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League of Legends Build Guide Author WicKedTRipleSiX

Deadly Dominion Duo

WicKedTRipleSiX Last updated on November 6, 2011
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TRipleSiX Guide

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I've been playing Dominion for about a month now, primarily with Talon, and I've got to know a lot about these two champions. I'm really big into close-range tactical and critical combat. Depending on what type of game-play I'm fiending for, Talon gives me the satisfaction of that stealthy, pain-in-the-*** style while Yorick frustrates the opponent by shutting them down and taking them out.

Talon is currently my favorite character. I love assassin types, they're exceptional at kicking *** on the field but, at the same time, you have to be evasive in any situation. Talon's an excellent role in this category, he can come in for a quick kill and easily pop out with his silence flash or ulti. He's both frustrating and beautiful in the craft and you have to be cautious while playing him or you'll find yourself waiting for the death clock more than you'd like to.

Yorick is a debatable character. I've seen him a couple times in classic and I thought he was disappointing. He's a cool character when you look at him and I really felt like Riot didn't do him enough justice... Then Dominion came out. I ended up picking up this guy and a fancy Pentakill skin and now I'm just having loads of fun with him. He's both tank-worthy and kill-worthy in the sense that he can hard push (take a lot of damage) while sustaining a good sum back. You'll find that he can be a bit of a pain when fighting other tanks but when you match him to casters and assassin types, he will terrorize the floor.

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Talon plays a role of Capturing while being a dominate Harasser in Dominion. The main goal throughout the game is finding the soft spots in the opposing team (loner champions, weaker players) and picking them off throughout the game, this helps kick the numbers low so that your team can maintain an advantage while you rack up the kills. Although he can be a complete bad *** throughout the entire match, sometimes Talon can be a gamble late game as other players start focusing on countering Talon's attacks. A real issue for Talon is AS/LS champions like Yi and (spec build) Poppy. Talon is an awesome champion for immediate DPS but, at times, he can't last in a prolonged fight. You need to make sure you plan your attacks correctly with Talon before you jump into a mix with a heavy health champ like Alistair because a lengthy combat will increase the chances of you getting ganked by the rest of the team.

Yorick is, in my opinion, the best pusher for Dominion - period. This guy has a solid set of skills that keep other champions back while your team gets prepared for a heavy strike and capture. Yorick is excellent with Garrison because you can rush a capture point, drop Garrison and flow all skills effectively eliminating all threats at that point - and they'll never know what hit them. Yorick is a bad *** for these types of situations but very iffy towards the beginning of the game. You have to play conservative until you get your ult and then it's game on.

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Talon - Pros / Cons


    Amazing early game
    Massive Immediate Damage
    Useful Chaser
    Ult is an excellent clean-up
    Shuts down casters

    Low armor, bad target in crowds
    Becomes a spotlight champion late game
    Weak against tanks like Alistar and even Poppy
    Look out for Yi
    Can be a bit of a gamble late game

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Talon - Runes

Greater Mark of Desolation
Armor penetration is a vital stat for Talon as you will notice throughout the entire game. As players start balancing themselves defensively, you will continue to pop maximum damage throughout the game with a heavy lean on armor penetration. This works excellent for tanking champions to make sure you deliver the highest amount of damage in the shortest amount of time.
Greater Glyph of Celerity
Cooldown reduction, cooldown reduction, cooldown reduction... Need I say more? Talon relies heavily on cooldown reduction, he has one of the smallest cooldown times in LoL and it helps amazingly well in Dominion when you need to cast off Noxian Diplomacy more than once to end a guy.
Great Seal of Evasion
I suppose an argument can be made on the practical use of armor or dodge and, in my opinion, any assassin character shouldn't be using armor. They are already squishy champions designed only for one thing: quick kills. Talon is a jump in, pop a couple skills, clear out and repeat. Dodge is a much more effective defensive stat in the sense that since you're already going to take damage, might as well strengthen the chances of not getting hit period.
Greater Quint of Desolation
Once again, let's add on to the armor penetration. Throughout the game, I don't think any items you'll be purchasing lean on armor penetration, so we might as well let it passively come in with you from the beginning.

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Talon - Masteries

I don't feel like I need to get in depth with masteries so I'm going to go ahead and have you take a look at them really fast then read on to my summary of what I did.

Naturally you're going to see that offense has got over 20 points in it for the sole purpose of... What? Yeah, kicking ***. All roles and points are spread out to acquire attack damage, critical strike chance and cooldown reduction. It works wonders especially when you've already got this starting off early game.

I went defensive simply because I wanted the dodge. The magic resistance is great too to avoid casters bothering you too much but I wanted to get more dodge chance for Talon so that his chances of successfully dodging would be higher. You won't be focusing any items in armor or dodge so it's good to hold the role of evasive maneuvers throughout the game.

