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Diana Build Guide by allhigh

Dirty Diana

By allhigh | Updated on August 16, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hello all
first guide just kinda bored and i have been seeing alot of people derping with diana this last week. Figured i would put out a skill order and build to help people along. Not really here to teach you how to play diana just mainly tossing out my build/skill order when i play her as jungle.

Listen to this song if you really want to do well with her.
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pretty straight forward, ability power and attack speed for damage and armor to take less damage from mobs
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i picked simple ap offensive masteries and went for rune buff in utilities.
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i have tried a few different builds starting with different items first
i personally like starting with kages lucky pick for the gp5 all game and then getting my nashors tooth for the ability power and cd reduction as well as the attack speed for her passive. usually by this point in the game i have gotten a few ganks and people are starting to go OH **** ITS DIANA FOCUS!!!! so i get my giants belt and finish up a rylai's. then depending on how the game is going i will get my level two boots or a needlessly large rod depending on how much gold i have. i dont always get my boots at this point, sometimes i get them way earlier, sometimes i get them a little later, you just have to feel how the match is going and figure out if you need them or not.
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Skill Sequence

As far as ganking goes. Always hit your "w" so your shield is up and doing damage when you go in. Start with your q and then ult their ***es so its off cooldown. I usually try to work my q and my ult inbetween each other so my ult is always off cd. When they start to get low or i do ill double spam the ult. Always save your "e" for when they are running away or chasing a teammate it has a long cooldown and will probably only be used once in any engagement. With some decent set up diana has very powerful ganks and does alot of damage. one thing i like to do if a gank seems failed is to ult right to them and immediately get my "e" off to pull them to me and prevent them from getting away as well as giving the laner time to get into the fight.
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Summoner Spells

smite obviously your jungling
i like to go exhaust or ignite when i jungle reguardless of who im jungling for more powerful ganks. i cant tell you how many kills i have gotten from ignite ticking when the enemy got away from the gank.
some people like to go flash and thats fine, i just personally dont like to run flash on most junglers especially on one that has a built in flash-esk ability.
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Pros / Cons

+ new champ people cant deal yet
+ shields alot of damage
+ very fast jungle clear time
+ highly mobile with ult
- very squishy
- blows her load and waits for cds
- focused
- ganks are only so-so pre lvl 6
- ap's are expensive to build
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Creeping / Jungling

When you go in lane for a gank if the person in lane has to back dont be afraid to farm a wave or two. Diana needs alot of gold. just dont push their lane hard.
League of Legends Build Guide Author allhigh
allhigh Diana Guide

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Dirty Diana
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