack and movemoent speed (efect from bloodrazor and stark's --> attack speed, and boots -> movment speed) are making sure that you will make good damage and have enough mobility to injecting poison without delay. Didn't i mention about armor penetration? ;]

Example from above has one mistake. It is assuming that you will use only clone and hits to kill. Ignite + activate ability + decive can shorten killing time too. So it is very rare to kill someone in 6 seconds.


Mordekaiser have 50% base (armor penetration from Stark's counted) and 30% magic reduction. He has 2500 Hit points.
Bloodrazor bonus magic damage will be: 70% of 100 = 70 magic damage.

Base damage is 100 points, after reduction it will be about 50 for original and about 32 for copy. On one hit it is about 120 damage and 102 damage from copy. Quite similar to fight with Master Yi, but lets check much further.

In 2 seconds they will deal to Mordekaiser 3*120 + 3*102 = 666 damage. (SATAN !!! xD)

It will take 8 seconds (2664 damage) to take down Mordekaiser. I know that he has additonal armor (bonus HP), but it is matter of a second to take it down.

Killing tank in 8 seconds without using abilities and summoner spells is immpresive score. With them i can say it will be about 4-5 seconds.


Enemies which should be hunted.


She can only use her ulti to stop you. But always she stops only one of you.

Master Yi

With posion and exhaust he can only run. Usually have cooldown.


If you can see him, he is dead.


You can kill him, but it will take some time. He have some AoE abbilites so be caerful.

Enemies which should not be hunted.


If he don't run away, you are dead. Flux and in the best scenario, you all will be dead.


You can kill her, but usually she just jump off and you waste your time and ultimate.


Propably will run away with her ultimate. Try on your own.


He can take some damage, and stun you for some time. Enough to get killed by enemy team.

This was just examples how you should look on your opponents. Untill you aren't feeded, better chose wisely who you want to kill.

Stark's vs Malady

After last patch Malady has changed. This section is no longer about actual version of item

I am hear quite often that malady could be better then Starks favor. Lets see then how can it be possible...


Items sequance: 2x Dagger + Vampiric Scepter

Cost: 420x2,+450+600 = 1890
Stats: +50% attack speed, +15% lifesteal, +passive: stacking magic damage 5 (max to 30)

Stark's Fervor

Items sequance: Vampiric Scepter+ Rejuvenation Bead = Emblem of Valor + Recurve Bow

Cost: 450+250+100+1050+700=2550
Stats: +20% attack speed, aura: +20% lifesteal, +20% attack speed, +30 hp in 5 sec regen, aoe armor reduction 20

Shaco with malady on 6 lv.

base attack: 73
attack speed: 0.85 + 50% = 1.28
lifesteal: 15%
armor reduction: 0
HP regen in 5 sec: 10.75

6 Hits vs target with 0 armor and 0 magic resist:
73+5 73+10 73+15 73+20 73+25 73+30 == 438 + 105 = 543
hp stealed in 6 hits: 81

6 Hits vs target with 20* armor and 20* magic resist:
62+4 62+8 62+13 62+17 62+21 62+25 == 378 + 91 = 469
hp stealed in 6 hits: 70

* 20 armor = 15% reduction

Shaco with malady and B.F. Sword on 11 lv.

base attack: 90 + 50 = 140
attack speed: 1.00 + 50% = 1.50
lifesteal: 15%
armor reduction: 0
HP regen in 5 sec: 13.5

6 Hits vs target with 0 armor and 0 magic resist:
140+5 140+10 140+15 140+20 140+25 140+30 == 840 + 105 = 945
hp stealed in 6 hits: 142

6 Hits vs target with 20* armor and 20* magic resist:
119+4 119+8 119+13 119+17 119+21 119+25 == 714 + 91 = 805
hp stealed in 6 hits: 121

* 20 armor = 15% reduction
| Shaco with Stark's fever on 6 lv.
| base attack: 73
| attack speed: 0.85 + 20%+20% = 1.19
| lifesteal: 20%
| armor reduction: 20
| HP regen in 5 sec: 40.75
| 6 Hits vs target with 0 armor(-20) and 0 magic resist:
| 84 84 84 84 84 84 == 504
| hp stealed in 6 hits: 101
| 6 Hits vs target with 20* armor(0) and 20* magic resist:
| 73 73 73 73 73 73 == 438
| hp stealed in 6 hits: 88
| * 20 armor = 15% reduction
| Shaco with Stark's and B.F. Sword on 11 lv.
| base attack: 90 + 50 = 140
| attack speed: 1.00 + 40% = 1.40
| lifesteal: 20%
| armor reduction: 0
| HP regen in 5 sec: 43.5
| 6 Hits vs target with 0 armor(-20) and 0 magic resist:
| 161 161 161 161 161 161 == 966
| hp stealed in 6 hits: 193
| 6 Hits vs target with 20* armor(0) and 20* magic resist:
| 140 140 140 140 140 140 = 840
| hp stealed in 6 hits: 168
| * 20 armor = 15% reduction


I think now there is everything clear. Malady gives better damage with good attack speed in the begining of the game.
However armor penetration from starks when game going further(and your damage), makes more damage against procentage reduction.
Starks is item for full game, malady can give you starting boost but it can be lose of cash if game will be long.

Diffrence in damage was shown only with B.F. Sword. Shaco usually have much more items then this 2, so i can say that benefits from starks are much greater than from malady.

Baron Nashor

In the end of this build, i just share how to take this epic monster. You just need base items (bloodrazor, boots and shark's) and one more from this which i placed above. Then you must wait for ulti and kill him.

Secret is in reciving damage (should be 50:50 for clone and original) and avoiding acid attacks. I have placed movie to show how it works.

Remember that with time of the match, Baron is getting stronger (HP is rising). In the end i recomend to take some ***it when you do it.


Remember to go for blue buff eveytime you need. At first level with you "jack in the box" you can just spam them at spawn pool and then get buff in no time. About 4-5 boxes should be put before golems shows up.

Madred's Razor before changed to Madred's Bloodrazor will be good item to get more buffs (red and blue).

Remember to put "jack" in teamfights when you arrive on battlefield to fear and interupt actions of the enemy (after patch jack is getting asist for you now).

"Jacks" are effective as wards :)

If you have low hp, and have summoned clone, send him to fight and you just decive. If there will be occasion, always you can finish someone with stabbing in the back.

Pls comment if you have some advices:)