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Build Guide by Typhon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Typhon

Definitive Jungle Amumu

Typhon Last updated on October 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Item Build Explanation:

1. Start out with Cloth Armor + 5 health pots. This is a standard opener for junglers.

2. The next item you get is a Giant's belt, this item will allow you to do dragon at level 5-6 Explanation of how/when exactly to get it will be in the jungle section

3. The next item you want to grab is Mercury Treads, you could of course grab a Ninja Tabi if their whole team is physical but i like Mercury Treads even if its 3-2 AD-AP ration simply for the CC reduction.

4. The next item you will grab is a Sunfire Cape, this will allow you to do some very nice DPS simply by standing next to enemies, stacked on top of Tantrum and Despair, you will find yourself actually getting some kills. Plus its great armor + health

5. The next item you get will be a Banshee's Veil. The reason for this is. Great MR. Health, Mana, and spell block.

6. The next item i like to get is an Aegis of the Legion. The reason is because, not only does it round out your build providing both Armor and MR along with your pure Armor Sunfire Cape and pure MR Banshee's veil. It also provides some utility for your teammates giving them slightly more survivability. Also, the health is nice.

7. If you noticed the trend you saw that your first few items all give health. The game will usually be decided at this point. But should it not be continue on with this little mini guide. Ask yourself the following questions.

Is the enemy team mostly Physical damage dealers? If yes, buy Randuin's Omen
Is the enemy team mostly Magical damage dealers? If yes, buy a Force of Nature

8. At this point you have huge amounts of health. Pushing 4k, plus around 75% resistance to the enemy teams main source of damage and 65% in the other. So i decided to pick up another Sunfire Cape to add on some more damage.

9. If you get this far along don't hesitate to buy Elixers. Health and AP elixirs are both great on Amumu.

Jungle Path and Guide

1. The first place you are going to start is at Blue Golem. In order to kill it, you want to pop a health pot as soon as you get hit, and turn on Despair, and just keep attacking the golem. When it is at half health, Smite.

2. The next place you want to go is to the Wolf Camp. To clear this out, Turn on Despair and use Tantrum until the Big wolf is dead. Then finish off the small ones without using any spells. Pop a health pot as needed.

3. The next camp you will hit is the Wraith Camp Same drill as the wolf camp except the little ones will likely die first. You will need to pop a health pot here.

4. Here is where things go a little differently. Skip the Red Lizard Camp and head straight for the Golems. You will need to pop a health pot. (3-4 so far). Same drill as all the other camps, use Despair and Tantrum.

5. Now is when you head to Red Lizard Camp. Definitely pop a health potion and. Same drill as Blue Golem. Tantrum and Despair until it's at half health then Smite.

6. At this point you should have 0-1 health pots left. If you don't have any left. You might be able to pull off the next few steps. If you do, you should be fine. If at any point you feel you cant do the next camp STOP and just bluepill back to base and continue the path.

7. After you take on Red Lizard Camp you will notice that the Wolf Camp has respawned. Go there, same deal as last time.

8. Next stop Wraith Camp which should have respawned by now. Same deal as last time.

9. Your final stop for this jungle path is to head to the Double Golems one more time. This is the camp that you might not be able to pull off if you didn't have a potion leftover from the first cycle of mobs. If not, just bluepill back and go back to the golems to finish them off. Feel free to use your smite on a Golem.

10. At this point you should be level 5, or at least very close to level 5. Now take a look at your lanes. If you see the opponent is pushed far up in one of them. Go for a gank. If not, then look at the health of your teammates. Find the lane with the least amount of health and go help it out. You will be doing this until Blue Golem respawns.

11. When Blue Golem respawns, head there and go for the buff. Open with a Smite, and finish it off with your abilities. Doing so will get you a level. Should be level 5-6. So now. Bluepill back. At this point. Unless you did something wrong. You should have enough gold to buy a Giant's Belt buy one. And head straight for Dragon.

12. If everything has gone well and you havn't needed to use Flash yet, then GOOD! You ca safely solo Dragon. If not, ask teammates for help. Basically. Go attack Dragon. Use Despair and spam Tantrum until he is dead. Don't forget to use Smite once it comes back up. (I try to save it near the end just in case the enemy tries to steal it) if an enemy comes to try to gank, Then Flash over the wall and run unless you think you can kill them.

13. At this point, i check the lanes, see if anyone needs help or a gank. If not, finish your jungle route the same as before. Just start at the Wolf camp instead. Result will be the same. After you do this you generally won't be jungling anymore. But don't forget to grab a Blue Buff if nobody needs it. That CDR and mana gain is amazing. Lets you spam Despair all day and less cooldown on ult? Yes please! Also, Kill Double Golems whenever you get the chance and it won't hurt your team. Its great XP.