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Twitch Build Guide by smackdatmonkaay

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author smackdatmonkaay

Dey see me TrOllin' dey hatin' [Alternative Twitch Guide]

smackdatmonkaay Last updated on June 15, 2011
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So, it's my first guide, and w to introduce myself, I am a somewhat low rated player (around 900), don't expect me to pull something sensible or agreeable.

This is an AP twitch guide that bases on "on hit, expunge and run" tactic. it's short and swift that by the time your opponent gets the grey screen, you have already vanished into the dark fog of war and leaving your foe speechless.

This Twitch is FAST, SLIPPERY, SLIMY and hard to kill despite having less than 2k hp and no armor/MR.

If you happen to be a treacherous b@stard who gets off on predating on the weak and sick, then this is the right guide for you!

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To some of you, this doesn't make any f#$^ing sense.

So here's my inept way of explainig things:

1. Doran's blade: help early level survivability and farming minion whether you go mid or not.

2. Sorcerer's shoe: optional, boots of mobility or Ionian boots of lucidity are alternatives

3. Mejai's Soulstealer: as long as you can obtain at least 5 stacks then you are getting your worth of money (60AP =1235gold), if you get around 10, then you are doing well. If you get 20, GODLY.

4. Deathcap: AP item. With 20 stacks of Mejai combined with the deathcap, you should have 400APs by now. With 10, then you should have around 320(?).

5.Lich Bane: A very important item, this item effects should be known to everyone. If you do not know what this item does, I will explain in more detail later.

6. and 7. : PURELY optional, you may consider Rod of Ages and Banshee's Veil for HP boosts, But the first 4 out of 5 items are priorities, feel free to sell Doran's Blade when you feel it becomes a liability.

One positive side of this build is its cost effectiveness: 475 + 1235 + 1000-1100(?) + 3600 +3400 = ~10k, you should have this much by the 40th minute. If you are on a killing streak, 30 mins. Lack of health and protection is compensated by the fact you are playing Twitch, it's like playing singed for its healing ability...

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How to Play

Feel free to correct me if you tried this and felt it was bull ****:

This is great for hit and run. come out of stealth, shoot opponent once, immediately hit debilitatiing poison and shoot once more, this will trigger Lich bane. Then here you may shoot once more or hit expunge immediately. After that, hit oponent once more for another Lich Bane effect if you wish. But be aware of the 2 sec cooldown for Lich Bane. This entire process may take 1-4 seconds depending on how many Lich Bane effects you want.

The aftermath: Let's say you have around 500AP - normal attacks deal 80 dmg each, lich bane lets you hit 80 + 500 AD dmg, then expunge gets 500 + 150 + 30 x (1-5), this will deal 1k dmg. If that's not enough one more arrow ensues 500 more dmg.


don't attack tanks, target squishies.

Pray and Spray will automatically triggers Lich bane effect also let expunge hit multiple targets if your P&S is used correctly.

This build is probably **** after the game approaches the 50th minute mark.

***If you have been Ambushed for less than 10 seconds, then the Lich Bane effect will still be activated when you pop out of stealth, in that case, hit expunge immediately for a short quick burst dmg >>> GREAT for taking down already injured enemy!

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Summoner Spells

This is totally up to you. The standard flash and gash(ignite) works perfectly fine. If you are an escapist, flash/ghost works too, but I'll break them all down.

Flash - works great, as long as you know how to flash cross a wall when chasing an enemy or escaping. KEYBIND

Heal - make sure you key bind this if you are planning on using it.

Ghost - combined with your already amazing movement speed, you'll move truly like a crafty rat!

Clarity - Don't want to recall but already out of mana from all the expunge/slow spells that you used? pick this

Cleanse - keybind this if you are planning to use. when you are stunned/slowed/feared this will be great.

Exhaust - I feel as if this isn't necessary, but feel free to pick it. EXPERIMENT!

Fortify - suck at midding against that stupid heimer? go for it!

Revive - Just died at lvl 18 and all your enemy are at your base killing your inhibitorz but don't want to wait a whole minute? pick this and it will also instantly raise your speed above 1000.

Clairvoyance - can come in handy when your opponent has ward/oracle

Ignite - maybe

Rally - Nah, but do it for teh lulz

Smite - unless you want to jungle.

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Skill Sequence

Expunge >>> Ambush >>> Pray and Spray >>> Debilitating Poison

Refer to the chart for more detail:

At lvl 6, you should have all 4 of your spells and by then you should have expunge at lvl 3.
By lvl 9, you should have max level'd expunge. Next, you should max level Ambush, feel free to skip on advancing your ult at lvl 11 if you feel Ambush is more important. And finally, debilitating poison should come last.

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Okay, so I'm tired of typing. Have fun with this build! My in game name is Coquettishmaid, feel free to leave comment or leave a message for me in game. Thanks!