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Build Guide by Doc Holliday

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doc Holliday

Demon Gangplank

Doc Holliday Last updated on August 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Demon Gangplank
The bringer of fear


Before we start, I want you to understand what this build will and will not do. First off, this build is designed to make GP the strongest force on the team, by increasing attack and critical strike. By the time you near completion of this build, you will be able to take down enemies in very little time, and you will be able to run away before trouble gets to you.

Notice: this build does NOT have a good health output. You should never tank! You rely on dodge and lifesteal to survive. You will be expected to die with this build. But, if you want a massive amount of kills, this is indeed the build for you.


1. Start out with Brawler's Gloves and a health pot.
2. Once you have enough money, upgrade your Brawler's Gloves to an Avarice blade, and then purchase an additional Avarice blade. Doing this early is vital. The two Avarice blades effectively double your income per second. If you can at this point, buy boots of speed.
3. Buy/upgrade to Mercury's treads.
4. Buy Infinity Edge (I would buy the parts as the game progresses, and upgrade to it because Infinity Edge is very expensive at 4080 gold)
5. Buy Phantom Dancer
6. Buy Bloodthirster (which can be substituted with Malady if you aren't getting many kills)
7. Sell an Avarice Blade (only after you have enough money) and purchase another Phantom Dancer
8. Sell your other Avarice Blade (only after you have enough money) and purchase Madred's Bloodrazor


AVARICE BLADES (x2): You purchase these early game to get a much heavier income, while still increasing critical strike. These early game crits will greatly help you antagonize enemies with skills such as Parrrley!

MERCURY'S TREADS: Since this build mostly focuses on DPS and fighting other DPS characters with max effectiveness, Mercury's Treads is a must. It increases your magic resistance so magic enemies wont hurt you as often early-mid game. It also reduces stun duration which is wonderful for when you gank.

INFINITY EDGE: Infinity edge gives you a great crit and damage output. But the passive given from Infinity Edge is amazing. Usually crits deal 200% (double) damage. But the passive makes your crits deal 250% damage. This is very helpful for obvious reasons. Stacked with your runes your crit damage will near 3x.

PHANTOM DANCER: Phantom Dancer is beautiful for this build. It adds 20 dodge, additonal movement speed, 45% attack speed, and more crits! This item is perfect for the build. Dodge will greatly help against other DPS characters and the movement speed will help you get out of sticky situations.

BLOODTHIRSTER: This item is variable. I usually go for the bloodthirster, but I have gone with Malady and the Black Cleaver before. I would greatly recommend trying the Bloodthirster at this point, however. You get a massive attack damage increase as well as a great lifesteal increase.

PHANTOM DANCER (second): This phantom dancer is to push all of your stats to their limits. Your dodge will be maxed out at 36% (which is amazing), and your crit chance will effectively be 100%. You will move even faster (nearing the speeds of a constant ghost), and you will attack at around 2 hits per second. The second phantom dancer is very effective and is perfect at sealing the deal for Demon Gangplank.

MADRED'S BLOODRAZOR: I very rarely ever get to this point in the game. But with your attack speed this item is perfect for ending the game after a long defense.


EARLY GAME: I took this idea from another build I saw on a forum somewhere. I loved it, and am copying it here. Basically, you take Raise Morale first and stay at your base near the Nexus. As soon as the minions spawn you'll use Raise Morale on one of them (which kills them) and then you will follow them to your lane. By the time you get to your second tower, you should be able to use Raise Morale again. This is great for early attacks. You effectively nerfed the enemies experience input for the first wave. So, focus on killing minions and level before the enemies. Then start harassing the enemies. Focus on one (usually a carry) and kill him! It shouldn't be hard because of the early level difference. And by killing them, it should be even easier to kill them again when they respawn. Continue farming for gold, but be very wary of using abilities. At this point in the game you do not ever want to use Paaarley on minions for extra gold, you are very mana dependent early on. You will also only want to use Remove Scurvey when you are stunned or slowed or in a dire need of health. ONLY use Raise Morale on your cannon minions, and do not do it too often. By killing cannon minions, you are ensuring that the enemy is pushing towards your tower and that they do not get the bonus gold from the minion. Until level 8-9 you'll want to play closer to your tower, as you are pretty weak early on.

MID GAME: At this point you should have a decent crit output and a nice speed going on. Most likely you have Infinity Edge and are working on your first Phantom Dancer. This is when you will feel the power of Paarley! It is the best harass in the game, as it applies crits with bonus damage! As you increase this skill, you will be amazed at the amount of health you can take from an enemy in just one hit. You shouldn't be as mana dependent so don't be as cautious with your abilities. Keep farming gold, gold is your main goal! Also, try ganking and attacking enemy champions. The bonus gold will help you get more items. Don't leave yourself out in the open. Do not push a tower solo. You cannot afford to get ganked at this point in the game. Time is money.

LATE GAME: As you near completion of the build, you will pretty much know what to do. If you died by this point you also know your limitations. Which champions to chase, which to ignore. You basically can't lose with this build if you are smart. Towards this point in the game, you will have a much greater attack damage as well as some lifesteal. Use it! In most cases you can take Xin and Yi down 1v1 even with your lack of health. Try focusing on ganking spellcasters or carrys. Consider getting the red buff, for chasing enemies. Don't waste the blue buff on yourself however, you won't effectively use the ability cooldown decrease.


PARRLEY: Harrassment/damge output. Effective at keeping enemies back. Also very effective at killing enemies with low health from a distance. Essential to the whole "chase and catch" aspect of the game. With crits, this will become your major damage output. Oh, did I mention it's ranged?

REMOVE SCURVY: Clearing crowd control! I rarely ever find it useful to use this just as a heal. This instantly removes all stuns and slows that are on you. This can null so many ults. Just a few to name: Ashe, Nunu, Warwick (seriously, just pop it as he first channels the stun, and run away. Timing matters, because he blinds you pretty fast after the stun.), etc.

RAISE MORALE: Attack speed increase/move speed increase to you and surrounding teamates. This is your team-player move. Pretty straightforward. Early-midgame its a great idea to kill your own cannon minions to slow enemy income.

CANNON BARRAGE: It slows, it damages, it's strong, it's bad, it's deadly. So many uses for it. If a tower of yours is being attacked with nobody to defend. Pop it! If your team is attempting to attack an enemy tower, but there are enemies defending... pop it! They'll fall back! It is great for slowing enemies from running away, killing low health enemies as well. The most effective use, however, is during teamfights. Pop it before entering the fight. The enemies are slowed and damaged, making it pretty easy to finish them all of as a team.