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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Plaidballoon

Dat Support Mundo Mens

Dat Support Mundo Mens

Updated on January 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Plaidballoon Build Guide By Plaidballoon 17,776 Views 6 Comments
17,776 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Plaidballoon Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Plaidballoon Updated on January 30, 2012
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Yes. This is a serious build. Want proof? Okay.
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Ranked Play

I play solo queue ranked, as a support Mundo. Haha, yes. Laugh all you want about things your little brain doesn't understand. Let me pull up some pro's and con's, to show you the true power of the Support Mundo.

-Enemy team thinks your trolling. This causes a misinterpretation and they underestimate you.
-They are confused about your team comp, and will screw up the starting game. AKA they're all gonna get an ignite.
-While you don't have a sustain, you don't need to worry about your ad carry, as you should take most of the damage.
-You are a tank. You control the battlefield, and your strategy and positioning, along with team cooperation, determine the game.
-You require literally no CS. I've finished this build in ranked games without getting a single CS.
-You are an absolutely essential distraction. I play Mundo as if I were ******ed, but not really. I stick around with 1 bar of hp, waiting to pop my heal and then ult, baiting countless numbers of people.
-You are a perfect harassing tool to bottom lane, which is usually composed of what we consider, "Squishies"
-People tend to focus you. How is this not a good thing? You're not wasting a slot in solo mid, instead the generally worthless support slot.
-Once you completely crush bottom lane, your ad carry will be completely fed, because you allow him to get the kills and farm.
-Once you win your lane, you can just hop right up to top lane and support them for a bit. This works extremely well with Mundo, in my perspective. You steal no farm from top lane, just simply cleave the **** out of the enemy. The solo top enemy is normally considered a "bruiser". AKA lots of health. You know what ability does great with lots of health? Cleave.
-Once you win your lane and top lane, you can seriously chill around and do whatever the **** you want. Because of your insane health, your insane ult, and to top it off, a buffed heal, you can make all the damned mistakes you want, and your team will not look down at you.
-You go wherever you want

-Your team may think you're trolling and morale will be lowered.
-While you have tons of health, you need to be extremely quick thinking and versatile in your strategy.
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Here's where I put all my fancy BBCoding in hopes of getting my guide upvoted. Yay.

Runes are standard for a tank, Quints are for cleave poke, etc, etc. Entirely flexible on what you prefer.
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Let's see what fancy BBCoding I can come up with this time! Oh, yeah.

Masteries are simple. Utilty isn't viable, Mundo doesn't have Mana. (But dat sexy CDR..) Offensive tree? You're a support tank bro. Defense is the only way to go, and the 9 extra are because I like that extra speed with Ghost, and prefer a tinsy tiny bit of CDR and Magic Pen for those Cleaves.
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Level 1- Boots, 1 potion, ward.
Regardless of how much *** Mundo kicks, you're a support and need to act like one.
First Recall (Level 5-8)- Ruby Crystal, Kindlegem, finish Spirit Visage if you can. And wards.
You're a tank. Health. You rely on your cleave. CDR. You revolve around healing yourself. Unique Passive.
Second Recall (Level 9-11)0 Spirit Visage if you haven't already, Merc's Treads, begin Warmogs
You're going to be diving into a lot of CC, so Merc's Treads are essential.
Third Recall (Level 11-??) Warmogs
End gamer item. You'll laugh as people try to hurt you.

From this point, focus down who's doing good on the enemy team. Some stupid *** Caitlyn trying to get the better of you? Piledrive that ***** with a Thornmail. That Tibbers from Annie seem to blow you up? Force of Nature that ho. To get down and honest with it, up to Warmogs is my staple, I strongly recommend you follow the item guide exactly up to Warmogs. Afterwards? Counter-item all your enemies. If AP casters are bringing you down, just check out the magic resist, and find an item you'd like. One problem I have with guides that provide situational items, is that you really don't get the opportunity to be flexible. I'm not going to give any specific situational items, instead, I encourage you to take a second to look at all the magic resist, health regen, or armor items, and pick one that best fits your circumstance.
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Skill Sequence

The Skill Sequence is pretty flexible, as long as you max out cleave. I personally put Burning Agony off until the very last, because I don't really like it at all.
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Before Starting the Game

Before the start of the game, you want to make an assessment. Find out who your laning partner is, who your enemy is, and simply analyze the situation. Do they both have escape summoner spells? Do they have any hard CC? Do they have sustainability? Should I build to counter them?
Here's what I normally do. At the very first, I check out dem summoner spells. Typically you have a AD carry with Flash Exhaust, and a Support with Clairvoyance Flash. That Flash can just absolutely ruin the chances of an early game gank. So you know what you do? You act like you're going to gank their *** constantly. Make them pop their flashes before your jungler arrives, and you'll get a much easier kill. Now that you've considered the summoner spells, consider their amount of CC. I've played against pretty much all combinations of bottom lane, and I have to say the most annoying is Taric/Caitlyn.

