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League of Legends Build Guide Author BiPolarGod

Deadly Kitty Kat

BiPolarGod Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

This is my first guide, so I will be modifying it until it can be understandable for everyone.

Basically, I have been trying out Kat for a long time, and with this build I have found myself unbeatable. Right now, I just won my 16th game in a row, all with positive scores, I will post a srceen shot later.

Stats 1

Stats 2

I have not tested this build in ranked yet, but my positive experience in normal games makes me strongly confident about it.

I just hope it is helpful for anyone who reads it.

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Just some MP runes, dodge, which I find very useful, and AP.

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I haven't really tried the defensive mastery tree, because it works great for me as it is.

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Skill Sequence

Ok, this one many of you will dislike, as most of the guides say to grow Shunpo first BUT, to harass mid without having to get anywhere near the enemy, bounce blade is the best skill you could ask for. Easy harass, just throw the dagger at a minion and if the enemy champion is stupid enough to stay in range, you will keep hitting him without him being able to do nothing, while at the same time you keep farming the creeps.

Usually, at level 6, enemy champion is under 50%HP, so I check his summoner skills in case he has flash or heal, just not to have a surprise, and if he doesn't go back to heal, just go W->E(Shumpo on him while reducing incoming damage) and set off you R, if needed throw in an exhaust to he doesn't run away AND if he is still alive after this finish it with Q. 90% of the times you will get a kill.

Only thing that you have to be careful is of stuns/silence.

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Summoner Spells

Flash to either escape, which combined with shumpo will save your life a lot. Or mostly in late game, just run after some escaping champion to get that kill.

Exhaust is just the best summoner skill you can ask for...slows the enemy while reducing his damage output (either its DPS or AP). Enough said.

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Well, first of all, Katarina is one of the best (if not the best) character to go mid lane, you will have no trouble against almost any champion you face (actually, the only ones I have been having trouble with are Swain, Malzahar and LeBlanc), and by trouble I mean not easy to get kills at level 6.

Any other champion can be easily crushed after level 6.

Early game, just stay back, don't worry too much about not last hitting creeps if your enemy is harassing you too much, just Q the ones that are low hp to get some gold, but don't stress. Most of enemies will think you are an easy opponent, will push hard, but you got 3 heal potions, more than enough to keep you in lane until you get your first kill.

Stay back, and just look how he stops pushing when you get your bouncing blade to level 2-3, you will be dealing damage to him from a very safe distance, without him even being able to land a hit on you.

Just stay calm, and leave him under 40-50% HP, if at level 6 he hasn't gone back to heal, just pop on him and kill.

After that, go back, buy the items as in sequence and enjoy owning mid without trouble. Probably, after you get that second kill, you will bring his turret down, meaning, time to go gank other lanes. Focus on squishy champions, and be aware of not giving up your mid turret easy.

In the worst of the cases, you might die 1-2 times, even loose your turret, just don't are so deadly that when it comes to ganking after level 6 with your teammates, enemies won't stand a chance.

In mid-late game, never engage a team fight unless you have been very feeded. Usually, you should be the last one to pop in, just in time to save the life of all your teammates and get a double-triple or even quadra kill. Basically, after getting your deathcap, you will be unstoppable. Even tanks will die with just a few E + Q on them.

Remember to keep moving, to keep hitting, the more damage you deal, the more you heal.

I will try to explain it all better with next edits.

Hope you like it.