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Singed Build Guide by Xemness

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xemness

Did that burn? 'cause you just got SINGED!

Xemness Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Singed guide!

I have played 300+ games as Singed with an 82% success rate.
After 3 or more hours of number crunching, I concocted the perfect build.

My belief is that, to master a champion, you must first master his weaknesses. I have found Singed has hardly any weaknesses, but he has a problem with ranged DPS.
I call it a problem and not a weakness because by lvl 6, it is no longer a problem.
I can counter any champion, no matter who it is, because of this the only thing left to do is make Singed OP.
We accomplish that by being passive most of the early game.
Like a cobra in the brush, stalking its prey, you wait for the right moment and strike.
Fling is one of the most useful skills in the game.
You run under the tower and fling the pesky tower hugger out of their comfort zone and into the loving arms of your teammate.

As Singed you are a VERY fast off-tank, This mean you do NOT run into the middle of a team and start taking the hits.
No. Your job is to be the annoying mofo behind the main tank that runs in at the speed of a thousand suns and spreads your purple cloud of death all over the place all while going straight for their main DPS.
If you did your job right you should walk away with at least 3 assists and a kill.
Your main focus will always be the DPS, because if you fling you can put THEM into the middle of the team fight and not let them pick anyone off.

Singed, in my opinion, is one of the best (if not the best) feeder in the game.
You will pretty much force feed whoever is laning with you and your whole team, if fling is utilized correctly.

That is what I aim to do with this guide.
There are not enough skilled Singed players, let alone people who play Singed to begin with.
He is a very ignored champion and when utilized can carry your carries through the game.

So lets get on with it.

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Pros / Cons


    He's fast man, Real fast!
    He's like a walking fortress once he gets RoA.
    Very strong 3v3er defiantly top tier.
    Hard to catch.
    Very strong damage throughout the game.


    He's weak against ranged AD carries till lvl 6.
    Horrible jungler, You couldn't jungle with Singed if your mother's life depended on it.
    Requires a good team to really shine.

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Why? Your poison is ****ing annoying, that's why.
You're not going to build any kind of AP at all, So the 8.5% MP makes a big difference in damage.
Along with the 15% MP from masteries, you get all the damage you will need.


Why not armor per lvl?
Your one real problem is ranged DPS, this helps that problem.
Another option here would be Health Regain per lvl, I have played many successful games with them and are great when paired with Force of Nature.


Why? Casters are ignorable all through the game.
As Singed, you'll laugh in their faces while they hit you with their sparkles.
With MR per lvl you can disregard any caster by the time you have your FoN.

In my opinion, anything else there is a waste.
Maybe some CDR for your fling, but its only 10 seconds anyway.


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"Why, Xemness you have such a strange masteries set up wouldn't it be better to go 21 in defense?"


Until they nerf him, (I feel it coming) he is tanky by himself, that is only amplified 100 fold when you finish your Rod of Ages.

So what I do with masteries, is build up everything he already has:
    Taking 9 in offense for the damage.
    6 in defensive because you already have runes, so the extra 6 points in both armor and MR is really nice.
    And last, but not least, 15 in utility. Whats NOT to love in utility?
10% less time spent dead, Extra XP, Improved ghost, 3% extra movement speed.
Just about everything you take in utility will improve Singed a lot.

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Boots + Sight Ward + Health pot

Might change that, I never seem to use that health pot.

Anyway, Singed isn't OP? Starting with 400+ movement speed isn't OP at all.
Yeah, with Quints and masteries +boots you will start with more the 400 MS.
This means you will dominate whatever lane you are in.
This is also the main reason I take poison first and not fling.
Fling has a 10 second cool down when poison has no cool down.
You will get to use fling once while the lvl 1 gank is happening.
Fling also costs a lot of mana, which you don't have at lvl 1.

First time back, grab whatever pieces of catalyst that you can, or finish it - if you're lucky enough.
Catalyst is the only item REQUIRED on Singed, It IS Singed's item.
It will improve him greatly.

After that, finish your boots of swiftness.
I see no other boots suitable for Singed's needs.
If your team is doing very well and you want to trollolol your face off, you could switch out Swiftness for Sorcerer's Boots for the magic pen.

Once your boots are done, you should be lulzing at how stupidly fast you are.
With ghost and your ulti you can hit 600+ MS.

