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Diana Build Guide by Killerphotos

Diana "come at me bro"

By Killerphotos | Updated on August 14, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Diana
  • LoL Champion: Diana


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Okay first off let me start by saying this is the first build I've done and that i LOVE this champ. I bought her the day she came out and she hasn't failed me. You can jungle Diana but i prefer to lane her, she is a fun harassment champ and can do easy burst damage if you play her right. This is just what I'll cover in this build. Now this is League of Legends we all play our champs differently. The reason I'm making this build guide is to give people some idea's on how Diana can be played. Its what i have found work for me, and it is a build that has impressed some of my team mates and pissed off some of my enemy XD. I'll walk you through why i chose my mastries trees how i did and why i use the glyps and seals and marks that i use. I think Diana is a really great champ but sad to say i expect her to be nerfed sometime in the near future but nerfed or not i think this build will help. Enjoy! KxP
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Runes and mastires

For my marks i like using the greater marks of destruction the extra armor and magic penetration is kinda nice in my opinion. With the greater glyphs of warding it makes it harder to hit and deal massive amounts of damage using AP ability's due to the extra magic resist and the glyphs of potency add to her ability power which will be your main use of damage while playing Diana. Same thing with my seals and quintessence's , they add to ability power and survivability

Again same thing with my masteries, flat out AP with points in magic and armor penetration and magic resist and armor durability. I lend the extra point in the defense tree to the armor cause once you start dealing damage and racking up kills as the assassin in your team, the tanks start to get frustrated and tend to target you, but thats a good thing ;)
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Starting gameplay

]When the game loads using this build you have two options, you can start out with an early burst in AP by getting an amplifying tome and a health potion to survive or start with boots of speed and three health potions, hopefully you will be laning with a tank or a support with a stun or grab. They tie well with all of Diana's ability and make for easy early kills. You really want to get feed early game, so try to get your team to help you there. (I personally prefer the boots of speed and the health potions, it makes it easier to stay in lane and farm getting gold fast right from the start.)
Diana is an annoying champion when you VS her, so put that annoyingness to use when you lane with her. By starting your skills with crescent strike and getting her shield at lvl 2 and her slow at lvl 3 you have already set yourself up for some pretty massive burst damage even as a solo if your solo laning. Stay out of range of stuns and grabs by spamming crescent strike, if you don't have a jungler than having your team help you get blue buff is an easy way to get early cooldown reduction and mana regen.
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Escape and kill tatics.

Dian is NOT a tank, crescent strike and lunar rush are good for getting in, or out, of the fray of a team fight. But jump in after your tank, hit your target with crescent strike and jump in with pale cascade acDiana is NOT a tank and shouldn't be used as one, crescent strike and her ultimate lunar rush are good ways of getting into the fray and getting out of it if needed.tive using lunar rush, there should be no cooldown on lunar rush if done right so use it as an escape if needed. As enemy's start running activate moonfall to draw them back in and slow them and you should rack up a couple kills and assist in a team fight and should be guaranteed a kill in gank, don't be greedy though, let your team know if your going to gank their lane. Always try to keep to the back of the fight spamming crescent strike and jumping in to finish of the team or saving dying allies. Even though Diana is an assassin she is probably the best melee support Ive played.
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Why i build what i build

]Ive had teams see me use this build and ask me why my first item is trinity force. Its because using trinity force makes even Diana's regular attacks a force to recon with and makes her passive, moonsilver blade, an easy creep clearing ability without actually using her ability's, aka an easy farming tool. After building trinity force i pump right into building a rabadons deathcap cause honestly, thats where ALL your damage will stem from even with champs with magic resist you'll be doing notable damage. After that i focus on defense, honestly if you want to build the Zhonya's hourglass first for the armor and AP then go ahead, i just find it more expensive and normally find myself being targeted by mage's more than i do people actually hitting me so i prefer to go for the negatron cloak, its cheaper and gives you magic resist. But again, this is league and if your using this build make your decisions for YOU not for me. I'm just giving advice :). *note* There will be one item slot left if you get this build finished, now thats a lot of gold to finish this build but IF you do the last slot is up to you. Add more AP or attack speed, maybe some more armor and magic resist or armor and magic pen, its TOTALLY up to you. *note on towers* once you get trinity force let your basic attack deal with towers, use pale cascade to kill minions on the tower but let your basic attack, with trinity forces attack speed and attack damage, deal with the tower itself. Your critical hits should be dealing close to 200 damage a crit.
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Late gameplay

]After you've got your build to your first needlessly large rod your ready to go get blue and red buff. I love what trinity force does to your attack speed cause once you get red buff its like adding ignite to moonsilver blade, its amazing. Blue buff is needed mostly for the cooldown reduction because your mana should be fine after you get sheen. Just be sure that once you get the buffs you use them and don't jump into a team fight and die five second's after getting the buffs. *note on buffs* when you pick up a buff start with crescent strike and postion yourself so moonsilver blade hits all three targets at the buff and use pale cascade do keep from taking too much damage. You want to be able to have enough HP and mana to help your teams escape death if needed, after getting buffs. Again keep in mind your not a tank, you need to be in the back of the fights spamming crescent strike and keeping creeps at bay with moonsilver blade. Jump in when enemy's are low on HP, let pale cascade do its work and pull back retreating champs with moonfall, get good with moonfall and your tank and your mages will love you for the easy kills. Once your team gets baron you shouldn't have a problem racking up some easy kills while staying well out the tanks way and easily moving up lanes and taking down turrets with your attack speed and damage. Don't forget you have ignite, its an easy spell to take down fleeing down champs without chasing em down the lane.
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So all in all this Diana build makes you a durable assassin, overpowered with ability power with some threatening attack speed. Granted it can be hard to get gold for this build but be greedy with your farming, your team will thank you for it. Please enjoy and comment, let me know what you think and please, try to be nice. This was my first build :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author Killerphotos
Killerphotos Diana Guide

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Diana "come at me bro"
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