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Talon - Items

Prospector's + Boots of Speed
You should have already seen this coming, this combination is popular and obviously it's going to work with Talon, 'nough said.
The Brutalizer
Cooldown reduction + attack early game for a mere 1337? Yeah, I'll take it. The Brutalizer was made for guys like Talon and Yorick - you want the AD plus the CdR and it makes an effective setting for dominance early game.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
You want to continue to build off the CdR early game, this will help you continue to use the hell out of your skills and sets a solid foundation for Talon early game. After you get a 25% CdR from Brutalizer and the Boots, it's all about AD from here.
Phage -> Entropy
For those of you who are completely new to Talon or aren't 100% sure of how useful he is, I want you to take a look at his passive Mercy. 10% additional damage to slowed opponents, right? Now look at Phage... Yeah, now we have what I like to call "Double Tap" - a fluid function of two items that create a greater outcome. If that didn't make sense to you (nerd-talk, I know), then maybe this will: Mercy + Phage = Win. Phage's passive is excellent with Mercy, basically. You can't skip this item especially when it's so cheap and then you upgrade it to Entropy. Wow.
There's an interesting debate about Sheen and its role in Dominion and, if you've noticed, a lot of people are picking it up. Why? Sheen's got a very useful passive for heavy skill-using fighters like Yorick and Talon. Sheen grants you 100% damage bonus on your next attack with a 2 second cooldown. Who cares about the ability power, that passive is a must for Talon 'cuz he uses the hell out of his skills.
Sanguine Blade + Youmuu's Ghostblade + Infinity Edge + Trinity Force
There isn't really an order of march for these items but I suggest going cheapest to highest but start with Sanguine. Sanguine Blade's going to get you the attack damage and life steal that you need putting Talon over 200 damage and an easy 400-500 crit. As you progress getting entropy, ghostblade, infinity edge, and force, you'll be dealing over 700 crit and toppling squishies and even tanks by end game. If you somehow manage to get all these finishing items, you'll be an embarrassing force. Your team will smile and the other will cry. Hands down. It's disgusting.

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Talon - Skill Sequence

Noxian Diplomacy
This guy needs to be at level 2 from the beginning. You'll level to 4 while you're battling out the top capture point and from there you'll get cutthroat and utilitze it. ND will be the second skill you max out.
Rake is hands-down one of the most annoying skills for casters. It's the first thing you'll cap out because you'll be level 5 early which kills almost all minion types and takes out 15%+ of casters' health making it an excellent harasser throughout the game.
The last thing you'll max simply because you don't need to worry about how long you silence your opponent, you still get the flash effects and you can interrupt them for a brief second which will help you finish them off. All you need is a couple seconds to end a squish.
Shadow Assault
Talon has one of my favorite ults. The blades that expand are amazing while you're stealthed which helps for evasive maneuvers and you can close them early while you have a squish in the middle to deal ******ed amounts of damage. It's also excellent for group therapy session because you can knock out tons of weakend opponents. You'll get to know those side effects real well when you get stuck in group combat.

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Yorick - Pros/Cons


    Great Carry & Pusher
    Destroys casters and assassins
    Great balance of offense to defense
    Flows smoothly from early to late
    Great harasser

    Against other tanks, he's iffy
    Can't run from people
    Gamble early game

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Yorick - Runes

Greater Mark of Might
Attack damage is imperative for Yorick. You want to establish some ground stats for him since you'll be building on this throughout your game. Of all marks, might's probably going to be the most useful especially when you find yourself close-range pushing.
Greater Seal of Resilience
Yorick is a tank-push hybrid. He needs armor. It just comes natural that you want to establish some ground basics so that he can take tons of damage while using "E" (Omen of Famine) to keep up his health in tough bouts. You'll get to know the usefulness of this as your progress through the game.
Greater Glyph of Celerity
If you weren't reading anything about my Talon information, then here you go. Cooldown Reduction is the s$!# for these two champs. Yorick has extremely low cooldown times and, because you focus so heavily on his skills, you want to use them as much as possible.
Greater Quint of Shielding
You have to keep an open mind with dealing with casters, you'll need magic resist. You'll come to realize as you progress through a game, you can dominate champions like Vladimir and Karthus like no body's business. Just stay away from Karthus's ult.

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Yorick - Masteries

Once again, I don't want to go too in depth with masteries but I'll summarize.

You want to focus primarily on defense with Yorick because you want to design him as a tank champion. You'll realize that as you build your items up throughout the game, attack damage will work itself out. You want some sort of defensive game already established for Yorick before you go wasting your gold on that **** when you want to be hurting people rather yourself.

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Yorick - Items

Yorick's pretty point-blank on item purchases which makes it easier for you to remember. You want to focus on attack damage throughout the game while keeping a steady flow of CdR and introduce a little AP in there as well. The AP is going to help you when you use famine more, you'll understand as I explain.
Prospector's + Boots of Speed
Yorick's going to be using this combination as well at the beginning, he's a fighter so there isn't a whole lot of options to flirt around with at the beginning that I find are even worth the time.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Before we even jump into working on this guy's damage, get him some CdR so that you can use it more. You also want to be able to move around the field faster since you're going to be the main pusher in your team.

