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League of Legends Build Guide Author Read

Devil of the Sands

Read Last updated on December 14, 2010
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This guide is currently undergoing a large overhaul to make it easier to use in terms of explanation, purpose and navigation. I will hopefully have it done by the end of the week.

Thanks for reading.

Table of Contents

- General Tips
- Spells
- Runes
- Masteries
- Item Builds
- Skills
- Strategy


General Tips

[*] They do not make you a good player
[*] Will not make you invicible
[*] Doesn't make a baddie a pro

[*] Determines winning and a losing for equally skilled players
[*] They maximize effectiveness of champions
[*] They minimize planning and down time at base

Champions are a funny thing. All they do is limit the player. A great player with a mediocre champion will be mediocre at best. A mediocre player with a great champion will probably suck but could be powerful end game.

Luckily most of the champions are useful in some way. X champion is better than Y champion. Usually it depends. A recent discussion I had was about Ashe vs. Ezreal. Well my abilities are better than yours etc. etc. Lets parallel them

[*] Great harasser
[*] Great chaser
[*] Great initiator
[*] Amazing map awareness
[*] Ult is great for cross map stopping power (Saving someone or freezing a target)

[*] Easily countered by AR (Especially Thornmail)
[*] Useless until high AD and ArP

[*] Decent harasser
[*] Great runner
[*] Hard to target
[*] Personal flash on lowish cooldown
[*] Game changer ult that will quickly turn the tide of a fight

[*] Easily countered with MR (especially Banshee's Veil)
[*] Useless until high AP

So we can see that depending on who your fighting, who your team is, what your playstyle is, and who your laning against will completely affect which champion to pick. Ashe can single handidly stop a gank and get every one out safely while kiting. Ezreal can salvage a teamfight from across the map. Each champion has skills and techniques that make them better or worse in some way.

[*] Makes a small difference
[*] Can help you OP an equally skilled player
[*] Will not make you a better player
[*] Will not make you able to GG a level 5

HP = Health
MP = Mana Pool
AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
AR = Armor
MR = Magic Resist
LS = Lifesteal
AS = Attack Speed
ArP = Armor Penetration
MrP = Magic Penetration
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
IMO = In my opinion


These are all IMO, however my suggestions do have reasoning behing them.

- Allows for an early first blood (Nasus sucks at finishing)
- Scales very well with level so it stays useful
- Great for shutting down healing/lifesteal

- Buffs Damage
- Great HP Regen
- Bolsters staying power
- Awesome for team fights
- HIGHLY Recommended for Pre-made

- Great escape mechanism
- Helps last hit on occasion
- Good for rushing to aid if need be
- Great utilitarian function
- Highly Recommended for Soloing when you can't count on your team

- Great for disabling DPS
- Great for chasing or escaping
- Recommended

- Great for initiating (Nasus lacks that skill)
- Great for escaping ganks (Not team fights)
- Always a good choice

- Great for defending remote towers
- Great for map mobility
- Only use on 5v5


Greater Mark of Desolation x9
- One of the best Marks in the game
- Gives an AP boost because he has none
- Good damage boost early game

Greater Seal of Evasion x9
- Great for survivability
- Good at every stage of the game

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration x9
- Allows for longer laning
- Allows for more staying power
- A manaless Nasus is a weak Nasus

Greater Quintessence of Health x9
- 25% boost to health start game
- Decent boost throughout
- IMO much more useful than the per/level HP GQ


Offense Tree
- Not intended for Nasus

Defense Tree
- Standard defense setup
- Focus on armor
- Focus on dodging

Utility Tree
- Great tree for Nasus
- Focus on mana efficiency
- Focus on CDR
- Maximize up time of Ult and summoner spells

Item Builds


Balanced Build

Doran's Shield
- Great starter item
- Allows for sustained damage early on (Great enduring early ganks)
- Increased staying power in the laning phase

Mana Potion
- Grants a small boost to laning time
- Efficient use of starting gold (All of it)

Mercury's Treads
- Great all around item for MR and CC reduction

Aegis of the Legion
- Good buffs to multiple stats
- Grants a good team buff early game

- Great synergy with Siphoning Strike
- Small boost to your MP

Randuin's Omen
- Great Armor
- Good boost to HP and HP Regen
- Awesome passive that has chance to slow

Trinity Force
- Great buffs in almost every stat
- Active can be extremely powerful if used

Guardian Angel
- Gives the tank with the most staying power in game even more
- Generates high amounts of threat on towers due to tower diving potential

The Bloodthirster
- Great synergy with Soul Eater
- Gives him the long awaited AD that he needs
- Highly increased survivability due to lifesteal


Physical Build


Mercury's Treads for Ninja Tabi
- Better armor
- Better dodge
- CC reduction is usually underpowered on a rangeless/casterless team


