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Warwick Build Guide by Mangosz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mangosz

DAT WICK SON (Extensive Jungle & Lane)

Mangosz Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

In my view and experience I seen that AP Warwick is far better than AD Warwick. Trust me I've tried out AD, AD Tank, AP, AP Tank, Hybrid, everything on this champ. I've come across a very very cheap build that also has most productivity. In the build no item exceed over 2,600 gold except for situational items. In most AD Warwick builds you'd have Black Cleaver, Blood Thirster, Trinity Force, Phantom Dancers. In the end of that build it's pretty costly and doesn't benefit Warwick directly in anyway. You are forcing him to rely on items, basically starting from scratch. None of his abilities scale with attack damage items directly. Only his Q scales with something and it's magic damage. Now this build isn't based off of one ability because that would be stupid, but it takes advantage of his Q and its 1:1 ratio based on AP. This guide will cover most if not all areas on Warwick and his full potential from my view.

In the past I've seen a sh*t ton of Warwicks in lane with ad/as build and rushing unnecessary items early such as Madred's Bloorazor or just plain unnecessary like a Zeal or some **** like that. Meh some of that stuff works, but you can get so much out of Warwick faster with lesser effort. In this section I'll be explaining how to build and play an AP/AS Lanewick.

First off I start with a Doran's Ring. You get all that you need; 15 Ability Power, 100 Health, and 5 mana per 5 sec. Warwick's laning is fairly simple; last hit minions with auto-attack and harass opposing lane with Hunger Strike (Q). You shouldn't spam your q ability if you don't have to so you aren't mana starved. First trip back first priority is level 1 boots. If possible just one buy the Sorcerer's Shoes. Afterward whenever you can get 2 more Doran's Rings. If you don't like or understand Doran item stacking then go look up why and it's benefits. Spirit Visage is your next item, and then normally I get a wits end because its provides magic resist, but either Malady or Wits End is good, your choice but only the Doran's Ring if you need to. Afterwards buy a Sunfire Cape. Your Last item is situational, depending on if you need more damage and if the game is prolonging get either a Deathcap, Madred's Bloodrazor, or Void Staff. If you need more survivability get Banshees Veil or whatever resist you need for that game.

Why Malady/Wits End? Where's the Bloodthirster and Black Cleaver?
As much as I love the Black Cleaver and Bloodthirster, Why pay almost 6k gold for those items when you can spend 3800 for items that give you more attack speed, on hit magic damage and magic resist. Warwick already has built in on-hit lifesteal, although bloodthirster is a very good item, but no need on Warwick. With Malady/Wits End combo you are dealing 62 Magic damage every time you auto-attack, along with that, Malady reduces their magic resist and Wits End give you magic resist and then add your magic pen into the equation. Your Ult is basically a stun nuke. Along with that damage, without any runes, masteries, nor your W Ability buff you are hitting a little over 1.6

Spirit Visage & Sunfre Cape
Spirit Visage is a must on Warwick, especially since they added that the regen works on self heals and spell vamp and such also has cool down reduction. I get Sunfire Cape because I gives good armour and health but also synch well with the build. Dealing 135 magic damage by just chillin next to them o.0 Not noticeable by itself but it all adds up.

Last Item/Situational
The last item slot all depends on how your game is going. If you need more damage or offensive and game maybe ending soon go for a Voidstaff or Will of the Ancients. If you think the game is being prolong try and build a Deathcap or a Madred's Bloodrazor for more on-hit damage. If you need more defensive items buy a Banshees veil or Thornmail (More magic damage lol). If you need a little bit of both get an Abyssal Scepter. You'll be in melee range so this is best item choice really.

Another thing about Warwick players I've seen is that they spend a lot time in the jungle. Yes I understand Warwick is slow due to lack of aoe damage or whatever, but there isn't any need to jungle till level 6 on him. I go mainly about 2 different ways of jungling. I either rush ganks as early as possible just to keep early pressure on lanes or I take a faster path without losing gold I can gain from clearing the entire jungle.