The hard stun plus yordle trap make it hell. However, this is the beauty of Mundo as a support. Taric and Caitlyn appear in their lane, along with your Vayne. Vayne looks passive, only farming minions and staying behind lines. You play hella aggressive to get them off Vayne, popping dem cleaves all over the place, and constantly in the bush. If they rush you, you back off, wait until they start running back, and cleave their ****. The cycle continues until you feel confident in your *** kicking skills. With no fear and heal available, you ping the enemy and jump their ***es hardcore. They blow everything on you, and you barely survive. Too bad they weren't paying attention to that Vayne who was in the background, who has now pinned them to the wall. Vayne shoots the **** out of them, you pop that heal, and run to Vayne. By this time, one of them is going to be near death, and not going to be able to make it. You should just be cleaving the **** out of them, avoid confrontation. If you continue cleaving them, which slows them, Vayne will easily get a double kill, and hardly be touched. I've done this countless times, and it always shuts up my team after they moan and weep about the "troll mundo" on their team.
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The Game Begins

Just harass the **** out of the enemy team. That cleave hurts, and it hurts hard. Early game is the best time to abuse it, as the support has an extremely hard time sustaining a lane. (That 70 hp heal with a 20 second CD on Soraka will definitely not defend against a torment of cleaves.) It is absolutely essential that you cleave the ever living hell out of the enemy team. When I say this, I don't mean risk getting hit. The playstyle that you should learn with early game cleaves is to position yourself correctly in the bush, pop cleave on them, and if they run towards you, run back. As soon as they see you running, and turn back to farm, you just hit them again. If they choose to stick in the bush, just cleave the **** out of the bush. The only time I've ever seen this playstyle even somewhat countered was when a support who must have thought he was a genius warded the bush. What did I do?

Ignored it. You have boots, and most likely, the enemy team doesn't. All you have to do is chicken dance that bush, throwing your cleave, and if they try to jump you, just run back. What if there's an enemy Caitlyn who yordle traps the bush? Explain the situation to your teammate, that is, if he has half a brain (Dat ELO Hell). Tell him, "Hey. I'm going to jump right on top of that Yordle Trap and look like I'm an easy kill for them. I'll cleave them once and look like I'm desperately running away. As soon as I hit that Yordle Trap, I want you to shoot the **** out of Caitlyn if she positions herself for a Peacemaker." You hit the trap, looking like an idiot who is out of position, you cleave and begin running back like a fool who made a mistake, and Vayne jumps in. Because your Vayne had the first few hits, and probably a pin, the Caitlyn is weak, they haven't given up. They both come running at your poor little AD Carry, thinking they've got an easy kill. You pop your heal, cleave, and run right in at them. At this point, they have got to be completely confused on who to focus. In otherwords, you win.

Continue helping out your AD Carry with the lane. I found that Mundo is terrible at taking towers, which is unfortunate. So, you're going to have to keep the constant harass on the enemy team, until their morale withers away completely, and you finally take that tower.
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Towers Down, What Now?

A tower is down, and unofficially midgame has started. By the time the first tower is down, I usually have Boots and Spirit Visage completed, and start working on dat Warmogs. But I feel like once the tower is down, many players go, "Well what now?" I'll tell you what now. The first tower is down, but that doesn't mean all of them are. Your other lanes might be struggling. This is Solo Queue after all, and teammates are often not reliable. You've let your carry farm hard and reap the benefits. So, instead of just sitting around until everyone else destroys their lane tower, ask the other lanes if they require a support, and that you promise not to take their farm. Mid lanes gonna say no. Mid lane is normally full of egotistical people. Chances are Top lane will say yes. If they say no, go anyways, they'll appreciate it even if they don't act like it. "Why would they appreciate it? You're taking their EXP," you might ask. Well, typically, Top Lane is filled with "Bruisers", that is, AD or occasionally AP carries that can take a punch while giving a huge one back. They have tons of farm from solo lane, and are essential to winning the game. So why would you interrupt their flow and take some of their EXP?