The Brutalizer
You're probably seeing a correlation between the two builds of my Talon and Yorick, that's because I know what these items can do and I know how similar the two champs are in the sense of CdR and AD. You'll want to cap your ideal points in CdR with Brutalizer and the Boots which now you can just start building up your AD from here.
You are out of your mind if you don't think Sheen will work for Yorick. He's a close-ranged fighter and uses skills often, you'll be using its passive like crazy and the AP on it helps you use more out of your Omen of Famine.
Guinsoo's Rageblade
I'm a fan of Rageblade, it grants a solid level of AP and levels your opponents with the high amount of AD you get from it. Now I foresee arguments to this purchase but I want you to take a look at the ability list I've got. I like Omen of Pestilence, I do, but Omen of War and Famine are ideal choices as you build up. The extra AP will compliment Yorick's self-heal and add increased damage of Omen of War doing even more damage than you would be used to.
Spirit Visage
Since you're going to be relying on some self-heal with this build, Spirit Visage is great and will compliment Omen of Famine really well with the help of Rageblade.
Youmuu's Ghostblade + Trinity Force
There shouldn't be any particular order of these two - it's primarily person preference though I would more or less go with TF first. These two are basically upgrades to brutalizer and sheen so you can upgrade after you're done building up.
Sanguine Blade
At this point you've got everything you need and you've still got the Prospector's Blade which is weak now and you need some more AD. Time to grab Sanguine. An extra 60 on your AD will just freakin' hurt and holds onto your life steal granting even more of a tank feeling and just irritating the hell out of people.

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Yorick - Skill Sequence

For avid Yorick players, you're probably going to have a little ? with my skill sequence. Let me explain: Yorick's Omen of Pestilence is awesome, it slows and does damage and that little ghoul bastard is awesome to watch chase your opponent. I'd rather have this at level 2 while I work on War and Famine.
Omen of War
Omen of War is amazing to me. I'm so used to playing Talon that I just love dealing damage, when I started messing with Yorick, I simply button pressed Q,W,E to see how quickly I could get my opponent's health down. Man, as soon as my finger hit Q BAM! Found my favorite skill. Seriously cap this quickly coinciding with Famine making these two skills great partners in crime.
Omen of Pestilence
Love this ability, and I know most Yorick users agree, but let this roll out later on, you can use the hell out of it at level 2 and it still does its job - plus getting Rageblade will make it feel like it's level 4 or 5 anyways.
Omen of Famine
My 2nd favorite ability. I love self-heals. They're annoying as hell but really amazing when you're on the receiving end. Famine and War are two abilities you want to cap quickly and together because they're the most useful in this build. You'll be using Famine a lot to counter-act your opponent's hits and keep you in the game as long as possible. SPAM THIS PLEASE!
Omen of Death
Okay, okay. I've found one main use for this. Hard push. Yorick is a team friendly guy. You can tell just by his ultimate that you're going to be making some sacrifices and that's all this is good for unless you want to pull some vengeance on some ******* Yi who snuck up on you. Use this wisely since it's got a high cooldown time. I suggest using it for a hard push to get a capture point and use Garrison so that you won't have to worry about your ghostly counter-part sacrficing itself for you.

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Things to Look Out For

I can make this a general section for both Talon and Yorick because I've found solutions to the same problems for both these guys...

Master Yi is one of the most annoying champs. Not because he's hard to fight, but because I have to adjust my spending to counter him. As soon as he's got Phantom Dancers or a Sanguine, I'm going to tell you to invest in one thing immediately to shut his *** down:
For only 2 grand... You can piss Yi off instead of him you. Enjoy.

I can't stand Singed as Talon, Yorick he's a little easier to handle because you can just send a couple ghouls after him to shut him up. Talon has to be a bit more evasive to handle him. I've been noticing Singed players making a more health-heavy build off this guy and that drives me nuts because you have to keep building up on Talon to kill this guy quickly. So here's a solution. You can't buy thornmail against this guy because he's using a lot of skills including that stupid sludge...
B. F. Sword
I know the argument: "It's a base item, how's that going to help?" Singed is annoying early game that's why. Invest in a +45 AD for a quick boost and cut that guy out. I suggest kiting him with Rake, get him alone pop ult, flash silence, noxian, release ult, noxian and spam silence after cooldowns. You have to be strategic but using early AD boosts will help you shut him up.

People Don't Like Karthus
Okay okay, the ever popular Karthus right? Not a problem for these two, seriously. The end.

Akali's the new MVP!!
I don't care what anyone says about Akali... She sucks compared to Talon. I've been playing games against here and Talon can shut her down all the time. A lot of times they'll try and pop that dome and catch you in it but you just have to pay attention to her uses of the skill and you've got her easy. You also deal more damage faster than she does and she's just as squishy. End of Story.

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Yorick and Talon... Seriously, hands down, my favorite champions. I've established excellent roles in Dominion and I've become a dominating factor in Dominion since I've created these two builds. It used to be a fluxuating thing for me playing off other people's builds but I've created my own renditions and they're much more fluid for my play style. I guarantee double digit kills per game. The deaths all lead up to how you balance our your conservative play to your aggressive. You can never be too aggressive with Yorick but keep in mind that although Talon is a damage-dealing bad ***, he can't take much of a punch.

I hope you find these builds useful. Enjoy kickin' ***!