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Diana Build Guide by Hoppiesama

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoppiesama

Diana - Jungling Ganks Master!

Hoppiesama Last updated on August 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone,

This is my first guide on Mobafire - hopefully the first of many! Been playing a little while now and decided to get in on this Diana action! Very cool character and as I like all things lore-esk! The fits nicely with my nerdy needs.

I have seen some builds on here and thought I would provide my take on this champ!

I use a standard jungle path, starting at blue buff, down to wolves, wraiths, red, golems, etc etc. Having somebody help you damage blue to begin can help you stay farming a little longer in jungle! So play with a friend who is nice that can get a few auto-attacks in on the blue before returning to their lane.

PS, feel free to leave feedback on this as I'd love your input and ideas.

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Rune build shown is what I use, feel free to mix it up a bit, the armour obviously helps with early jungling and provides a little bit of damage mitigation vs melee champs early on for ganks.
The majority of your damage early game will be from your (Q) Crescent Strike and your (W) Pale Cascade. So magic pen is awesome, especially since it will effect the damage from your passive too.

Glyphs and Quintessences - I like to keep these as AP only, gives a nice boost early game to your abilities.

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Diana relies HEAVILY on blue to jungle like a boss, so you want to make sure that those blue buffs last longer, right? So build into runic affinity.

Also, since you are an assasin, build completely into AP damage in the offense tree.

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This item progression is universal until after the lichbane. So if you want to continue from there with whatever AP items you need, go for it! As an example, people start getting sh** scared of you because you are 9 kills to 0 deaths. They start to stack Magic Resist, so build a Void Staff!

The Malady helps the passive proc on Diana more often, combined with lich bane procs every few seconds from spamming your abilities! Means you are more likely to get the hit on the enemy before they do on you! This can be the difference between gank! and Death!

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Skill Sequence

Quick breakdown as a general guide.

Get 2 levels in (W) Pale Cascade as soon as possible to help in jungle.
Then once you have one level (at least) in your Q,W,E - max your (Q) Crescent Strike to level 5.

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Summoner Spells

I like to take Flash and Smite.
Diana to me is the sort of champ that once she is into a fight, she isn't really getting out! Flash helps there, it also helps when flashing towards your opponent to show them you aren't scared. (I'm joking! :P)

Smite is self explanatory, whereas she does not even remotely need a Wriggle's lantern, it is very useful for ensuring last hits on buff monsters like Blue Golems or to steal dragons etc etc.

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Try it out, tweak it up. You find it useful, then recommend it etc.

Sorry if this is a lot to read.

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Team Work

As jungler, try to make sure your laneing buddies KNOW you are coming in to gank. Although I haven't met anyone yet that can take me one on one in this build (after a few kills), extra damage or CC on your victim is never a bad thing.

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Pros / Cons


    - High AP
    - Decent burst damage
    - Survivable (For an assassin)
    - Great poke damage (from the (Q))

    - Blue buff dependant (Mana problems)
    - Will be prone to being low health in jungle early levels

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How To Gank

Well this is a guide, so I thought let's make it more extensive.

Here is your attack order. Q -> R -> W -> E -> Q -> R -> R
\-> R -> Q

Now, ideal gank, you get in close with Q-R. put your shield on, bring them back close with E because they will definitely run. few shield procs and they will flash away. At this point it can go either way.
Q off cooldown? -> use it, you get a no cooldown when you use your R on them, so you can go again.
Q not off cooldown? Use R, it will go on cooldown, but you can get another hit or two off on the enemy and then finish with a Q as they get under a tower. Love it.

PS/NB: From the inside of the enemy wraiths spawn area, you can reach an enemy mid laner if they are in position. On low health this can be a cheeky gank that will set your opponent off. This can really mess with their mentality of the game! :D