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Teemo Build Guide by Leggo my Huevos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Leggo my Huevos

Death has never been so cute

Leggo my Huevos Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Hello, so you want to learn to play teemo like he should be played? Well this is the right guide. Please take notes on the following to be legendary in no time...

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From the beginning I pick up a dorans blade from shop. Depending on lane matchup, I stay in lane as long as possible, then recall and grab 2 more dorans and madreds razors. After that, boots then rush Malady. Upgrade to bloodrazor asap after that. Between your razor to bloodrazor you probably want to pot up after you get your recurve bow as it will help you farm the 1800 that it costs to upgrade to bloodrazor. Typically in a game, you should not be able to get frozen mallet, or the game is dragging on too hard. Also, 3 dorans early game is not a bad choice. I will be doing more in depth guides on why I select these items, and also what items I would recommend changing out for what matchup.

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Why Is AP Teemo Not Viable?

AP teemo cannot farm well at all, is constantly HP starved, and is way too heavily reliant on shrooms to do damage. Basically the way I see it, every shroom you use in lane for killing creeps is one less shroom that can be used for lane/map control. As for AP Teemo's scaling with his E spell, its not nearly substantial enough to justify building AP, especially since in teamfights AP teemo will be the first target, and won't get off alot of autoattacks as basically a melee mage. Mages need to be able to sit at a distance and dish out damage while staying out of harm's way, and teemo's short autoattack range does not allow him to dish out damage effectively without putting him at risk.

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9/21 or 11/19 mastery build. In 9/21 you are making teemo able to sustain more damage with 4% reduction to all damage effects, while losing out either imp ignite (+10 AP while ignite is on CD) and +2 armor pen, or +4 armor pen if you are going to use exhaust. Try it out and see what fits you, but starting out I would probably go with the safer 9/21 route. Teemo needs to have defensive masteries as his range is ******edly small and requires him to be able to take alot of damage in a teamfight as for alot of the time you will have to be out of position to hit people.

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Im using Arpen reds because they will synergize well with doran's blade +damage and lifesteal. Arpen will make laning phase easier, and will allow you to hit harder when you exchange blows with your lane if they are playing agressively. I have tried attackspeed, but early game you will hit even weaker than Teemo already does if you go this route. Flat MR blues give you good survivability early game, which is what Teemo is all about. I would definately not recommend MR/Level. HP/level yellows provide more survivability, and helps you lane against casters and physical compared to dodge runes which only help you against physical. And tbh, Teemo doesnt really have a problem laning physical anyways with blinding dart and wrigglers early game armor, so I would definately stick with hp/level. Flat HP quints give you more survivability, which is always good.

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Summoner Spells

Flash allows you an important escape mechanism if you find yourself out of position. Flash is a must have on most carries, and Teemo is not left out. Definately carry flash.
Because of Teemo nerf to shroom damage, I feel that it is now alot harder to bait kills early game. So, I am going to start going with exhaust for more safety + gank potential. Exhaust can not only save you from a 2v1 gank, but it can allow you to get a kill if jungler comes with red, adding a slow and allowing both of you to get more hits in. With flash ignite, you can bait kills and apply a healing debuff. Ignite adds some extra dot damage as well, and with red buff + maxed out E + shroom + ignite, thats alot of dots ticking out and to add to it the target is debuffed so heals wont be very effective. All in all, id say that if you can get a few autoattacks in with all that damage going out your target will usually be dead early game.

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Skill Sequence

I max E asap as that is the ability that lets you last hit creeps and harass heroes easier. I pick this over Q because it allows you early game domination with autoattacks, and applies a pretty annoying debuff every time you hit a hero. I do not prioritize Q at all because after you hit somebody with a Q they are most likely going to back off anyways, so I think that an extra second of blind is not worth it. Because I don't max Q, I can max W which gives a huge burst of speed that can save your life, and help finish kills. Teemo's W is like a ghost on a really short cooldown, nerfed with the latest patch but still a very good skill nonetheless.