Well you're Mundo, and you do what you want. That, and Cleave. Fully leveled, your cleaver takes out 25% of the enemies current health. Top lane is full of people with lots of health, and lots of armor, in order to compete against the enemy. Is this not the perfect scenario? After I finish up bottom lane, and show them that Support Mundo should be dealt with seirously, I go straight up to the top lane. Sometimes there'll be protest, but most of the time there won't. The enemy top lane will laugh at your arrival for the most part. At first he'll be cautious- believing it to be a gank. Your top lane continues farming and poking, as you just run around the bushes, completely disrupting the enemy top lanes flow, cleaves flying everywhere. The enemies health will just vanish, giving your ally the perfect opportunity to kick the **** out of him. The current metagame is almost indefinitely solid, with the occasional Roamer. Because of this, it is insanely easy to abuse. You now have 1 fed AD Carry defending and farming bottom, a Middle doing whatever middles do, and a 2v1 Top Lane. No, no one is going to go help the Top Lane, besides the occasional jungler. It's going to be a 2v1 until you take that tower down, and make that Bruiser cry the day he messed with a Support Mundo.
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Mundo Pleases Where He Goes

So bam, two towers down, one left in Mid. Don't worry about that one. Most AP Middle players get extremely sensitive about disruption in their lane, and cause drama. Just leave it alone. You're now in a solid mid-game. This is seriously the most fun part to play as Support Mundo, and where I feel he deserves the title of Doing What He Wants. Carries mean nothing to Support Mundo and his infinite health. If you find one out in the middle of the river or whatnot, he's going to be like, "Hahahah! A Support Mundo with 0 CS out of position! Prepare to die!" Cleaver to the face, run away, cleaver to the face, continue running, cleaver to the face, the enemy turns around, distraught that he can't catch you, cleaver to the face. The enemy is slowed enough that you can easily approach him and start hitting him with your E procc'd. Cleaver to the face. The enemy gives a last stand, attempting to burst you, only to have you step away, giving yet another cleaver to the face. And then you have a dead carry who wishes he didn't understimate dat Support Mundo.
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Late Game Arrives, What Do?

Now, late game. A large amount of turrets are down, laning is officially over, and your team has begun to group up. At this point, you are absolutely, hands-down the most important member of this phase. You've completed Warmogs, so you're around an unstoppable 3k HP. You are the unofficial initiator of fights, and you should live up to that title. A large amount of the time, both teams cluster around an area, scrambling left and right, waiting for someone to make a move. We've all seen it happen. We haven't seen it happen with a badass Support Mundo. Mundo is tired of just standing around, cleaves a random target (Preferably a carry), and jumps in, popping dat ult. Hell has broken loose. You initiated the fight, meaning the enemy team wasn't ready for it. Because of this, there's a Mundo in the middle of all of them, and he must die. BAM, everyone bursts everything on you. You barely survive with your ult and heal, and get the **** out of there. In some cases you die. But it's okay, because their entire team and their CD's are down, and your team jumped them while they all focused you. If you're incredibly low health, don't you dare leave. One thing that I always abide by is my relentless commitment to my team. Your cleave is essential. If you survive with low hp, and the fight is wearing off, breaking into 2v2s and 1v1s, you stand on those sidelines, in bushes, fog of war, whatever, and you cleave those ***********ers until they die. If you die, that means they focused you while someone else was focusing them, and tears them apart. That's a win on my account.

At this point, everyone of your enemies will fear the Support Mundo.
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Please, for the love of God, do not place down your ward first thing at the beginning of the game. Wait until the 5 or 6 minute mark and pop it down on dragon. No jungler is going to rush you before that, and if they do, you should easily get a free blue. Popping it down around 6 minutes will not only protect you from the imminent gank from the jungler who thinks he's a genius, but it will also prevent anyone from getting an early dragon.

With that being said, you're playing Mundo Support. Your job is to harass the **** out of the enemy team. This means that you will more often than not be overextended. BUT HOW CAN WE PREVENT THIS? I DON'T KNOW. Constantly ward dragon. Constantly. As soon as that ward dies, there better be another one. You'll never be ganked, and in fact, you can often times set up your own gank on the unsuspecting jungler coming your way. You'll thank yourself for it, and your lane partner will thank you for it. Just ward. All the time. If you feel like you're the only one warding, and you don't have enough map vision? Encourage your teammates to buy wards. I typically buy a constant stream of wards on dragon until I win my lane, then by mid and late game, I buy wards in series of 5, placing one at dragon, and one at baron, and ask if anyone has any requests of where to put my next ward.