After your lulz you should finish your RoA, even an unfinished RoA makes you a beast.
You will be able to tank much more damage now and should start initiating and roaming.
The goal is to get your RoA before the 20 minute mark.
If it's anytime after that, you're doing it wrong.

Force of Nature is to Singed as is a stacked Soul Stealer to casters.
If there is an AP carry in the game, they are now ****ed.

Build your Thornmail first if you are facing OPs like Trynd and Xin.

After that, it's really up to who you're against.
You should be set for the rest of the game.

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Skill Sequence

I grab poison first, Its one of the best farming skills in the game.
It gives you crazy lane control, Also a great "NOPE" skill so you can deny early game.

I take fling at lvl 2 and let the harassment really begin.
Any squishy that gets flung and poisoned is almost instantly going back or dying.
Fling is a hard skill to master and an easy skill to mess up with.
You don't want to fling the fed Nunu onto your squishy lane partner.
You do want to fling Nunu away from your squishy, which is why positioning is key.

I take just ONE point in Mega adhesive at lvl 3, then max out everything else first.
Why? MA doesn't need to be any better.
Your other skills are a lot more important then MA.
Even at lvl 1 its a very strong slow.

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Summoner Spells


Ghost is a MUST on Singed, It synchronizes very well with everything that Singed is.
Think of it as an extension to his ulti.
When you pop ghost and drop his ulti you're unstoppable.
This is like 15 seconds of being high on crack.
Then another 10 seconds of meth, you will be so fast mother nature will be like "SLOOOOOOOOOW DOWWWWWN" and you will be like "**** you!" and kick her in the face with your energy legs!
I'm a horrible person... :|


Ignite is another skill that you have to take with Singed.
I believe it was made for Singed, because of how well it pairs with your poison.
Ignite can help you eat away at those tanks, so your carry can finish them off!
It can even help you earn a few kills, but your poison usually takes care of that anyway.

In my opinion, anything else is a waste, Ignite and Ghost are too valuable to pass up.
Even in a 5v5, you will be fast enough to the point that teleport is useless.

Flash is tolerable, but it's no Ghost.

Cleanse would be acceptable, if CC mattered to Singed.
Stuns, snares, blinds, silence, and slows, all really mean nothing to Singed.
You're so fast, that even 3 seconds of stun won't stop you from catching whoever you're chasing.
Personally, I have never had that problem.
Even then, I suggest you buy a Quicksilver Sash and not waste a summoner spell.


Revive may seem like a really bad summoner spell, but on Singed it's like... Getting an enema with redbull.
You are a tank, you're going to die.
With only a 5 minute cool-down, revive allows you to be there twice as fast, with a ridiculous boost in speed.
Still, I would recommend you not take this over Ghost or Ignite.

Everything else is trash on Singed.

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With Singed, it's all about DENY DENY DENY.
With your poison, you should dominate that lane.
Try to let your lane partner last hit as much as possible.
Your poison will net you plenty of CS, without you even needing to try.
At lvl 6, the ganking begins.
Ping who you are gonna go for, wait for your partner to get to position, and fling that mofo!
The combo Fling > Slow > Poison is your best friend.
90% of the time, it will net a kill.

Once mid game pops its head out, start roaming.
Keep the lanes pushed to the best of your ability and gank, gank, gank.
Most of the kills, however, should not go to you.
They are more for your carries.
REMEMBER: Every kill is the carry's kill.
Every kill that you take, is a potential kill for your carry, and everyone knows a fed carry is a good carry.

Late game, you're an F'ing beast.
You can do whatever the F you want and get away with it.
You should be fully built by 30 minutes and tanking a buttload of damage.
Keep in mind, that late game your damage will lack.
You will even out into more of a utility tank then anything else by late game.
That doesn't mean that you won't get a few kills here and there, though.

I love Singed's poison! <3

If you played Singed like a pro theres a 82.6% chance that the reason you won was because of you.
People really underestimate the power of your fling and the ability to basically GIVE your teammate their kills.
The reason I say that is because you're much more then just a tank.
And you will be GIVING a lot of kills away.

Where would your carries be without you?
You are the carry's carry. :3

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That just about does it.
With that said, you should have a new prospective on Singed.
Hopefully, this will create inspiration for others to try Singed out.

Criticism and suggestions are welcome!