Guardian Angel for Thornmail
- MR goes to waste
- Nuking happens less often if at all so fewer suprise deaths
- Thornmail helps negate lifesteal and punish an all physical team the most


Caster Build


Randuin's Omen for Banshee's Veil
- Better MR
- Blocks one spell (nuke) per 30 seconds
- Boosts HP and MP


Aegis of the Legion for Force of Nature
- Aura wont be as effective due to nuking
- Great HP Regen and movement speed
- Massive MR


Soul Eater
- Decent passive
- Grants good survivabilty especially in conjunction with The Bloodthirster

Siphoning Strike
- Must be focused on early to maximize damage
- Mediocre damage dealer unless expertly handled

- One of the best disables in game
- Can completely shut down a physical carry
- Great for chasing

Spirit Fire
- Great for softening groups of champs
- Great at clearing entire waves of minions quickly for tower push

Fury of the Sands
- Instant Godmode
- Nearly unkillable if equal level and gear even 1v2 or more
- Strongest in minion waves due to the fact AOE damage grants more AD
- AD boost drastically affects Siphoning Strike power


1. Initial Gank Phase
2. Laning Phase
3. Gank/push Phase
4. Endgame phase


1. Initial Gank Phase

Your Doran's Shield will help you survive in this phase while being able to standup on you enemies for a longer period. Use your Spirit Fire to hit the maximum amount of enemies. It does decent damage and it lowers armor making those in it grasp easy targets for your physical DPSers. Use ignite in this stage only if you know that 1. the enemy has a chance to get away 2. the enemy is escaping 3. they do not have a heal left, otherwise you will waste your only last hitting technique for a while.

2. Laning Phase

Because of his lack range, Nasus, like all melee characters, makes a poor harass early game. Make up for this by using Spirit Fire on the very back of the enemies. It should barely hit the melee minions and should keep ranged characters at bay. Tanks will usually walk right into this. Use this opportunity to get in a few good smacks. With the DOT and the armor debuff, they should take a decent amount of damage.

Always try to last to hit with your Siphoning Strike. At +2 damage per last hit, this will give you a good amount of increased DPS late game if your good at it.

Usually, try not to go back until you can at least afford your boots. But remember, the longer you wait to go back the more geared your competition will be in comparison. Not going back could grant you some more xp and gold, however it usually results in a death which is better gold and better xp for the competition.

This phase usually last until level 10 or so IMO. Hopefully, you will have gotten your first tanking item by now, Aegis of the Legion for most situations. I usually try to get my sheen up before the next phase as it drastically helps your DPS potential.

3. Push/Gank Phase
This the most vital phase IMO. It is the phase where either 1. the winners become to cocky and push to far, get wiped and even the playing field or 2. where people play to defensively and allow the enemy to slowly push them down. Things to remember for this phase:

[*] Never leave your tower unless you have a partner or you have wards to watch for ganks
[*] Team fights are very common try to have them at your towers
[*] Don't overextend to get a kill. Trading leaves no one on top
[*] Finally, be wise with your Ults

Nasus should not pop his ult unless he is about to die or you are in a fight and are down past half health. Usually, if you pop his ult people run. LOL. Pop it when the tide of the fight is about to turn and it will turn in your favor. Always try to make the fight about you not your nukes or carries. Nasus ult makes it harder to target those around him. This include your team and theres. Use this to your advantage.

By this time you should be mostly geared including your Trinity Force. Make sure you pop its active as well as Siphoning Strike before initiating for a good smack.

Ignite can be used at this point for last hitting and for negating lifesteal and healing. Amazing tool for shutting down lifesteal Jax, Master Yi and also an enemy Nasus.

Make sure your team realizes that you can take quite a beating when your ulting. I have randoms leave on me, and I'll last through my entire ult 1v3 and die because my team backed off. No respect.

4. Endgame Phase
By now, if you have had a decent match, everyone is getting close to full gear. Which means you have the most annoying thing on earth for a nasus to have Guardian Angel. When Nasus ults he is nearly unkillable, but suppose he dies and then comes right back. This can be extremely frustrating on any character. But when Nasus rolls it, it becomes a plague. You want to try to always use your ult sparingly and then ult when they push just to hard. At this point you should really be a true tank with massive AR and MR and a good amount of AD and LS.

Nasus is best played as a tank or off-tank. Nasus has amazing staying power. He should be used to absorb damage primarily. He can kill but he is not meant to. He is meant to keep his team alive by taking the hits. And he excels at that above and beyond almost any tank in game. His greatest weaknesses is that he can't initiate, and he doesnt have a taunt. Other than that, he has the best survivability in game and can shutdown almost any carry with his Wither.