Wards prevent ganks. Ganks make people unhappy. Therefore, Wards prevent unhappiness.
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Yes, Morale definitely exists in League of Legends. And I believe that Morale Management should be seriously considered when going Ranked Solo Queue. Nearly everyone is on edge, ready to be pissed off by any little thing that goes wrong. Most of them are in ELO Hell and can't escape, and hate having unreliable teammates. Let's create an example.

Bob is an excellent Lee Sin Jungler. He believes he should be at least 1500 ELO, but unfortunately, he continuously loses games no matter what his skill level is. (AKA ELO Hell). Bob desperately wants to get to a higher ELO, and in his perspective, the only thing stopping him is his teammates. The matchmaking begins, and would you look at that! He gets Team Captain. "This game is off to a good start", he's thinking. And look at that! Everyone is already calling out and agreeing with what positions they want. The bans go by, and Bob is happy as he chooses Lee Sin. The enemy team chooses, and the next up on Bob's team chooses Twitch for Bottom. To top it off, he has Surge Exhaust. Bob has seen players like this. He chooses a squishy champion with no form of escape. He entices the Twitch player to change his champion, and is responded with a, "umad?" Already annoyed, Bob decides to ignore the Twitch player, and not gank his lane. The game starts, and Bob dominates. Middle and Top are in constant fear of being ganked, taking tons of extra precautions. Bottom, on the other hand, has lost their tower, and fed their carry Sivir 5/0. Lee Sin meets Sivir while walking in the river, and is annihalated. Irritated, he respawns and once again dies to Sivir. Lee Sin begins to call Twitch out, calling him a "noob feeder" and whatnot. The game ends with Twitch intentionally feeding after being called out.

Who is to blame here? Many of you would say Twitch for being a noob, but I believe the focus should be on Lee Sin. Negative attitudes create negative atmosphere. Everyone on your team legitimately wants to win, it's just that their morale is **** on from every direction, being in ELO Hell. Because of this, they end up blaming their teammates, and not working together. I noticed this problem early on in my Ranked experience, and found a simple solution. Proclaim yourself the Unofficial Team Leader Support Mundo. As a Team Leader, you are responsible for the gameplay of your team, and you are responsible for the relationships team members have with each other. As an unofficial leader, you aren't allowed to have an attitude, and trolling is definitely forbidden. Talk to your team, and especially, joke with them. If you consider yourself a funny person, jump right in. This is important during the matchmaking setup. Get your team to smile or laugh. You're all a team, and you should act as such. Even if no one else is talking, continue on. Get the people happy. Once the game starts, continue being positive and applaud the accomplishments of others. When someone says "Great job man, you saved me with that Heal :P" I think to myself, "**** yeah I'm the bomb." And in turn, I try harder and do much better. Become the atmosphere that you want to be in. If you accidently give First Blood and that ******* of a Mid goes, "GG", you're going to get pissed off, and just start the game off completely wrong. So, if you make a mistake, just say it quickly before someone else can make a rude remark. A simple, "Sorry about that guys, won't happen again", will do. Not only will you avoid drama, but you will try harder to avoid making mistakes.

After everyone is in a better mood, you should begin working together. You are the support tank who doesn't afraid of anything. Plan things out, communicate. An organized team will beat an unorganized team.

Morale is essential to getting out of ELO Hell. Plain and simple. You aren't going to win with a disorganized, upset team. You ARE going to win with a team with a positive attitude. On a final note of Morale, if you want to avoid listening to everything I said because you're too hard of a person to care, the least you could do is applaud the achievements of others. Don't just say "GJ" to the person who took ganked a double kill. No one gets a motivation boost from that. Saying, "Very nice job man, I knew the first one was a goner, but you went above and beyond my expectations diving and annihilating that second guy," will easily make anyone's day.
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What is this "Farming"?
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Damn son, I wrote a huge block of text. But it's worth the read, I assure you. I hope that this guide will open up the possibility of people playing Support Mundo besides me :c It's definitely viable, and works extremely well for me in ranked play. Ciao.
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