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Twitch Build Guide by FrostX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FrostX

Did you see that? Oh right you cant

FrostX Last updated on October 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The story behind Twitch the Plague Rat

The city-state of Zaun is a twisted realm of science, mercantilism, and magic run amok. While the young science of techmaturgy does much to advance civilization, its research and use in Zaun pushes the boundaries of morality on a daily basis. Zaun, choked with pollution from the countless factories and laboratories that spew waste into the environment, suffers greatly. As polluted as Zaun is above-ground, its subterranean levels are far worse. All of Zaun's runoff waste pooled together in its sewers, mixing into a toxic and mysterious concoction. A single plague rat rose from this alchemical nightmare - Twitch. Unlike his lesser evolved cousins, Twitch became as sentient as anyone else... provided they were as insane as he. A seeming byproduct of the evolutionary brew that spawned him was maniacal insanity, albeit in a functional form.
Twitch came to the League of Legends to represent himself "as the only one of his kind" on the Fields of Justice. Since then, he has found a generous benefactor in the city that gave him his evolutionary sentience - Zaun. Twitch is one of Zaun's premier champions in the League, and as such he fights for Zaun when political disputes between Valoran's city-states arise. Twitch has publicly stated that his goal is to gain enough influence and materiel from his work in the League to try to recreate the process by which he gained his sentience. While many challenges lie ahead in his quest - one of the largest being his own insanity - were he to succeed, it would mean a bold and brazen step forward in the evolution of all of Runeterra. Zaun has pledged its support for Twitch in his quest, though it remains to be seen what Zaun's ulterior motives are in the matter.
"The existence of Twitch proves that anything is possible on Runeterra." –- Heimerdinger

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Hellloooooo and welcome to my twitch build. Twitch is one of my favorite characters in game for a few reasons.
1.Stealth for surprise butt_____ you know :)
2.Deals a MASSIVE amount of damage
3.Whats better than a rat with a bow?
Now please allow me to tell you the pros and cons about the way i build twitch. Of and if you please :D dont say its bad until you try a legit game with it :)

-High attack damage early game allowing you to stack up on kills.
-Will have enough Attack speed and damage to take out tanks if needed.
-You WILL carry. notice i said WILL

-Very very squishy early game
-Requires team mates help for kills until some decent damage is available
-People will always target you first :P

Item build credit goes to Edmanator

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My rune build is quite simple for any DPS character. But in this guide i am building twitch as a DPS Crit for massive amounts of damage. Which explains the Crit Damage Quints and Crit chance runes. Amour Pen is common sense. More damage early game woot :3

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In my masteries i got for a 21/0/9 for More damage and extra EXP in the utility. you should aim for any masteries that will increase my damage, attack speed, or crit chance. And the extra EXP is just a little bonus effect :)

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Start off with boots and pots :P basic start to a game. The reason the next item i decided to rush right away after berserkers grieve is Infinity Edge. the reason so is because in the process of making that item all the ingredients help you a ton in fights.
Damage, crit chance, and even more damage. Next item coming up is Black cleaver. More damage aattack speed and armour reducing attacks= GODLY.
Phantom dancer is a no brainer duh. Attack speed, movement speed, and crit chance. The item allows you to get in battle pull of a quick kill and stealth right back out because of the insane attack speed and movement speed it adds to you.
Every DPS character needs lifesteal :) now the thing is between either starks fervor or Bloodthirster. Its completely up to you but to me Twitch already has high enough Attack Speed so i might as well get the blood thirster for maximum damage and lifesteal.
Now the last item... Bread and butter right here guys. +700 hp so you can stay in battle to help your team longer, and now no one can escape you because of your 30% slow on ranged attacks. Pretty nice right? Totes

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Skill Sequence

Why start with expunge? Why dont you ask yourself that question again. ambush isnt really needed for level 1 ganks so just stack up on your hits and expunge em for massive damage early game. For skills build put points into expunge whenever possible but try and keep ambush at a minimum of lvl 2 for the 20 second stealth. Get your ultimate whenever you can because in my opinion... one of the best ultimates for team fights.

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Summoner Spells

Things you should get

Ignite, ignite, ignite. I cannot stress that enough. How many times have you died because the enemy survived with under 100 or so HP. Exactly. Ignite will help you SOSO much.

Exhaust- Helps big time by slowing them down and reducing their attack for a while. Easy combination of exhaust and ignite for first blood with ur damage.

Ghost- Same with exhaust. Great choice, allows you to chase people down with no sweat. Well minus the tower diving of course xD

Flash- Awesome possum skill guys. They are running away? no problem. Flash *An Enemy has been slain*

Things NOT to get
Rally- You stupid? -_- rally is definitely not needed on twitch. nothing else to say

Clarity- Your mana should be fine, twitch relies mostly on just stealth and expunge

Heal- Eh not really gonna help much, if your getting chased down as twitch and you have a little HP and you heal its not gonna make much of a difference to the enemy.

Smite- you arent jungling.

Cleanse- nice skill, but i dont think it deserves to be one of your 2 spells.

Clairvoyance- I dont think anyone uses this spell :P

Fortify- Just dont :D

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Overall Summary

Guys twitch is definitely one heck of a character. All you have to do is cloak in, activate your slow, Hit em a few times, and expunge. If that doesn't get you a kill then well... tough cookies. I hope you guys will atleast try out this build and play it fulling before you say its bad and ****py. Good luck guys and i hope you like my build.

Oh and if you guys would like to add me my IGN is PrivacyGaurentee