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Item Builds

Basically the only way I see fit to play Teemo in his current state is tanky dps, played much like any melee champion. I use my basic playstyle of getting a few dorans on any carry, ranged or otherwise. Next item will boots and either be a malady if I am farming hard, or a madreds if the enemy laner is physical as Madreds gives you some nice armor and damage early game. After malady and madreds I would turn boots into merc treads usually, but if the team is super physical id grab a ninja tabi and you will be very hard to kill. Ninja tabi is one of those items that you usually don't get, but you can bust out if a situation calls for it. Next item will usually be a recurve, and you should probably pot up as you will have to save for awhile to turn your madreds into bloodrazor. After you get these items the rest are up to you, if you are getting focused I would go for frozen mallet, and if you are feeling pretty safe I would go for cleaver. Guardian's Angel is also a good item, as it gets rid of that passive "global taunt" I was talking about earlier. Also, don't forget to keep a few hp pots in your inventory as they can be the key to winning a lane if you are taking heavy harass.

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Early Game

People think Teemo's strength is in his early game. It is, in a way, but he is also very vulnerable. Play early game with caution and do not overextend unless you are sure that the chances of you getting ganked are low. At level 4ish, expect a gank. Heal, get health potions, another dorans, and a ward to protect you from river ganks.

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Mid Game

Here is where Teemo starts to shine. Shrooms are doing a !@#$ton of damage and the enemy lanes are barely getting their builds going. Wait until around 10-11 and ask for a red buff. Save 3 shrooms, Push your lane and force a dragon. Drop shrooms around dragon in case they come to contest it, and you will surely win this fight unless your team is just newbing it up.

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Late Game

Teemo's weakness is in late game. At this point you need to use Teemo's strong map control and possibly initiate a dual push. Teemo can push a lane by himself while the rest of your team is at another lane. If all go for you, back off and kite them through shrooms while your team gets free towers. If 1 goes for you, you should be able to 1v1 him, kill him, and take free towers while the rest of your team does a teamfight in another lane.

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Team Fights

Teemo has a hidden passive which is Global Taunt. This means that in every teamfight Teemo will be the first to get focused by tanks and assassins. Your job is to kite everybody who focuses you through shrooms, survive, and possibly pull a kill as you do this. You should not worry about blinding enemy carries, or dropping shrooms in the middle of all the chaos as a smart team will seize any opportunity to land a stun on you and drop you like its hot.

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Baron Control

As soon as you get a madreds, your ready to kill baron. By this time you should have a few shrooms to barons left and right choke points, and hopefully your roamer has oracled and has cleared wards around the area. In high elo play, if your team has disappeared off the radar for a length of time the opposing team is going to think that you are up to something. Baron many times isnt worth the risk, and be careful that you arent going to lose your advantage if you end up getting wiped and giving the other team a free baron.

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Team Setup

Id probably recommend an AD mid as Teemo's damage is mainly magic based. If they stack MR, your other carry will need to capitalize because your damage will be sub par. Bot lane needs a farmable tank and roam, the tank should have good pushability in case the other team is gankhappy and roams 4 top, he can capitalize on that and push a tower or 2 while you hold the tower. Always good to have a jungler and roam, roam janna is good because she can come to your lane and make you even more of a juggernaut with shields etc.

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Optional Shroom Placement

In lane : Place shrooms in areas that will not be hit by creeps. Protect shrooms from creeps. The closer shrooms are to the main creep path, the higher the chance enemy champions will hit them giving you some extra harass in lane, which can lead to kills.
Outside of lane : Place shrooms so that you have them stretched to cover the river. If you are pushing hard, help mid with a shroom in the brush towards you.
Choke points : Any choke point with brush is good because even if the enemy oracles, they cannot see the shroom until they run over it. Choke points also give map control, because if you have a choke point with a shroom you have eliminated that much of the map that the enemy could be. Kinda hard to explain but yeah you get the point.

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He is a awesome champion and fun to play. An all around face melter, so go lock in captain teemo!!!