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League of Legends Build Guide Author Psylynx

Dead Sexy Healer Man

Psylynx Last updated on August 27, 2010
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First of all this is my first build I've ever posted, please comment before you just downvoting.

Really good heals
Long range stun
Good farmer
High Survivability

Doesn't have the health pool
Doesn't have a good burst end game
sort of weak mid game

Masteries:There are a lot of ways to run Taric's masteries, I chose defense heavy because there are some things I find very useful such as Ardor. Taric doesn't put out enough magic dmg to justify bothering with Archaic Knowledge, and if you grab golem, or have your Nashor's, you don't really need much more CD reduc, because your heal is reduced by your attacks. So getting the AS in there and Burning Embers is more valuable IMO.

Runes:Taric is very dependent on high attack speed to keep his heal off CD and to get his mana back. As for the seals, that is whatever you want, I prefer health or dodge for the survivability. The quints those are up to you, I put health on here because that is very useful to anyone, but AS is also very nice for Taric.

Summoner Spells:
Clarity:Most would say that clarity useless in general, I disagree on taric, being able to run yourself out of mana end game while using your ult then popping this to easily be able to finish off a tower is invaluable.
Ignite:I get this for a little more champ dmg output, and for the 10 extra AP from the mastery whenever it is down.
Teleport:As a Support/Tank, you need to be where your team is, that's all there is to it, the faster you get there, the better.
Exhaust:This also be very good to solidify a kill after you stun someone. Or so that a dps carry can't just stand there and destroy you.

Early Game:
Try to lane with another slow/stun if at all possible, try to catch enemies in your shatter as much as possible and don't get ganked but don't be too afraid of a little dmg at the beginning because at level two you'll get rid of it really fast. At level 3 you will start taking out the opposing laners. Just get your shatter off CD, have your lane buddy ready, wait for the enemy to get just barely too close, stun them, run up and shatter them and hit em a couple times for a first blood or at least an early kill.

Before level 6 you can always pop back if you have enough money for your boots and maybe your codex and just port back to get back to the action quickly.

Mid Game:
You will still be doing really well, but this is probably one of the harder parts for this build, you are at the point where your getting close to your Aegis so you are trying to just survive and farm, maybe picking off a few enemy champs while your at it. Near the end of this you'll be picking up your Nashor's and starting on your Randuin's. When you have those, gg for the other team.

Late Game:
This is truthfully where Taric really shines. At this point you have your Nashor's and maybe your finished Randuin's, you don't die ever because in nearly any fight you hit your ult and your health never goes down. You are a fantastic team fight initiator because you want all of them to focus you because your ult and your own heal hits you so hard. You can back door the other team without any resistance, alone. Just grab a golem buff, run through the jungle(of course being wary of where the other team is) walk up to the tower right after the minion pass, hit your ult, take it down, and blue pill out.

With this you'll have such awesome attack speed you're mana will never go down, and with your ult up, you'll do a ton of dmg to anything in front of you. You don't die because of how powerful your heal is because of Nashor's stacking and hopefully your Guinsoo's.

There are a couple of items that you could put in there, by selling your ring, if for some reason you actually got to a point where you actually have all of the items here:
If they have a lot of dps carries mowing you down, I personally would get phantom dancer(if you can afford it) this will give you a ton of dodge, and a bunch of other nice things.
If they are caster heavy, beating you down, I would grab an abyssal scepter. Great amount of MR, and some nice AP to add to your abilites. And a nice passive.
If you are just rolling over them, I would go with Lich Bane, it's just a really nice addition to this build. I may take it over the other two no matter what.

Thanks for reading :)