For runes I go with 9 Armour Pen Reds, 9 Armour Yellows, 9 Magic Resist per level, and 3 Armour Pen Quints. For most jungler armour pen is required, so I take full red and quints for true damage on all camps except for Wraiths and Baron. I also take Armour Yellows for sustainability in the jungle and Magic Resist per level glyphs for later game.

Why not Attack Speed Runes? Warwick needs them.
Warwick doesn't need attack speed in the jungle, By you getting attack speed early you're exchanging auto-attacking for sustainability. Say if you get ganked in the jungle because of no mia or whatever, attack speed won't give as much survivability. Plus free 40% attack speed buff at level 1 or 2 and 20% for the team, that's all you really need to be honest. Also before mid game you should already have either your Wits End or Malady, so there's your attack speed.

Rush Gank Route
Grab Cloth Armour and 3 Health Pots, only 3 is needed. Start at Blue Buff. A leash on it isn't needed but its helpful and will make it quicker. On the third hit hit your W ability and use your first health pot. Smite the buffed golem at 450~ health If they don't have a jungler head over the river to the other team's Red Buff to spare time otherwise just go to yours. Start with an auto-attack and use your 2nd health pot. On the third auto-attack use your W ability and Q whenever possible. Smite the buffed lizard when you can. Then go on with your gank, easy as that, if no ganks are available continue with jungle. Preferably the jungle camps closer to the lanes like wraiths but yeah.

Regular Route
This route has Q as its starting ability, so take hungering strike instead of the attack speed buff. Start out with a Long Sword and 1 Health Pot. Make your way to Wolves[1]. Auto attack the big wolf and Q it whenever. Leave the other two behind. Rush to Blue Buff[2] and have someone leash if possible. Use your health pot at the start of attack Blue buff. Q whenever possible and then Smite at 450~ health. Then go back to wolves[3] and finish that camp. Go over to wraiths[4] clear that camp by attacking the big wraiths first. Go to Red buff[5], and kill that camp then do mini golems[6]. Then gank by clearing the jungle you should be level 4 and have your point in your E. If not then you did something wrong or someone leeched your exp :(

Why do you rush ganks? Warwick cant gank he has no cc.
I rush ganks because I like to create early early pressure. As early as lvl 2 Warwick and come out with both buffs full health and get a kill. The only cc needed is the one from red buff, Most likely summoner spells from the person being ganked will be used anyway. Early lane pressure can easily lead to lane dominance and benefit that lane. Doing early ganks will also put pressure on the other teams jungler if they have one because most likely he'd have to get out of his jungling to help the ganked or lane or get b*tched at for not ganking sooner. Plus its free early lane exp. If you don't kill anyone on that gank, no big deal just go back in your jungle or go gank the next lane over if possible.

Why start at wolves and only kill one of them?
A thing I've seen and been told is that Warwick has a slow jungle. A lot of Wariwicks like to start at mini golems to get that quick lvl 2. What are you gonna do with being a lvl above everyone in the game if you're just gonna be in the jungle? I find the fastest way to clear your jungle as Warwick is starting at Wolves. Wolves are one of the first camps to spawn and the closest to Blue buff. Start at wolves and only killing the big wolf allows you to get that early exp and since Warwick is rather blue buff dependent early with his Q it's good to grab blue early. Without sacrificing losing time getting exp kill big wolf first, then head to blue then finish wolves then go about your biz.

If you don't get attack speed on Warwick, then why do get more points in his E?
The way I see it is, with Warwick your main source of damage early game isn't from your auto-attacks, it's from your Q which is magic damage; so why try to max your speed buff second if your main damage isn't from auto-attacks? I try to get at least 3 points in Blood Scent[E] because of what it gives you. Blood Scent at level 1 give you 1500 units of vision on anyone lower than 50% health. At level 3 that doubles to 3100 units and basically a 3rd of the map you got that shizz on lock, plus it allows your entire team to see the half health champ hiding in bushes.

Blood Scent: 1500 / 2300 / 3100 / 3900 / 4700

Hungering Strike now Heals for 80% of damage dealt instead of 100%
-This shouldn't affect Warwick's jungle too much as well as his Lane dominance.